LETTER: Removal Of Bars/Nightclubs From Residential Areas


Dear Editor,

Please Permit me the opportunity to express the frustration and disgust with the system that consistently abuse the ordinary people of this nation.

I listened to a news item on the morning of April 5th, 2022; where residents of a community voiced their outrage at the constant bombardment of loud music and explicit behaviour from a bar/nightclub.

The situation is not unique to just one locale in Antigua, but has become endemic in various communities.

The people who issue licenses to these establishments are basically a bunch of heartless individuals.  For  the sake of knowing better, how in the world would you allow such establishments (bar/nightclub) to operate in a residential area.

In the past, bars operated with very little or no music whatsoever. Today, it is different. They now function with the intent of attracting as many patrons as possible and music is one of the magnets that is utilized.

Along side the music is the heavy rate of alcoholic consumption, vile behaviour and illicit language.

To have the loud music blasting; permeating the atmosphere throughout the night, disturbing the residents and making it impossible to sleep; how could this be permissible?

Then there is the Tuesday night Karaoke.

The police do not intervene to stop these occurrences because in many instances they ( the law enforcement) have shared-ownership in such establishments; are regular patrons to these places or are close friends to the proprietors.

The situation has become dangerous. The patrons of these bars/nightclubs park their vehicles in front of residents’ driveways and pedestrian entrances. This should not be so at all.  Why would I want to park my vehicle in front of the residence of another person when I am actually visiting at another location.

In many instances senior persons reside in these areas and Heaven forbids that the emergency personnel (paramedics, etc) want to enter a residence to take in a wheel chair or stretcher).  Then one would have to locate the driver for vehicle blocking the gateway.  Disaster!

This is just not right. When will we become civilised in this country? When will the relevant authorities understand that they need to perform their duties in a professional and humane manner.

This cry has been loud and far too often now: from the people of Brown’s Avenue,  Ottos, Kentish Road and more.

When will the public servants work in the interest of the citizens and not just for a minority that is only concerned about having a temporary high.

Whenever I drive into a residential area and attempt to find parking space; I am always very careful not to park in front of anyone’ driveway or pedestrian gateway. It is just not suppose to happen.  You should always leave those areas clear for the residents of the area.

The people who go to these bars and nightclubs need to understand that is the way it should work. But no,  they are selfish. As Obsti said: “All of self and none for we”.

We need an end to this mess. The bars/nightclubs should be zoned; relocated into areas that are outside of residential areas.  The people who want to patronise them will always still find their way to them.

So please: whomsoever are responsible for issuing licenses to these establishment:  HAVE SOME CONSCIENCE. REMOVE THE NUISANCES FROM THE RESIDENTIAL AREAS.   WE NEED PEACE COMFORT IN OUR VILLAGES.

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  1. Yes, while visiting and happening to witness the same unbelievable faith I do understand what residence has been going through. The government should enforced fines on these venues who fail to observe a set time limit of 22:00 for noise abatement.

    • When you say “the government should enforced fine”, you really mean the police. Because the government can only pass laws, not enforce them. We have clear separation of powers in this country. It’s about time you guys learn that and keep it in your head.

      • From the End-lines: Could you tell me the name of the stuff you are drinking. You say,we have a separation of powers in this country.To which Country do you attributed that statement. In Antigua and Barbuda there are no separations of POWERS.Gaston Browne is in charged of all things Antigua and Barbuda.He tells the Police what and when to do it and they cow-tow.He is responsible to select a person to become the Commissioner of Police. So do not come on here and talk bull’s manure.Go and spread it else where.Keep on eating at that trough and drink that Gaston Browne,Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid.

    • A LETTER of the same complaint was written in ANR on January 23, 2022 concerning the Bar & night club operators not respecting the residents within the neighborhoods. Sad to say not a voice was heard from the authorities…. It appears as though if it does affect them, they give a damn. Is is fair that two ageable persons are seeking tranquility where they live on one of the side roads of Desouza Rd and nothing is being done?

    • How Ironic! A LETTER bearing the same content sbout Bars & night club operators was published by ANR on January 23, 2022. It is extremely sad that a voice from the authorities has not being heard……. Is it fair that 2 ageable persons (husband & wife) cannot get trans

  2. Wasn’t there the same fuss and commotion a few years ago, about the Xtreme nightclub, bar and restaurant in a residential area?

