LETTER: Samantha Marshall seems to be people’s choice


Dear Editor

Surprisingly the records are now showing that for this  by-election, Samantha Marshall may create an upset in the St. Mary’s  South constituency.

Of course, the constituents has accepted that Shuggy is charismatic but after reviewing his personal & professional track record, his credentials in their view, seems to be very unimpressive.

As a Ley preacher he has backslidden & FAILED his congregation miserably;
As a teacher he is yet to be honored as an outstanding teacher;
As a sports & cultural enthusiast he has not made a name for himself or accomplished any great feats and
As a potential politician he has been very deceptive & very deficient in presenting any applaudable ideas in parliament.

The SMS constituents have indicated that FAILURE, DECEPTION & DEFICIENCY are not in their vocab. Therefore they realized that selecting Shuggy whose track record is substandard, cannot & should not be considered to be their best choice.

According to my research, Samantha is not  the most admired politician. However, the constituents are now acknowledging that her personal & professional track record speak volumes.

Besides been one of Antigua’s top female lawyers, Samantha is a down to earth, eloquent and a people’s person who connects with the common man. She has successfully managed several gov’t ministries, thus using them as an instrument to transform many vulnerable lives throughout the nation & more so in her constituency.

In an effort to effectively serve the people, below is a list of programs that she has completed under her tenure so far:

1. She established a Financial Empowerment Centre that offers advisory and counseling services to the poor and indigent so that they can better manage their finances and also assist them in being able to focus on improving their living standards.

2. She established a Department of Social Policy Research assistance that collects accurate data for the purpose of better analyzing the intended targeted category of persons who are expected to benefit from the viability of such programs.

3. She established the Second Chance program to help the youth from the poor and vulnerable homes, who were unable to sit  CXC/CSE subjects are now given a Second Chance free of costs to sit subjects to either allow them to be able to obtain better employment or to allow them the opportunity to gain tertiary education at the UWI Five Isands campus. The classes are free and the costs of the exams are met by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda on the recommendation of the tutors.

4. She established a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) to provide initial interviews with the Police, examinations with the Doctor, and counseling services for the sexually assaulted women & girls.

5. She established a data program  to monitor reports of domestic violence or abuse.

6. She established the Home Advancement Program for the Poor and Indigent (HAPPI) was introduced to improve the living conditions of our vulnerable households. The program assisted persons to repair & rebuild their homes

7. She established a fire station with a brand new fire engine was opened within Johnsons Point Village so as to serve the Southern District to save properties but more importantly to save lives.

8. She established a hyperbaric chamber through the assistance of Calvin Ayre Foundation to save fishermen who would suffer any challenges in diving.

9. She established an upgrade of the clinic & police station within the constituency

10. She established a long lasting relationship with the sport groups and also sponsored the Sap football team along with other teams in her constituency

11. She ensured that water supply from APUA’s  Reverse Osmosis plant at Fryes is to its optimum within the constituency

12. She established Lands for ownership &  built a community centre to allow for more community interaction and services be provided to the constituents of St. Mary’s South

13. She has established arable lands for the farmers & an outlet to market their produce.




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    • I am yet to hear any objectivity from this Fitzroy. All that he highlighted were supposedly before the election and we know the outcome and since then she went missing until the announcement ot the by-election. You are fooling your followers in the same manner that your government is attempting to fool the nation. She will be disappearing again after the elections. Remember Gaston doesn’t want runners, only winners so we shall see how it plays out.

    • This CRAZY man always turns up if there’s some type of voting process going on, whether it’s a General Election or a by-election.

      Don’t worry yourself @ From The Sideline, I’m talking this time about your political bosom buddy Fitzroy 😂😂😂

      The Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon has really got the two of shook-up. Marvellous!


      • Furthermore, the constituents of St Mary’s South aren’t going to fall for HIT PIECE by Fitzroy (aka Gaston Browne or a prominent ABLP Minister).

        It didn’t work before in St Mary’s South, and it will NOT work again …


    • @Fitzroy:I told you to go onto the upper level of the George Washington Bridge and jump into the Hudson River below.Then tell us how it felt.

