LETTER: Shut the country down for 2 weeks



I told somebody that everything including our health-care system is eventually going to crash very soon.

I said that if a full two-week lockdown isn’t imposed to try to eradicate this LETHAL virus, we’re gonna be in deep trouble sooner or later.

Yes it will cause some financial constraints but I know resilient people when I see them, Antiguans and Barbudans.

It’s obvious that if we don’t COMPLETELY shut this country down, the virus will spread even more beyond reasonable doubt simply because the hours of operation for essential businesses are being hindered and this causes mass crowds and this will cause said business to continue to close simply because of covid exposure.

If this isn’t done soon enough, the country will involuntarily shut down once again on us. And that’ll be an even worse scenario. That vaccine isn’t the quick fix to this situation because it doesn’t stop nor prevent ANYTHING.

So that just leaves the options: shut it down completely for just two weeks or just free the people from such captivity and open the country FULLY and operate under the law keeping bars closed, restaurants continue their take-out operations… Also, test every incoming person into the country (put the charge into their ticket itinerary like you do for your taxes) and charge hotels to test their staff at least every 2 months.

The government must stand to break even on COVID tests; we need the public to do testing so we know the exact position we are in. BECAUSE THERE’S A LOT OF PERSONS WALKING AROUND WITH THE VIRUS INHABITED IN THEM AND TRANSFERRING THIS VIRUS TO A LOT OF PERSONS BEYOND REALIZATION. This pandemic isn’t one that a profit should be made from simply because it’s something we want to mitigate and mitigate now!

The CDC recently put us as a Level 4 threat country and that alone speaks volume. Could we honestly wrong them when WE KNOW that the dashboard takes days when it’s being altered and butchered like a balance sheet that somehow isn’t finding a balance on both sides.

This is a serious serious virus and until we have the understanding that a vaccine alone won’t do the trick, then we’ll realize how deep this virus really is.

Lastly, I encourage everyone to go get that vaccine so we can achieve that 80% goal for herd immunity so people like myself can reach our goal of a mere 20%. do stay safe Antiguans and Barbudans. We Can Do This!

Signed – Patriot of Antigua and Barbuda

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  1. Your letter has contradiction. Within one vein you want country lock down. In another you claiming about open fully to let people out of captivity!!!! What is it you really want to solve?

  2. And should have been done a long time ago.

    The goal should have been – as it was in New Zealand – to eliminate the virus from the island and keep it out of the island

    As many, many, many people – myself included – have said over and over for the last year if the government keeps letting in any and everybody without actually testing or quarantining them, then they will many lives will be unnecessarily lost and the island could descend into chaos which will also destroy tourism.

    they kept telling us that they had to do the reckless thing – let in everybody from high COVID areas and not test or quarantine them – because tourism is so important. Everyone will starve if we put restrictions on tourists.

    But guess what? This lazy, incompetent and unethical protocols (or rather lack thereof) has served to destroy lives and kill tourism in one fell swoop.

    Time to admit mistakes were made and lockdown the island and the border (which is happening already because no one wants to travel to a COVID-infested island) and get a reset before things get even worse than most can imagine.

    • So true. An island lockdown is needed for 2 months to allow for the vaccine to be administered to all who wish for it, and for Antiguans to recover. Allowing the border to remain open to tourists will allow the variants to enter from other countries and possibly make the present vaccines available ineffective. Most of all look after each other and share.

    • New Zealand locked down think twice and declared twice that they were Covid free only to have new cases days after. Lockdown doesn’t work in the long run. It will do a bit but what happens when the country re-opens? It will be foolish to think that we can all exist in a bubble protected from the rest of the world.

      I see where you are coming from though. The problem is we humans are not always good at showing common sense. We want to do the things that we know we are not to do. I think if we all follow the rules that we will be ok. We all just need to calm down and stop the mass fear and panic. We all listen to he say; she say. In this age of information and smartphones, we can all educate ourselves and not fall victim to fake new. We all forget that we are our brother’s keeper. Yes we will all say that it’s friend and company and the people who have $ progress, but we need to keep our hearts pure. It all starts with us as individuals.

      One love everyone

      • You are very confused.

        Lockdowns have been the best tool to fight COVID-19.

        NZ had one big lockdown of 4 weeks in the beginning and eliminated the virus from their island.

        Given that this virus is so highly transmissible, there are always going to be cases that slip through. And then another short lockdown and serious contact tracing are employed to quash the virus before it can spread.

