LETTER: Serpent, if you need respect give respect where it is due


Dear Serpent, 

I am sure that you are aware that the law of reciprocity is real.

Whatever you sew, the same you shall reap….  

Therefore, if you need respect, you need to give respect wherever respect is due!  

Now, let me say, it would be remiss of me, as a friend & as an ardent supporter of yours, not to tip my hat to you for being very instrumental over the past few years for the high energies that you have brought into the dynamics of Antigua’s politics. 

In the absence of Mr. Winston Derrick (RIP ), who in my view, during his time had transformed the landscape of our politics, it is my humble opinion, that like him, you have continued in a similar vein, thus causing yourself to become the ” main live wire ” for the opposition, in challenging ABLP, the ruling administration. 

Furthermore, your radio shows have been very dynamic, very thought provoking, very stimulating & very reassuring to the masses. 

Of course, your shows have also attracted a wide listenership and they have also stimulated the flow of adrenalin to encourage political bantering, which I really enjoy…  

The truth be told, many of us on either side of the political divide have developed that confidence in you, to bring to the fore some of the govt’s business, which have been perceived to be kept in the dark by the ruling administration. 

Because of the art of how you gather & disseminate such classified information which you refer to as ‘ doc cur ments ‘, you have also earned the confidence of the St. George’s constituents to elect you into parliament.  

I must admit that since you have been elevated to the position of a parliamentarian, many of us expect you would continue to use your craftiness and your debating skills in parliament to expose the government a lot more and whatever there is in their Pandora’s box. 

Disappointingly so, that does not seem to be the case.  

To date, you seem not to be living up to our expectations.  

Interestingly, your disposition in parliament is yet to be desired.  

It appears as though you are beginning to be very insensitive and you are now finding time to degrade the sacred halls of our parliament by allegedly referring to sections of it as the ” rude boy stand “, which of course, is very disrespectful. 

Infact, I consider it to be blaspheming. 

Now Serpent, if you need to be respected, you need to earn it. 

Remember, as a parliamentarian, you are no longer that street monger but now, you are viewed to be an honorable gentleman who should be displaying qualities of high esteem. 

As a result, it is expected of you to walk the walk & talk the talk as a professional. Your expressions & choice of words should be properly selected. 

The street boy image & the street language used, need to be curtailed.  

Disrespecting our female parliamentarians, degrading mothers who are seeking assistance for their kids etc etc is definitely unprofessional. 

It shows how simple minded & immature the person that you are. 

 Let us not forget that the youths are now looking at you as a role model in order to shape their future.  

Now Serpent, my simple advice to you is to let the following lines of the national anthem be a part of your modus of operandi. 

” Raise your standard, Raise it boldly 

Answer now to duty’s call. 

To the service of your country.  

Sparing nothing & giving all. 

If such lines are embedded within you and you act accordingly then I think you certainly can be one of our better politicians here in Antigua. “ 




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  1. Serpant is just a waste of time…. Cat has his tongue when he is in parliament. He’s like an empty vessel making a lot of noise on the radio.

  2. @Fitzroy, what is really your point here? Disregarding mothers seeking help for their kids? You have your story mixed up here. He gave the lady some sound advice Fitzroy, instead of resigning her to a ‘beggarly’ ALP supporter status. Incidentally, did he not help the lady?
    You want to talk about disrespecting women? Then direct your comments to Gaston Browne. Who can forget his comments about Pearl Quin’s sister? Or calling someone the village bike?Then his ultimate disrespect for his wife with the Pancake on the Rumshop.
    Wheel and come again Fitzroy. You remind me of a wolf in sheep clothing, presenting yourself as such a commender of Serpent, then exposing yourself for who you really are. You never sighted one incident of disrespect because there are none.
    Treachery and deceit rages like wildfire in Antigua and Barbuda. Let us beware.

  3. A who this man/woman who calls himself fitzroy?
    Really fitzroy?
    You critiquing serpent?
    I find you have a lot of nerve?
    I suppose the pm is a pillar of niceness and virtue! ( yawn)🤔
    Leave him alone in parliament he’s still learning the ropes,
    He’s a quick learner!
    Don’t worry he coming!!!

    Ps tell your pm to hurry and put the electricity back on! Smh!

  4. fitzroy did u ever write a letter to the prime minister when he disrespect any one so why you don’t shut your stinking dirty mouth and leave the man alone .talking about respect is earn study what the prime minister call the barbudan people them .u all just like to talk talk and more talk and dont know what to say.chupz fitzroy talk about water to wash you skin,talk about all the money they paying the alfenero boat ,talk about the pensioners so so much go and brush your rusty self fitzroy.

  5. Fitzroy these things are good. Dealing with you I had no idea you were so eloquent. How much you get paid to write these things? Or is it your aspiration to enter the political arena, having cut your teeth on the perceived flaws of those already in it?

