LETTER: Sexual Harassment In High-End Business


Sexual Harassment In High-End Business

Young women and boys are suffering serious sexual harassment in high-end businesses where their desperation to hold on to their jobs are paramount, because times are harder than ever, and unemployment leads to hunger among other needs.

Complaints by the women in a business are going unanswered because local people complain locally and are ignored, or even ridiculed.

But those who are lucky enough to have an overseas Human Resources Complaint Bureau specifically for Sexual Harassment on the job are still afraid they might be found out, before any action can take place and they still will be out of a job.

The Government officers who are aware of these atrocious activities in our corporate platform must initiate immediate steps to root out this vice in protection of our youth and other employees, who may see something but are afraid to say something.

Each day there is a case coming to the surface, and it is usually some unfortunate woman, but in these days of sexual preference it is not unusual to have men also complaining, some silently, some sadly.

But, when one business has both its young women and its young men held to ransom by a boss leacher of both sexes, there is a report sent by the victims which must be investigated, and immediate action taken to protect the victims.

Antigua has to rise to higher ground and develop the human respect for the young and under-privileged, and learn to help, rather than stunt the growth of our youth.

This matter is under the microscope and will be revealed in its entirety if the Minister does not act on the document in his possession.

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