LETTER: Stop making joke with the country’s roads, and water distribution



When all the noise about water distribution rose its head again in this political arena, I asked some of the very same questions that Mr. Lovell has put forth.

I do recall statements being brought forward which stated about water being leaked from the pipes, so I was a bit confused when I heard talk about more RO plants, when I was not aware that the leakage problems were not addressed.

Where I reside, I have no gov’t water PERIOD, despite the area being “developed” since the 1970’s as the gov’t insists that the developer was responsible for putting in that infrastructure (However they make sure to stretch their hands for property tax) … but I digress….

The fact remains that the Government of A & B, whether it’s the ALP, or UPP, need to stop making joke with at least two very important infrastructure in this country, and use it as a political tool…. That would be the roads, and water distribution.

Since I’ve known myself, the state of the roads and water has been an issue in this country.

As a country, we can do better and we need to do better. We need to get out of the mentality of a blasted banana republic, and get the ball rolling.

Many times, I see water trucks delivering water to a particular government ministry, the minister that sits in that particular building don’t have any shame when he sees the water truck pulling up?

Let’s stop playing politics., and let’s get the ball rolling to develop these two infrastructure properly.

I hope that at some point, the next talking point will be the state of Saint John’s City.

It’s a piss pot, and I don’t want to believe that the country’s leaders don’t see that it is.

There needs to be more agitation among the people here and we demand service. We elect them politicians into office. They work for us, NOT the other way around. They should fear the electorate, again, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND

Wadadli Man

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  1. I totally agree with this letter, especially the part that said “They work for us, NOT the other way around. They should fear the electorate, again, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND”.

    When people fear their government, you have tyranny. When government fear their people you have freedom.

  2. WADADLI MAN no one in their right mind could disagree with your comments. Having said that, I look forward to the comments of JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, PETE, ERIC (THE RED) and TENMAN.

  3. If the water trucks are delivering water to some houses for free, then they should at least give us the discount for cistern. Water truck company drivers, please negotiate with APUA for discount. Thank you.

  4. Well said!!! JAM DEM UP!!! It’s 2022. Proper roadways, reliable electricity and water supply are essential to develop an “Economic Powerhouse”. This Government has FAILED.

    VOTE Dem OUT!!! Antigua and Barbuda deserve better. Time longer than Rope!! This Government rope is at the end. Se La!!!!!

  5. These are all good points. And these problems .
    water..roads and the run down and dilapidated state of St. John’s..are big problems that need big solutions and a competent government to implement. Unfortunately..we have a Government that is good only at “wheeling and dealing” with the sole purpose of enriching themselves and their families. They have not only failed in 8 years to deal with these problems..but they seem ignorant and clueless about how to even start to address them. The Ministers of Public Utilities and Public Works are completely unsuited for the positions they occupy and should be punished at the next elections for their abysmal failures..just like the rest of this corrupt Government.

  6. We have had no water since Oct 21 but plenty of air. We are located 150f eet up a hill.. if waterr starts to com it first pushes a mile of air out of empty pipes first. You may not know, your water meter counts air the same or more as water. So I have paid 1000s of dollars to hear air rushing in. This is because my installation wasn’t right,having the necessary air relief valve. It has taken two years to get apua up to fix the installation.
    Still no water.

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