        That is what works. And has worked beautifully in NZ.

        New Zealanders have lived mostly normal lives for the past year without masks for the majority of the past year.

        They have had one COVID death since September 2020 and overall only 26 deaths in a population of over 5 million.

        I think anyone of rational mind would prefer to live in NZ with what’s happening over there than to live in Antigua with what is happening over here.

        • Do u even do your research you twit. Do you know
          after New Zeland did their lockdown and open back up they get an outbreak. It a GOBAL PANDEMIC that is not going anywhere. Only thing lockdowns does is temperoply stop the spread then outbreak again. LOCKDOWN DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

  3. I have said in the past.Closed the Border for 14 days.Antigua and Barbuda has enough cash on hand to do so.In my opinion,it would keep the Virus in house to be easier controlled. It would be like living inside of a bubble.The Virus would have no ways of getting into Antigua and Barbuda for 14 days.

    • To put it bluntly the problem most likely lies within the “house to house” activities/socializing that appear to be part and parcel of the, shall we call it, culture that is entrenched in the mindset. Not sure how one would get through to the many whose almost daily routine includes this lifestyle…Unlike HIV a condom cannot solve the close contact spread…perhaps the PM could do a verbally graphic TV /radio show on this issue that could replay on a daily basis to try and get the message across. I really don’t think the finances are there to shut down the border.

    • What happens after 14 days? That is my issue. If we lockdown, we lockdown, but no one is addressing what the expectations are when we re-open.

      • You eliminate the virus from the island in 14 days or nearly so.

        And at the end of 14 days, you do not let in any and everyone as before.

        This time you tightly and carefully control the border by testing ALL on arrival and quarantining all for a time period.

        Better yet, a month or 2 of a lockdown so that everyone can be vaccinated and then you establish reasonable protocols at the border. And life can go back to relative normalcy.

  4. I personally would prefer the second option i.e “just free the people from such captivity and open the country FULLY and operate under the law keeping bars closed, and have restaurants only do take-out operations.” This option could work if the most vulnerable within our society get vaccinated or better yet “stay home”. Locking down the country would do far more financial and mental damage than you may think. The country can barely afford to provide for itself in these trying times so another lockdown could potentially lead to an economic set back of 20 to 30 years.

    • So, by your thinking, anyone over the age of 65 or anyone with underlying health problems should live their lives in isolation and solitude because the rest don’t want to make sacrifices? I’ll just leave the following for you to consider:

      “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its Weakest members” Ghandi

      • Then I would suggest they get vaccinated. If they choose not to get vaccinated then they should stay home.

  5. Lock what down? Folks are already on their reserve. Liat staff are into a year without money. Mortgage are due, bills are behind. Any moe lock dung we dead diss time!

    • Just tell the that. The only people who calling for lockdown are them lazy government workers who get pay evey week/month. They tried that lockdown bs last year and how did that work out. Some people are at their wits end with this lockdown crap and any further plenty people go hungry and crazy.

      • I agree with you JT. The only people pushing for a lockdown are people with $$ and workers who still expect the same pay at during lockdown. Imagine we had early curfew and bankers for example still made the same pay. Some worked two weeks on and two weeks off and still made the exact month pay while we had to line up for hours in hot sun for our money.

        Tell them that they have to forfeit pay for the duration of the lockdown, then you will hear them all change their tunes.

    • Any more lockdown you dead this time ? What’s the difference dead this time or dead the other time you’ll be dead 🙆‍♀️

  6. Any more lockdown you dead this time ? What’s the difference dead this time or dead the other time you’ll be dead 🙆‍♀️

    • Most people would prefer to be dead than not be able to feed and support their kids and families.

      • Thousands of people are out of work right now and unable to feed their families.

        AND we have COVID over-running the island.

        It is not a choice between fighting COVID and feeding your family.

        If you don’t adequately protect society from this deadly disease, you won’t be able to feed your family because you are sick or dead of said disease (or they are) or because the economy went bust because NO ONE WANTS TO COME TO A DISEASE-INFECTED ISLAND

  7. so if vaccines aren’t preventing anything, then why are we taking it? to profit the government? n please please please do u guys know the death rate and spreading chances of covid? or u guys are gonna play dumb n get scared for the rest of ur lives. grow some fkn balls n get tf out bc y’all are fucking dummies who j wanna do what the government wants u to do. like have some brains of ur own, do some fucking research. get some common sense and brains into ur empty skulls.

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