LETTER: Since when is leaving things to God or “Allah” a bad thing and why the outrage


Dear Editor,

I saw a post published yesterday and some members of the Syrian Community seemed to have taken offence. Personally I do not see what the hoopla was about.

The post merely stated that the killing of the Syrian man would be left up to God and that God will have his revenge on those who committed the coward act of murder. Is ‘Allah’ not arabic for God and why do people think it is something bad?

How many of us in our own time or turmoil have said “leave it to God or Let God Deal with them?”

It is because the word Allah was used? I think the outrage may have been out of ignorance and islamophobia.

Nothing wrong with calling on Allah to intervene for justice. I hope that you will republish it and educate people.


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  1. What has the ALP done to this poor country. This was a beautiful black Anglican country. Now Antigua is one big race riot waiting to happen.

    • Why does everything that happen in antigua yall jump straight to alp or upp is the citizens of antigua that walking and a committing these acts everything yall walk and turn on politics

  2. The original article referring to Allah as a deity was in poor taste. As soon as something is not our preference we have negative things to say. Christianity is not the only religion in the world and Antigua, like it or not is a melting pot. The Syrians are doing what indigenous Antiguans should be doing. They are working hard to live their best life. Not once have I ever heard of a Syrian going out and robbing anyone’s business. They come to this country and humbly work their way from the ground up and they support each other. This young murderer should never see the light of day again. Any family member pleading for leniency or making excuses needs to be locked up too.

    • @Antigua First – yeah, the muslims are “working hard to live their best life” right up to the time where they and the rest of the muslim cohort gain the majority in one city, then it’ll be a no go zone like so many areas in London where muslims are the majority.

      Allah and Cain before him were the original terrorists.

      • Have you ever been to London? Where in London is a no go zone?? Have you even been to a Muslim country?? Some of them are the safest countries in the world. You watch too much western media

    • The fact that you actually believe that is so disappointing. Working hard? Humbly? When they get so much from our governments and we have to cut and contrive to start businesses here?

      Get out of here with your foolish talk.

  3. Please Note:
    Just Saying!!!

  4. To the writer. People are tired of hearing bull shit. When have that ever worked. The people want answers not NICE excuses of thoughts and prayers. It’s not that they are offended that God was invoked but when we do that all we are saying is YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. The sentiment is void of reality.

  5. This news article may have some truth to it but we must not dismiss the hidden message that may just be right there that some dont see or understand!!
    Just Saying

  6. Why does everything that happen in antigua yall jump straight to ABLP or UPP is the citizens of antigua that walking and a committing these acts everything yall walk and turn on politics

  7. @Mr Byam u naturally chupid or you taking a course, what the hell Gaston have to do with this?, the constitution allows for all citizens to have freedom of religious expression, so u want Gaston Browne to change it to suit 1 religion, let me give u some advice think before u speak and if u don’t have anything good to say hush yah mouth. Ps: The only people who spark race riots are people who sound and speak just like u.

    • Your ignorance is not my problem. The ALP brought all of these ungodly people into the country, so they are responsible. We have too many foreign and disparate cultures on this small island.

  8. A lot of ppl don’t seem to know what/or who Allah is (god) same as Christians saaying they’ll leave it to God.

    That aside why every blasted thing haffu be political in anu? The government is a continuous body regardless who in seat shouldn’t be the main case but what they doing for the country betterment.

    Mek anybody break into my house or business place. The only option on leaving will be a black bag.
    If the police and others whoever not doing whatever needed sooner or later individuals will take matter into their own hands

    • @salted. Stop being a hypocrite. If government is not everything to with crime and all things country, well how come they have so much power and resources and why is an election is so damn important and bring out the worst or the best in people? Talk it straight man! A government and it’s leadership is a huge factor in any country, if it wasn’t so then the monarchy of England wouldn’t have seek that much control over so many! Power is important, and who can wheeled the power of a nation more than a government?

  9. @Shutup, it’s the warped mentality of the ALP politicians that created the mess Antiguans find themselves in.

  10. We all know what usually follows a shout of “Allahu akbar” and it’s never any act-of-God.

  11. Allah commanded that his adherents kill infidels (non believers).

    Yehweh God doesn’t advocate murdering non believers.

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