  6. Fitzroy, I have no problems with your opinion but it bothers me when people live you do not call all everyone who has been disrespectful in parliament. It is time for us to see wrong for what it is. No wonder the country so blasted hot.

  7. So what if he refers to his peers who sit next to him as the rude boys stand. Has he ever stood up in the House and referred to them as such?

    You need to get a life, Fitzy. When last have you had a good rinsing out?
    Which do you prefer? That he playfully refers to his peers as rude boys, or he sits there without one bone of personality in his body (plenty of that kind on your side), silently scheming how he would defraud the people of Antigua and Barbuda?

    The people of this nation have been placed into such a straightjacket that they need humour and playfulness to keep them sane.
    Serpent is doing what he could to keep us amused and help us forget the madhouse we live in. What is your set doing to bring relief to the people?
    By pointing out this pettiness, it shows you have no sense of humour, no appeal to people, and so we understand why you support that humourless, lacking in wit, charm, warmth and mirth that you call leader. The man who has the personality of a flea. Have you ever seen him belly laugh? Have you ever looked in his face, his eyes, and seen anything other than emptiness?
    BTW, we have not heard him speak a word of empathy for the people who were affected by Phillipe.
    We understand. That’s just not his thing. The netballers in his hotel got flood out. Has he gone to them to console them? Did he send the Barbie doll Pixie in his place?

  8. We will be celebrating our 42nd year of Independence on 1st November. This is the season where we will be celebrating as Antiguans and Barbudans one people. We are unstoppable.

  9. SHUGY CAN’T READ!!! SHUGY REAL DUNCE!! Big “press conference” and SHUGY MADE AN ASSHOLE OF HIMSELF FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!! Why Mrs. Arrindell didn’t prep him with HER SCRIPT beforehand???? Poor Azara Lavia was so embarassed! Pringle had a hell of a time laughing at shugy dunceniss. shugy WORSE DAN PRINGLE!

  10. Fitzroy, the Hon. Algernon Serpent Watts has fulfilled his duty as a good citizen,whose life’s work in Antigua and Barbuda speaks to the character of the man. The tangible evidence is there to speak for him. What have you done to raise the standard boldly to answer to the call of dut, that has uplife your fellow brothers and sisters in Antigua? Other than kiss politicians asses for a pat on your back. Can anyone lord over your endeavors
    In your struggle in nation-building? When you choose to throw shades at anyone, ask yourself, Am I adequately qualified to walk in this person shoes?
    FYI, Hon. Algernon Serpent Watts, no drop from hollow tree, so check yourself and come again..

  11. Like Gaston Browne, I don’t know why anyone who is still taking Fitzroy seriously.

    You rarely here from he, and when you do it is only around General Elections or By-elections.

    It is obvious to anyone with any SENSE or even common SENSE, that Fitzroy is an ABLP affiliate, a member or High ranking official in the party.

    Thank goodness that autochthonous Antiguans can see through this duplicitous nonsense, and will NEVER be fooled EVER again.


    • I will tackle anybody on ANY subject on these ANR threads, but I have never taken Fitzroy mumblings, musings and mutterings seriously at all because he’s FAKE, he’s a PLANT and an ABLP operative. Clown 🤡

  12. Fitzroy, you need to read ‘The Thirteen Sins Of Gaston Browne Against The Labour Party’. I do believe that you have read it though.

  13. Gaston Browne,aka Fitzroy. Sometime ago I suggested to you to go on the upper level of George Washington Bridge and jump.It would do you some good when you hit that which is beneath it.

  14. RUM SHOP RADIO COLIN aka “Fitzroy.” Your intellect is lacking when it comes down to debating policy and laws in parliament!

    Did your GPA take a hit? It seems so! You nar flex dat no more.

    Hit the gym and get some training. Maybe and I am being liberal here. In 5 months with a clean diet you can grow arms like SHUGGY. The women will lub you!

    Tap eat rice pudden!!!

  15. Antigua is a wicked place. I recently saw a clipping with Sugy on ABS TV news. ABS do not give the opposition parliamentarians any sir time. However they found the time and space to show this nonsense. As an Antiguan I see this to be so distasteful. I am calling on every democracy minded Antigua to stand up against this foolishness. The lady that is managing the station should be ashamed of herself to be stooping so low. This is the nation’s television station so please do not use tax payers money as the PM Facebook page .

    • You still watching ABS, the POLITICAL arm of the ABLP @ Frankly Speaking?

      When they didn’t give the UPP members equal airtime in the run-up to the last General Election, that was it for me, and many other independent thinking Antiguans.

  16. Whoever this fitzroy is, trying to hide under the disguise of alp, please go back and tell that you na find serpent.

  17. Fitzroy you need to go to LEEP. What you ‘SEW’ is what you reap? I guess you and your PM ‘Pierre’ went to the same school. Learn to spell guys! Do you know these words ‘SOW’ and ‘PIER’. Check your dictionary.

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