    • So why Samantha get so much blow 6 months ago? What has she done in the past 6 months to change people’s minds? Sorry, more blow for you!

  1. Wow wow wow Fitzroy you are a wet puss She lacks Credibility I will prove it to you at the right time I would present the facts my friend Max will be my witness the former Permanent secretary your former personal Secretary the Parish Priest now residing in the US

  2. Nice try Fitzroy.
    You are an imposter. Why ?
    This is no Letter to the Editor. It’s a politically crafted ABLP hit piece.
    Like most hit pieces; it is riddled with falsehoods and innuendoes which assumes the people of St Mary’s South can’t tell the difference.
    Disrespecting the intelligence of the people of St. Mary’s South is a loosing game for Samantha and the ABLP machinery

    • After carefully perusing Fitzroy’s socalled letter to the Editor, I have deduced that the writer is not a journalist, but a deceptive propagandist who is hell bent on winning an election for his “Matriarch” by any means necessary.
      My late professor and Director of the prestigious CARIMAC, at UWI, MONA, Kingston, Jamaica Dr Aggrey Browne, would describe this piece of writing as: “SWEET SOUNDING NOTHINGS LACKING OBJECTIVITY, ACCURACY AND INTEGRITY!” Need I Say More?
      Winston, I can’t agree with you more! You Hit The Nail On The Head!

  3. what has she done in all the years she has been there besides enriching herself? All of a sudden she is credible…really! She needs to be voted out and give young minds and energy the chance to make real changes.

  4. This fitzroy is a real real clown.

    He cannot live round south as I do.

    You will see that the majority of us do not want samantha. Just wait a few more weeks and you will see.

  5. Nice try Ron Saunders we are not all dumb. The political philosophy to keep Antiguans and Barbudans poor uneducated and dependent ain’t working with this one.
    Sitting in Washington DC you know what a NepoBaby is.
    Samantha is a nepotism baby.

  6. Samantha has what it takes…she will be going back in the lower house of parliament. St. Mary’s South need proper representation. Shuggy just na ready yet. He’s an embarrassment

    • Samantha should sign up for the show “The Biggest Loser.” Seriously she has a good chance, she already lose the seat, let’s see if she can lose the weight. She would gain a lot more respect.

  7. Samantha, established the air we breathe. She established the word established.She also established the word LAZY. The people of that Constituency would send her a”running” once and for all, this time around.

  8. The person who wrote this obviously has air between they ears and not a functioning brain. Comparing between someone who has had the MP position for the better part of a decade (Almost a DECADE) 2 gatdamn election cycles, with someone who got elected in January and resigned…… Y’all really think Antiguan people born backways and we can’t pick sense from none sense. Y’all send us young people away to go study 📚 and now we come back with lil education we are demanding more of or politicians. This isn’t granny and grandpa of last generation or the one before that, where the old politricks just work on them, you say a few fancy words sprinkle a few straw man arguments on top with a lil rhetoric and you pull the wool over our eyes. We don’t vote color anymore, we vote in our interests and when someone isn’t operating in our interests we vote them out. Samantha Marshall representing us in parliament isn’t your God given right, we the people give or take that away from you in this democratic system. The majority said they don’t want you the polls demonstrated that, but it seems your narcissistic personality is having trouble dealing with the fact that we the people have grown tired of you and chosen new representation. Rather than accept the will of the people you and your party rather look for back channels to get yourself installed. One begins to think if you have disregarded the voice of the people and still want to be MP who are you really serving? Yourself obviously. It really takes gall to continue pushing up yourself in a place where you are not wanted, and it’s kinda pathetic. This article speaks of your eloquence and education and grace, well learn to lose gracefully and accept that.

  9. hit piece and fkery mixed into one aka propaganda at its finest. why you so call journalist write facts for one and not some bs cause you getting a lil extra dolla for your dignity. no wonder why nobody tarl have respect for journos now a days

  10. All this jibber jabber. When the polls are open, go out and vote. Lest we forget, it’s not a one person vote and some one wins. Hundreds of people will vote and let the chips fall where they may. Many of us talk and talk and don’t ever go out to vote. If that is your stance, just hush or make the change. Tired of us as a nation.

