LETTER: Targeted and Disrespected by Government Employee

Social Protection Board

Dear Editor,

Today at approximately 1:45pm I visited the social protection board to collect a vohcher.

Upon my arrival within the building a lady greeted me with an unprofessional attitude asking “Where is my mask?” I then told her yes.. I saw the signs up but i have been in here numerous times even up to last week without a mask.

That said lady started to shout on the other employees (Who aren’t wearing any masks) within the office asking why people are coming in here without masks.

She then turned to me offering to sell me a mask for $3.00. I explained to her that i am here to pickup and i do not have any money.

We then began to stare at each other for about 2mins. She decided to assist me after dealing with other customers.

After collecting the voucher i told her that 4 – 5*persons literally just came him & they weren’t greeted by your attitude.

Furthermore, I have been to many places even at MSJMC and I do not have to wear any mask.

A gentleman in the office shouted “You cya tell us wah fuh do inna we place”

I left disgusted by the behavior & the lack of customer service I experienced from this establishment.

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  1. Also, it seems that after dropping off the application form, some applicants have to wait over 2 months for their vouchers. Other applicants are able to pick up their vouchers every month. WHY?! Help us equally. People used to get called back for their vouchers within 3 DAYS! Alot of times we are told “No application forms are available.” Please change this situation.

    • Almost everyone in Antigua and Barbuda has a smartphone, so I don’t know why the department doesn’t setup an online application so people can apply online. Then, the applicant will receive a message informing them of their interview date and time where they will bring along their identification information. We are in a technological world and the government need to get with the time, the 21 first century. There are so much young people now, who are working within the government who are technologically savvy.
      The staff have to remember that inside of a government office belonging to the people and the staff are servants of the people. Yes, there should some policy in place for the public so the daily business can flow efficiently and in a professional manner.

  2. We tolerate and fail to condemn these behaviors from politicians and expect the best from workers who are politically affiliated

  3. I hate having to go there. The same thing happened with me and the mask story. I was told to step outside and they spoke to me through the Crack of the door. The same gentleman, a red skin man, was in the building talking about “dem can’t tell arwe how fu run arwe place, if you na want fu wear none den na come ya.” No one inside wears a mask and they HAVE TO interact with the same outside people every damn day before and after work so I don’t see their point. I find that too many government entities have too many employees who don’t have any proper customer service skills because as far as they are concerned it doesn’t affect their job or paycheck because it’s the government paying them. They are not held accountable for any of their behaviors.

  4. I put in my application form from November last year ,and it was this week they call me april 20 2023 so you see how long I was waiting smh this is so bad and them tell me I have to wait till next month to apply again .

  5. Kudos to the executive director and the staff at Social Protection Board,you are doing a great job as it relates to the assistance offered to the poor an indigent. On the other hand,the ones that are badmouthing the staff at the aforementioned institution need to give the people a break and stop telling stories. In all honesty look deep within yourself and ask the question. Am I being honest when applying for assistance and is gainfully employed and let me also say this stop taking advantage of the program, leave it to the ones that are really in need.

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