LETTER: Stop and consider your religious beliefs



Have you ever for a moment consider why we believe the things we hold to as beliefs? Why we practise certain things in life.

Most people simple accept whatever they have grown up seeing their parents and grand parents doing or adhering too. Traditions are a major player in the lives of the majority and we follow these traditions without questioning how they came into play in the first place.

Let us consider some of the traditions that we accept without any investigation whatsoever:

1. Three wise men during the birth of Christ: The Bible NEVER mentions any specific number here. We assume that there were 3 wise men, but not according to the Bible. No number was mentioned. Do the research.

2. When someone dies, he or she goes off to heaven or hell: Here again, this is purely tradition because there is no place in the Bible where this is this mentioned. Let me expound: During funeral services, a pastor would say that a deceased person is up there looking down on us. Where in the Bible does he/she find that?
If a christian flies off to heaven immediately upon death, then there would be no need for a resurrection of the righteous at the return of Christ. The Bible does speak of TWO resurrections. One for the righteous at the return of Christ and the second for unrepentant sinners after a 1000 from Christ’s second coming.


Ask your pastor: where did he/she get the idea of people going to heaven or hell at death.

Also consider: how tormented that a deceased loved one who is in heaven must be; looking down and observing their family and friends here on earth suffering in anguish and grief.

The God of the Bible is not a cruel God. No way is this tradition of going to heaven or hell right after death, mentioned in Bible scriptures.

3. Man has an immortal soul: Where can we find this in the Bible? I can assuredly say that we CANNOT find it in the Bible. Man is a soul. He does not have a soul. The scripture states that: God breathed into the nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul (being). He did not ( we no not) have a soul, but rather we are souls. The dust of the earth and the breath of life from God together make us souls.


DO THE RESEARCH YOURSELVES. Ask your pastors where did this tradition come from for certainly they will not find it in the Bible.

4. Never ending Hell fire burning the wicked: No place in the Bible speaks about a hell fire that is burning now or will be ever burning forever. Only a wicked god would have sinners burning for ever and ever. Only a cruel god would take pleasure in seeing people suffer endlessly and not die. The Bible speaks of two ways in life: the RIGHTEOUS WAY THE LEEADS TO EVERLASTING LIFE and 2. The EVIL WAY THAT LEADS TO DEATH.

Life is life and death is simply just that: Death
These are two opposing results. It is either LIFE or DEATH


Ask your pastor…how in the world can death means life burning forever in some hell fire. That is ridiculous and CANNOT BE FOUND IN THE CHRISTIAN BIBLE.


4. At one second after midnight, we say “good morning”: Tradition here again. Consider for a second. If we are at the middle of something, it obviously means that there is another half way to go. Is not this a fact? Then how in the world can we say midnight at 12 O clock and then say morning one second right after.

Let me use simple mathematics: a foot ruler is 12 inches in length. The half way (mid) point is at the 6th inch mark. Then there are another 6 inches to cover to get to the full length of the ruler at 12 inches (1 foot). So when at the 6th inch we cannot say we are already passed a foot length. The same principle would apply for how we reckon time.

After midnight, there is obviously another half of night to go before morning arrives. In fact, morning starts when the sun rises.

These are just four traditions that we follow foolishly without doing any investigations for ourselves to verify whether they are truthful or not.

You may ask: so so how do they affect my life? Well, for every choice in life there is a consequence. What we believe and do; certainly will affect our time here now and our destiny.

Unfortunately, as we should recognize by now that the majority has never been on the correct path. In all of history, the majority has proven over and over again to be going down the wrong path.

I emphasise once again: DO NOT TAKE MY WORD HERE. With an open and prayerful mind, do the research. If you can find any errors to all the points that I have outlined here and have full evidence, I will be happy to accept that the points I made are incorrect.



J. Surhamme


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  1. Harold Lovel is the new God on earth and can solve everything so I will ask one of my confidants to ask him in their strategy meetings this evening.

  2. Dude, it’s easy to figure out which splinter denomination you are from. It seems you might be somewhat confused about what the Word of God teaches. Trying to confuse people, aren’t you? It’s a waste of time to dialogue with somebody who knows it all. You are misrepresenting the Holy Scriptures, just twisting everything. You are in confusion. You need salvation. Once the church ladies get their hands on you, you’ll come out of that religious confusion and denominational falsehoods you ae trying to promote. The old ladies will work you over until they get the Spirit of God on you. They will set you free in the Name of Jesus. No more confusion. My prayer is that when your time comes, you will be PRESENT WITH THE LORD, absent from the body, rejoicing forevermore in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. I said H-E-A-V-E-N.

    • You didn’t DISPROVE any of the author’s assertions. Maybe you’re one of the people he’s speaking about?

    • Great article. Tested and proven to be all correct.

      One should take time to research for themselves and just do not accept the word from others.
      Point 1: The Bible speaks of three gifts presented to the Christ, but not of any specific number of wise men.

      Point 2: The Bible has NO mention of an immediate afterlife in heaven or hell upon the death of someone. Instead, the Bible speaks of TWO resurrections as in the I Thes 4: 16; Book of Revelations 20:5, 6 and also in I Cor 15

      Death is described as a sleep ….the dead soul awaiting a resurrection.