    • Then leave @ Name if you can’t stand the political heat and DO NOT want better for the country.

      You say you “tired of us as a nation”

      Then STEP UP and have your say about a better leader and better governance. Simple really!

  11. Where are these so call centers of this and that located??? Bunch a líes. Shuggy all the way and I unlike you fitzroy can vote in SMS tek dat!!

  12. Another ass whooping for Samantha from Shuggy. How many people you have destroyed in Agriculture? Karma is a bitch it’s coming for you!!!

  13. Please speak truth. Samantha did not have anything to do with the fire station in Johnsons Point. That was done under the United Progressive Party.

  14. Gaslighting, using psychology to manipulate!

    The ALP minions are running scared so they have resorted to gaslighting the people of ANU. After they were called out for blatantly LYING about the HON.Algernon Watts middle finger, now this. We can all look forward to a barrage of LIES coming at us until the bi-election is over.

  15. A note to the author. Once a document contains lies, no matter how much truth it contains, the lies nullify the truths. Samantha did not establish the hyperbaric chamber, she was nowhere in this, Molwyn was. Also APUA has never been in Samantha’s portfolio and the Ffryes plant existed before her foray into politics. The HAPPI program was also not her brainchild, but that of Veldon Ragguette. I think you should just let the MP speak for herself and stop trying to assist. Always remember, news doesn’t just evaporate over time, it is archived. This piece sounds like someone had a conversation and just decided what sounded like fact. As far as Shuggy goes, if he did nothing wrong he didn’t need to resign and if he did, he shouldn’t be allowed to run again.

  16. Repetition makes things seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

  17. Such BS.
    Samantha: Shugy go bang you like one Road March! Can’t wait. Two bang off in one year!

  18. Samantha PROMISED to local residents last year right up to Jan 18th to help with a situation that she deemed a public health and safety issue. Her words were “it isn’t a political promise, it will be taken care of” – Samantha lied and let us down. I would never trust her word after the experience. However, Shuggy got right to it and within a matter of weeks progress was made.

  19. Propaganda at it’s best. Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon is who the people of SMS want to represent them in Parliament. They spoke loud in January and they will speak even louder when the Bi-election is called. We can’t be bought or fooled. A vote for Samonster is a vote for Gaston Browne and his failed and abusive ABLP. We need to get rid of all of them. Civil Servsnts waiting for their increase. SMS people waiting for water daily and pineapples to be planted in Cades Bay. Study that dunce Fitzroy!

  20. Well after 9 years of all this great work just to get beating by a so called novice, well what does that say about the losing candidate in Samantha?

    That’s the million dollar question Fitzroy, not unless you are calling the people of SMS dumb for voting for Shuggy?

    When you come up with a good point as to why she lost, then you can speak about her achievements, otherwise the people have already spoken load and clear, by 199 votes as a matter of fact.

    But hey, good luck with your writing career, because it’s lacking, the same way Samantha is lacking the heart and skills to bring real change to the people of SMS lives.

  21. I just want to go on record and say, this article is dumb. I wish my my party would do more to help the ppl of SMS, the people have it hard. We need more in the form of representation. All this back and forth on social media just to score points, and there is NOTHING going on in the constituency. And it’s all the “world boss” fault, he’s too greedy. The labor party needs to be rid of him. When the labor party didn’t give Ms Marshal and the constituency any funding to help the constituents it was Asot that helped us. And even though he tried to malign and sabotage him, Mr Michael he still helped us. Ms Marshal we love you but we can’t let that pompous brute continue to have his way. Only his family making money and eating big. Lunch is the only meal I have been eating for the past three days, that’s that’s because my workplace provides. It’s just tea I drink in the mornings and evenings. Cost of living high, light bill high, gas high, and they raise social security, omg it’s crazy man. I won’t ever vote for the upp, but I can’t in good conscience vote alp. We need a change. I’m sure your ppl will stand behind you if you run independent <3

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