LETTER: No ham and turkey for me them pass me house straight

Maria Browne

Dear Editor,

No ham and turkey for me them pass me house straight.

Maria Browne have some people working with she in rural east them not easy at all, them want everything for themselves and this happens every year.

I support Maria but she need more genuine real people around her if she is going to win.

Her secretariat is not kind at all and they’re not ready for the next level politics.

You call them about you ham and turkey and they words not kind Miss Maria I am telling you again they disgrace your efforts especially the short hair secretary. These people could cost you to lose the election.

When I listen Pointe FM I heard manhunt saying how you so nice easy going, humble and kind and we must support you and we want to but you need better foot soliders on the ground.

I have 6 votes in my house and we are all voting but please address the problem rural east need strong experience men on the ground.

Rural east voter.

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  1. So you write a letter and not instead seek a meeting? She can’t even contact you because you did not write your name. You really think she can take action against anyone based on a letter from someone who prefers to remain anonymous.

    • She made her point and kept it moving. Meeting for what??? I’m sure whomever wrote this letter is not the only one with this particular complaint…Maria is smart enough to know what to do

  2. Rural west is the same I have not received a ham or turkey but they are giving people that are not supporting them. That mek Gail go lose

  3. To hell with ham and turkey this is what they use all the time on us . We need Jobs that pays to live in this high cost of living country .People in minimum wage can’t survive on a salary in the country .Hotel workers getting advantage left and right and tourism is the main industry. We need to rise up from this same formula politician use every election. Economics is easy ..just empower people with skill education build back a middle class ..not just rich and poor .Wake up people

    • @Funny-Read prior comments by others and you will see you are wrong (re my identity) . By the way am i making a complaint that i wish to see action taken? Season greetings and happy new year to you and yours

  4. My God! Is this all we’re really worth? Ham and turkey? This is disturbing. We have grovelled for so long in poverty and begging, that a ham and turkey can decide a vote. Here’s hoping there are enough logical, free thinking, conscientious voters to eradicate this trend.

  5. Every year dem a give out ham and turkey certain ppl get but me na k. Dem can and never get my vote. Never see red come a me yard and dem better keep it so! This year ppl inna Hatton mussa dog to dem after all dem ppl tek wa dem want me see dem come round with only turkey.. alp na have no shame? I’m antiguan and r u na go use my tax money fu buy me! RED DEAD!!!! Ppl muss open dem eyes to wa alp do everytime… next level what? Poverty? Debt? Dictation? Teargas? Vaccine? Mistreatment? Time fu r u go… put back social security money so ppl can get dem benefits r u THIEVING GOVERNMENT!!!!!! Red dead!!!!

  6. It is people like you cause this country to be the way it is. A country’s governance should be based on ISSUES and not ham and turkey. Imagine you haven’t seen or felt your representative in the constituency for almost five years but you talking about ham and turkey. You have no pride or self worth. A good government would have assisted you to be in a position do that you could have been able to buy your own ham and turkey and not wait on hand-out. I am so sorry for people like you.

    • One man delivering the ham and turkey has so many in his freezer to last until next Christmas. He belly so long it almost touching the ground.

  7. To heck with your ham and turkey. Last year this poor woman in that constituency got two and she didn’t even have an oven to roast them. She ended up throwing one away and asking a neighbour to roast the other one. What people really need are jobs with decent wages to look after their families.


    All of you waiting with baited breathe for handouts THE GOVERNMENT DNT OWE YOU NOTHING

  9. She does not deserve a single vote. Get rid a she. As minister of lands she did crappola in office and got paid with our tax money.
    One word useless.!! Send her packing .

  10. Madam Maria ,my wife has great influence on my decision making. Do you have any influence on your husband’s decision making both as a wife and a member of his cabinet.
    As the granddaughter of the father of the nation , your husband aim is to surpass V.C..Bird . Please let him know that time and circumstances will never allow that. Please tell him that VC was a listener. Antigua people is tired of his bullying/ name calling . Tell him that the plane loads of Africans he is bringing here are going to be his downfall- our nation downfall.

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