LETTER: Sympathy for Melford

Dear Editor,
I see on social media and the Talk Shows that poor Melford Nicholas is getting plenty stick. I feel sorry for him but maybe he likes the position of being on TV.
He can only report what he is told. The government has no fixed position on anything so the goal post is being moved by the minute. There are basically 2 problems. First the PM is like Trump and is running the country on Facebook and Pointe FM. That seems to be when everyone including his Ministers are informed of things. Secondly, if they make a decision and the people curse on the Talk Shows or Facebook, the policy is quickly reversed.
So in other words there is no plan and no policy.
On Tuesday when I saw the negative and at times irrational responses on Facebook to the charge of $100 per night for quarantine, I told my friends that the policy would be reversed. So said so done. Now it is “some what voluntary”. What the hell is that? The policy was a fair one. Most of the anticipated 600 Antiguans who are coming home do not live here. They live and work in the USA. They pay all their taxes there. Now that they have lost their jobs they are running home. And that is fine. It is their right but is it also okay for tax payers here to pay for them? $400 per day which is the stated actual cost?
Reds Campbell
Cooks Hill

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  1. Does the government prepared for these Antiguans and Barbudans returning home? There will be more coming in the hundreds everytime a flight landed which is their rights to come back to the land of their birth. Does the government have employment and lands available for some who are planning to stay? Most of them will not be going back to America. A lot of them have homes that are rented out to Jamaicans, Guyanese, Spanish, etc… If they gave them notice to vacant the properties, where would these Caribbean nationals go? I always have a gut feeling that this day would happen when a lot of our native will come back home in the hundreds or thousands to live again.

  2. how much money does Antiguans and Barbudans in England and the USA contribute to the economy each year?

  3. Melford should not be under attack. He is one of top men in this country, and he serves the interests of the ordinary people. Remember, they hate him because he is “the man” who destroyed the political career of Harry Lovell. That’s why they hate him, but the people love this man. Keep up the good work.

  4. Wadadli Girl, my government does noe OWE returning nationals any more tan they do resident nationals. Guarantees of land, employment, housing??? Get real Wadadli Girl. It is my hope that Antiguans who all of a suuden are now anxious to return “home”, have carefully thought through their options and have the necessary plans to return “home” based on their own circumstances. They cannot be expected to be treated as a special class of citizens. Wise up, man.

  5. Sympathy for Melford is a very misleading headline,ANR.When I saw it,my first thought was,someone related to Melford had passed away.As I read the story.It had to do more with the left hand not telling the right hand.What it is doing.Where does the sympathy comes into this discourse.What were his misfortunes?That is why. He is a Minister in the Administration and a member of the Cabinet.He makes a very decent salary.He should have the guts and backbone to withstand just about anything.When you are a public figure in Political Office.The bull’s eye is in your back.Suck it up and man up and move on.

  6. The Govt promised to consult with the people before making certain decisions of national interests…. It seems as though they are failing in consulting with the people….. This probably could be the reason why they appear to be like a yo yo in the public’s eye….

  7. Sir, you sound just like a white man. No black person from antigua would be so obtuse to his fellow man.

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