      Point 3 & 4: The idea of an immortal soul comes from the first lie in the garden of Eden when Satan (the serpent) told Eve that she shall not surely die as God had mentioned. Gen 3: 4
      The soul is MORTAL. Man is a SOUL. The Bible clearly says that the soul that sins shall die: Ezekiel 18: 4, 20

      How could humanity have an immortal soul and yet still need to be saved from sins (death)?
      God in His infinite wisdom made man a mortal soul knowing that when man sins he could be destroyed instead of living in sin forever.

      Why was there a need for Adam and Eve to be driven from Eden after they sinned, and the tree of life made inaccessible to them? Obviously, it was to prevent them from eating of the tree of life and be able to live forever in their sinful nature.

      A loving God would never take pleasure in seeing humanity suffer in a never-ending burning hell fire.
      The final punishment for sin will be eternal: NOT EVERLASTING.
      Imagine the save people in heaven; looking down and seeing their loved ones burning and agonizing in an ever-burning hell fire. That is NOT in the Bible whatsoever. Hell will be at the end of the 1000 years referred to as the Millennium. There is no such place called Hell at the present time. The whole Erath will be hell after the Millenium.

      God alone has immortality. I Tim 6: 16 All of God’s creation depend on God for life.
      god would be such a foolish being to create humans immortal knowing that they would sin and have them live forever in sin. The same for the angels: Even satan will be destroyed in hell fire as Rev 20: 10

      Point 5: The principle of morning starting a second after midnight is NOT how the Bible reckons time but came from tradition. The ancient Egyptians made that change. The Bible speaks of the new day beginning at sunset. So one whole day goes from sunset to sunset.

      So I can wholeheartedly support without reservation all that the letter writer stated.

      It is truth when the Bible states that satan deceives the WHOLE WORLD. The majority has always followed the wrong way. Man refuses to accept TRUTH because he does not want to live by it. He prefers the evil way.

      Mark 7:9 clearly shows how humanity has rejected God’s way to follow his own man-made traditions.
      We do indeed accept the traditions of men and never take time to investigate them for ourselves.
      As the writer suggested: Questions your church pastors about these issues. They too will not be able to find these traditions any place in the Christian Bible.

  3. @ J. Surhamme you are preaching to the wrong choir, but good try thou…..Traditions and culture is not easy to break. It is easy to accept than to question. Some may not be ready to face the answers.

  4. …#DEATH is the never ending dream, that never dies!
    …#LIFE is the never ending dream, that never dies!
    …since, they sublime into and out of each other
    …as, the summation of their forces
    …equal to ZERO, at the #crossroads
    …of the Universe!

  5. I am glad you keep making reference to the Bible, so can you let me know if you came across 2 Timothy 4:3-4 while you were reading it.

    • 2 Timothy 4:3-4 doesn’t apply here because the author didn’t make ANY assertions contrary to scripture. All that was said is what WASN’T in the bible.

  6. 1 – You are correct. It only mentions 3 gifts, not 3 wise men.
    2 – You are correct. In Luke 16:23 he woke up in hell. It was a story not a parable. It is true people confuse Hell and the Lake of Fire but both exist. Hell is a temporary place. The final destination for unsaved is the lake of fire. “Rev 20:15 – And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire”.
    3 – If you’re not saved you’ll ultimately be going to the Lake of fire which burns forever (see previous point and Rev 20:10). If you are you go to be with Jesus. Matt 25:46 teaches that both punishment and prize will be eternal. What bible did you read? I doubt even in the NWT you can miss these scriptures.

    If your particular sect is correct and all the wicked will do is cease to exist at the end, what’s the issue? If on the other hand the bible teaches that the wages of sin is death and that death is eternal punishment then we better read what it says about avoiding it. God will not violate a person’s free choice in order to protect them the consequences of their actions, besides, why would you want to spend eternity having a relationship with a God you don’t love? There’s a name for that. The human soul is eternal and will spend eternity with Jesus (who is God, look it up), or with the devil in the lake of fire. The only escape is being born again – John 3:5, of water and spirit (Acts 2:38). It might seem harsh but remember, laws are made for those that break them.

  7. Your letter sounds just like a doctrinal treatise right out of the pages of a JEHOVAH WITNESS playbook. You even threw in a sprinkling of the SDA and Mormon “teachings”. Too much confusion. You can believe whatever you want, but one day you will stand before HIM in “heavenly places” and give an account.

  8. Kind of ironic that they took up all that space to speak about scriptures and didn’t include any.

  9. Here’s a scripture you will NEVER EVER hear preached in church ⛪ Matthew 24:24

    Sadly, this is why many churches (and their followers) are in such disarray today.

    Ask any church goer if they have read the bible from cover to cover? Like me, you’ll be surprised that the majority haven’t … However, I have, and learned to discern accordingly 😌 whoever you are.


  10. You must really be upset that the news room began your article with a picture of a Bible and a CROSS on it, since Jehovah Witness people don’t believe Jesus was crucified on a CROSS.

  11. What a bunch of bullshit. Religion is a bunch of man made shit. There is no god, just what people made up to make slaves of the weak.

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