    But because of certain political links (those with prior knowledge know what I’m talking about), this situation was quietly swept under the carpet. Hmm!🤔


    • Where is that biz? I know of a gym named Xtreme not a nigh club. There are other biz in the same area eg WIOC, a few restaurants, hair salons

  3. What about the noisy so called churses in the neighborhood, it is so not fair, u get off work wanna rest, u have a sick shut in n all they do is disregard u in the name of somer church n most of them r so wicked n hypocrite

  4. These bars should not be allowed and given permit to operate in residential neighborhoods…
    Their is absolutely no sleeping and resting because of the loud music and carrying on…
    Something needs to be done..
    Also while you’re at it..how about the loud music coming from some cars..

  5. Zones like in Vegas , NYC , Toronto, South Beach, in the end BAR come and go then they Go !!! Nothing remains the same Life is a constance change. Strip clubs are not permitted but still they are here. Better $$$$ less bars check custom we bring in more Al Coe Hall( ing ) than Chicken and drink as much .FACTS

  6. Wonder if a passa passa bar can get approval in Hodges Bay or Crosbies?

    Poor people do not have the right to peaceful rest at night.

    • This is because most lands in those areas have covenants restricting what you can do. They also have strong community groups who especially pull together. They understand for eg the liquor licensing process and know they can lodge an objection ( interfering with the peace and tranquility)

      “The Licensing Magistrate shall hear any objection ~ ” , ‘ ; ; ~ ~ t ~ ~ n s
      to be made by the Commissioner of Police or any party and decide on
      against the granting of a licence or of a renewal of a licence application.
      to any person applying therefor, and may grant or refuse
      a certificate as hereinafter provided as he shall think fit.”

  7. I endorse this message 1000%.
    Something needs to be done. A person should be able to.enjoy being at home.
    Why dont they take the music to where they live. Why.
    In the middle of the week music is going until 4AM.

  8. The open mike and karaoke nights are THE WORST! But every night is a nuisance when the music is blasting past midnight and there is yelling and cars revving engines in front of the bar in our RESIDENTIAL neighborhood. Our family has to wake up early to get our child to school!

  9. It does not appear that the people in authority listen at all to the outcries of the affected people in these situations.
    The police and attorney general’s office seem not to care either.
    Over and over again, I have been hearing these cries for proper regulations to be administered on where these establishments are allowed to operate and restrictions on the music aspect.
    It is so sad indeed.
    I can assure you though that one day soon all these people will have to answer to the HIGHEST POWER OF ALL.

    We live in a sick world with the majority of the sick people not in any hospital, but outside. The order of the day is SELFISHNESS AND GREED!

    Do these people who visit these bars day and night to drink alcohol; ever for a moment consider how the drinking is affecting their health? Many drink to help conceal personal issues in their lives. Many families are robbed of true joy and peace because drinking has taken control of lives.
    Some are at the bars early in the morning, then at lunch time and then again at nights. Sometimes we wonder if these people have any occupations because they are seen at the bars all throughout the day.

    The system needs to educate the people about the dangerous effects of alcohol consumption. Recent studies have proven that Alcohol is one of the biggest risk factors for breast cancer. Yet we see so many of our ladies indulging in this terrible drinking habit.

    It is a disease. Yet, we do not hear our doctors or clergy crying out to people to stop this dangerous practise.
    The truth is: It sells. Bars are only intent on making money. Which bar owner will have a poster inside their establishment that advocates for the cessation of alcoholic consumption?

    Read the WHO article: https://www.euro.who.int/en/media-centre/sections/press-releases/2021/alcohol-is-one-of-the-biggest-risk-factors-for-breast-cancer

    Our people suffer not for lack of knowledge, but rather because of our evil nature that wants to do whatever pleases our sensations even when we know it is harmful.

    When the sickness comes on, then we run to the doctors for cures when we knew all too well before the preventative methods that should have been adhered to.

    This is how human nature is. Hell bent on doing evil…even to our own demise.

    The person who smokes or drinks is perfectly aware that the habit is DANGEROUS. Yet still the practise continues and then we cry when the sickness comes on, putting serious strain on our already terrible health care system.

    The point is: The bars will continue to serve and sell alcohol because the demand for it is MASSIVE. The people just want to feel happy. Not realising that happiness is a fleeting sensation.

    The people will continue to buy the liquor and drink their lives away.

    BUT WOE: One day soon. They will wish they would have heeded the call to shut the bars down and stop the alcoholic consumption.

    Too late will be the cry.

    The heart of man is sick to the core. It is only bent on destruction.
    We make the choice. We deal with the consequences.
    That is how life is.

    So drink your rum, boom your loud music, party away.

    Let us see your end.


  10. Same can be said about the damn churches everywhere but y’all not ready for this conversation so everyone must suffer.

  11. This us not right and should be stopped. Now someone made mention of churches , if the church is disturbing the same goes to them. However the churches do not run after 9pm and can be easily approached .

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