LETTER: St. Mary’s Secondary- remarkable transformation



Dear Editor,


I am a former student of St. Mary’s Secondary School. After being away for a while, I decided to visit my old school to see how it looked now.


I was amazed. It is not finished yet, but it is beautiful. It is bigger and it surpassed my imagination. Less yardway but more class space.


I have one main disappointment, nothing gives honour to a wonderful lady why brought it from junior secondary to secondary. Some of the founding teachers are still there.


Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Hoyte, Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Skerritt. I think they deserve to be memorialized with the lady who started it all, Ms. Myrna Isaac.


Please, stamp these names in the school’s history in a tangible way.


These are the people who carried this school from a war zone to an institution of excellence producing doctors and other professionals.


Give them their flowers now.


Proud Student

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  1. A real testimony coming from a grateful graduate.
    Her sentiments are to be lauded. Perhaps someone should point his/her in the best direction to have his/her wishes addressed. Perhaps The Ministry of Education.
    Perhaps re-naming the school The St. Mary’s Myrna Isaac Secondary School of Excellence. I know it is a mouthful, but give honour where it is due. The teachers could have classes that carry their names so their worth lives on in posterity.

  2. And a proud student you should be. Hope the current students continue to make you proud in every regard.

  3. Yes yes yes proud graduate – 💯 agree.

    Shout out to the administration team – in my experience they are laser focused on opportunities for students and willing to jump in their own vehicle in their lunch break to pick up donations/supplies.

    The ‘community vibe’ at St Mary’s School of Excellence from educators, administrators and the support team is joyful to encounter.

    Big up to their progressive principal.

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