LETTER: Sad Day For Military, Police


Dear Editor,

Please publish my letter in your widely read news column.

Open letter to the Commissioner of Police.

It’s a very sad day when police officers and soldiers are being charged with murder and this must not be taken lightly because two very important arms of the state with responsibilities to serve and protect are implicated in a murder and have now put the entire service into disrepute.

The question is Mr. Commissioner of Police, are you prepared to accept that there is certainly too much corruption in the police service? Question two; are you prepared in this your tenure as commissioner to it make your order of business to deal with corruption in the police service?

I will even take it a step further it is my view that you should sit with the Attorney General in short order to look into this very serious matter of corruption so this could form part of the legislative agenda, to take a bill to parliament that will bring tough laws to deal with corrupt police officers.

This is a very serious matter because this is a matter of integrity, this is matter to restore public confidence in the integrity of the police service. The people of Antigua and Barbuda have endured enough at the hands of police. Too often police officers abuse their powers against our citizens  and sometimes lock you up without proper evidence knowing that they cannot secure a conviction at the court, but they do that just to embarrass you and take you through a process then you hear case dismissed.

Sometimes it’s all because the other person involved is their friend, this need to stop now Mr. Commissioner. We the citizens are taken for granted we has given your service much support over the years to be treated like this. A next thing I have noticed is that too many times your police officers are getting involved in matters of civil nature just to help a friend but harassing the other party and sometimes even arrest them when civil matters must go to the civil court. Your police officers continue to waste government resources to constantly arrest people for nonsense then you hear case dismissed total waste of government resources these are serious matters. Mr. Commissioner and you need to look into them. Leadership really matters.

Remember a society is regulated by an inherent sense of justice.

Concern citizen.

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  1. The persons who supervised these young people are also culpable.

    Military and police discipline is the highest order.

    These young people should not be left on their own their supervisors has some responsibility also.

  2. Again, it’s time, for disbanding the Defense Force in its present form, by making better use its budget and personnel into…

    A… A well structured Coast Guard Unit.

    B…Adding Tactical teams, and surveillance to both the ONDCP & The RPFAB.

    C…Adding members to the Fire Brigade which must be removed from the RPFAB to become it’s own Department with better funding for equipments and training.

    In other news, this case was scheduled to happen. The Universal Law of Life, still speaks truth to facts….annah now, dem boomboo rattit wicked! Ask Rastaman bout dem, when dem ketch U, dey a bush! Blow no rass, dem man does say!

    Pompey, a wah guarne?
    Me dun kno, dat words a fly, lakkah bullit…
    Me wuddah, lub fu see, dat U incorporate, innah U writing’s, some ah fu time, as C.O.P., ’cause during, fu U time, all Tony and dem man dey, does cruel no rass dem say too!
    Me use to rock, innah, me Cousin Peter de Fisherman, chamile boat, wen r pan sea fu two days, and dem man a tell, story about Wicked Policeman!


  3. I heard the Police man is a trouble maker and loves to abuse his power. I hope they prosecute him at the full extent of the others

    They should all be punished

  4. Lots of police officers like to abuse powers it have one working in deputy commissioner office his last name is start with warner very pumpus and think he can order other police officer to do what he want lots of them accuse with all kind of crime and still getting promotion and me in the police service for over 20 years and they trying to keep me down

    I am asking the commissioner to open back investigation on some them clean up the police service it to corrupt they harrassing civilians for nothing sometimes.

    • Cell phones comes in handy!
      You can even purchase,(pen, button, belt, pins as body cameras for surveillance, to record evidence(s), of your accusations!
      Then, you are more apt, to receive help, support and sympathy from the General Public at large!

  5. Not one Antiguan protest the life of this man but his one or two family members. But all these Antiguans on social media promoting prtotesting and standing for black lives in America.

    I guess it’s only black lives in america matter and not black lives in Antigua.

    I guess the lives in Antigua aren’t shiny, pretty and foreign enough!
    There should be protest everyday outside the court rooms we should support the family

    Antigua police is corrupt and we need to demand safety and proper protocols on the police force. Clean up the police and defense force.

    Is a defense force or police person who kill and robbed at Dees service station.

    Let’s clean up Antigua man.. we all worried about America and Antigua have problems

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