LETTER: The comedy special called “the UPP pull-up”


Hold onto your hats folks because the United Progressive Party (UPP) is back with another installment of their “small business pull-up” comedy routine! Get ready for some knee-slapping, eye-rolling and downright cringeworthy moments as we dive into the UPP’s latest attempts to hoodwink the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

Let’s start with their “vigorous campaign” leading up to the 2023 general election. The UPP paraded through communities, promising to bolster small businesses but in true comedic fashion they somehow managed to spend more on the photo ops and gas than on the actual businesses they visited. It’s like they were playing a real-life version of Monopoly but instead of buying houses, they were buying selfie sticks and two dollar items.

And the worst part? As soon as the election was over, their “wonderful” support for small businesses vanished quicker than a magician’s rabbit in the hat. It’s almost as if they were trying to pull a three-card trick on the entire country but instead of using playing cards, they were using empty promises and a whole lot of hot air.

But wait, there’s more! The UPP’s antics didn’t stop there. They even managed to resurrect their small business pull-up support nonsense during the bi-election in St. Mary’s South in 2023. Talk about a failed repeat performance! It was like watching a bad sitcom where the writers just couldn’t come up with any new material. Pulling up and spending $20 between 30 people? Make it make sense.

And now, the UPP has set their sights on the political demise of Sir Robin Yearwood, the nation’s longest-serving parliamentarian and MP for St. Philips North. A distinguish gentleman who has dedicated his life to national service and the betterment of our people. This band of merry clowns are using their “small business pull-up” initiative to try and score some cheap political points? It’s like they’re playing a game of political chess, but they’re using checkers pieces on Snakes and Ladders board.

Seriously, folks, the UPP’s tactics have become so predictable, you could set your watch by them. It’s like they’re stuck in a loop, constantly making grand promises before an election, only to abandon them as soon as the votes are counted. It’s enough to make you wonder if they’re auditioning for a role in a comedy troupe rather than running for political office.

So, to all the small business owners out there, beware of the UPP’s promises – they’re about as reliable as a three-legged bicycle. And to the voters, remember, the next time the UPP comes knocking with their “small business pull-up” antics, just laugh in their faces and tell them to try something new – maybe a comedy routine?

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  1. And up to now their leader can’t read lmao 😂 🤣 😆 😅

  2. A lying tongue is an abomination to the Lord. Upp is about people and country. What have you done lately for the people. The dam audacity..

  3. Here we have it: a tool of the corrupt entity called the ALP trying to feed us rubbish!

    “A distinguished gentleman who have dedicated his life to the betterment of our people”. Well, his people surely didn’t think so last night when they turn their backs on his son! However, he surely did dedicate his service to himself and his sidekicks. Someone from his constituency wrote about all the water front lands that he fenced off for himself and his friends. Antiguans are beginning to pay attention to the neglect and the taken for granted behaviour of their representatives.

    I’m quite sure, SMALL businesses appreciates all the support they can get during these difficult financial time in ANU!

  4. @ Pringle …………..

    Your panicking already setting in?

    What a thing!!!!!

  5. Whilst the Gastonites, ABLP acolytes and sycophants try to debunk and teardown the UPP’S extraordinary and exceptional promotional endeavours to encourage hardworking Antiguans and Barbudans.

    They instead encourage the OVERBLOWN public sector and the hospitality sector that doesn’t INSPIRE working for yourself.

    The ABLP forever keeping citizens poor and subservient. Wow!

    Thank goodness and praise the Lord mi stop following dem. Phew!!!

    Brixtonian and UPP enlightening Antiguans EVERY single day …

  6. Hey Gastonites, did you spot my outstanding ALLITERATION again?

    Probably not … heheheeee 😂😂😂

  7. It’s pretty simple, what is costing the good citizens of this country more, the UPP having a small business pull up or the hundreds of thousands of dollars being paid every month for a boat that isn’t bringing any benefit to this country?
    Letter writer I await your response.
    In the meantime, in the words of Joanne Messiah, YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK

  8. This seems to be written by one of rasshole I mean ROBIN PIKNEY especially the one in Miami that goes by the moniker Debbie Dwood……

    Eberyting & Eberybady ages some aged badly but do we know how you gonna age

    His woman LP is very friendly with Sherfeild Bowen how many times I went gym and saw them both in a room waist deep in conversation……
    I would go as far to say after she puts DEMENTIA ROBIN to sleep she goes into his fone and Whtsapp and send messages to herself of his private conversations ah bet you…

    Instead of closing off his political career with pride and spend whatever time left positively ALP trying to further embarrass him by having him in parliament for show & tell … maybe now that the primary over and there’s now a suitable replacement ROBIN can disappear and stop being a poppy show for ALP

  9. ABLP is getting stronger with these new elected candidates in the various constituencies. From all reports of the business pull-ups before the general elections, many businesses complained that they gained very little support from the exercise. Lots of photo-ops but not much financial support was felt in the communities. I heard directly from two businesses that attested to that fact.

  10. Strange article. Regardless, isn’t the small business pull up aimed at business awareness? It’s up to Antigua s to continue supporting those local businesses, not UPP.

    Very dumbly written article.

  11. Small business pull up was an amazing innovation: This is what the UPP has over the old tired and archaic ABLP. The ABLP is so void of ideas that it shows through their governance everyday.
    They lack competence.
    The small business pull up is new, fresh and a marvel.
    Anyone who criticises it is JUST PLAIN JEALOUS AND SUPERFICIAL.

  12. Why does the Antiguan News Room print this stuff? It is written by a pre-schooler who can’t even organize their own thoughts.

  13. The same how they post all of “my way of helping” repetitive bs stories and all of the anti ablp stories. ANR will post anything as long as it brings in all that ad revenue. Negativity sells with all the resident troll on here.

  14. This letter was dictated to the writer and he/she is not even aware of how much he’s been used. During the previous UPP Small Business Pull-up, no individual was more involved than the Serial Thief; he was on video for the whole world to see, purchasing a few bananas for hundreds of dollars. Now, what do you call that?

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