UPP Party Leader, Harold Lovell

Dear Editor,

I want to big up the UPP on a well put on political campaign and putting out the people first “caring” policies to the general public to put the current failing administration to shame and disgrace.

Gaston Browne is the most wicked, demonic, destructive, heartless, self-enrichment Prime Minister this country has ever seen. It’s a shame how this wicked, demonic government has run this country in the past 9 years they have been in office, the roads are in horrible shape mashing up people suspension on persons daily commute on length and breath of the country’s roadways (don’t talk about ALL SAINTS MAIN ROAD). The roads have never ever been in such a bad condition under any previous administration and the people of this country have sad back like little puppies and take this kind of unacceptable crap from this government. Overgrown shrubs on the side of the roads are a huge problem making the country look unsightly and scratching up persons vehicles which is unacceptable to pronounce we are a tourist country.


It’s a shame to see the condition of St John’s where every road is in horrible shape, the place stinks to high hell, the sidewalks have open holes which sometimes tourist falls into which should be closed, the building looks unkept and ran down. If we are an economic powerhouse, why is the country in such a horrible state? Street lighting throughout the length and breath of this country is horrible and Robin doesn’t care because around his house is well lit while the rest of us catching hell. Demonic Gaston promised in 14 days the water situation would be fixed, and 9 years after that pronouncement we are in worst shape since the demon made such a bold pronouncement. People need water which is a necessary for bathing, washing, moping, sanitation, construction etc. and these demonic people have their cistern while the rest of the country catching hell so they don’t care. It has been 3 weeks since I last got water and since the commissioning of the latest RO plant, I found that the water situation has gotten worst. Can you imagine! There is other citizen who have not had water longer than I mentioned above. Shame, shame, shame on these demons. These demons have got to go come Wednesday.


These demonic liars have said they can do nothing to bring down the cost of goods at the supermarket which is a huge LIE. Every single good imported into the country and attracts taxes of all sorts which are collected by the demonic LIARS we elected to office so how can they not ease the squeeze on the people of this country. The UPP explained well how they will reduce the taxes of certain goods that come into the country to ease the squeeze on the people of this country while the demons refuse because they collecting their big checks so it doesn’t affect them and they are enriching themselves and their cronies. The people of this country needs to research the price for a barrel of oil on the world market today and see for themselves the price is well, well below what is was before the war in Ukraine started and yet still these demons refuse to drop the price of gas to back to its original price it was before the war started. What a set of wicked, evil, demons.


Unemployment among the youth in this country is sky high, and this government has done nothing to address the issue of the sky-high unemployment. I can tell the people for fact that there are some demons in this failed administration when young girls and women come to them asking for work, theses demons are begging SEX from them trying to exploit the vulnerable situation of young girls and women. Tell me if these people aren’t demonic, if that isn’t well, I don’t know what is. The trick is to keep the people poor and vunerable, and when election time comes act like Kings and Queens and exploit the people. Sickening! On the issue of minimum wage these demons mean to tell the nation that $9.00 an hour is good enough. Thats the caring demons we elected. Shame, shame!


Never forget the 8/8/21 where this wicked, heartless and demonic government teargassed indiscriminately the people of this country for standing up for their rights and my body my choice mantra the people had in regards to the vaccine mandate which was pushed at the time causing persons to lose their jobs and threatening their jobs, threating school children to lose receiving their education if they did not get the jab. Pure wickedness! Remember what Asot said about demon and his corruption while in office, and the amount of money the demon took from the treasury, and if what Asot said wasn’t true how come up to this day the demon’s lawyers could not write to Asot suing for false defamatory statements. These people are just pure evil. People listen to the Colin James aka “tin tin” tape and tell me if these people aren’t demonic and corrupt beyond doubt.


Remember Barbudans the demon called you deracinated imbeciles, inbreeders, loafers etc. Remember he told Mr Knight he’s going to rob bank in his old age, and told lies on J’Truth when he went to Hodges Bay thank god, he was on Facebook live the whole time to prove the demon the liar he is. I hope the people know that the United States government is watching the human trafficking happening before our eyes extremely closely and they will soon revoke our visas if the investigation shows that the Africans coming here are being brought to be trafficked into the United States border in Texas/Mexico.


Where has the 2 billion dollars in CIP gone? The new UPP government needs to investigate where this money went, the head demons newly gained well since coming into office in 2014, and millionaire status of the other demons in the government. The 30+ failed projects which this demonic government has failed to get off the ground since 2014 to current, has all the investors decided to pull out because of this demonic government’s corruption. The demonic party has ordered 293 Toyota Vitz that arrived yesterday at the Port to bribe people while pensioners, government workers and other persons these demons owe can’t get paid. People it’s time to wake up smell the coffee and vote their demonic asses out of office.


We the people are totally fed up of this demonic government led by the head demon himself with the volatile, disrespectful behaviour along with the false promises. Get out early Wednesday morning and vote these wicked, evil, demonic, old dinosaurs out of office so that the country and breathe again. One wicked set of demons them be. It’s time to turn the place Blue, to the new UPP and let the country breathe again and fix the country from the economic, social and infrastructural mess they will inherit. The redeem team is ready to work and put this country back on the right track.


#Red Dead

#Get Rid of Them

#Vote Them Out!

#See You at Polls on Wednesday

# We Voting the UPP

#Harold Lovell will be the next PM


Sherry Joseph

Fed Up Antiguan

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  1. All facts. this place is a mess. 9 years in office and nothing to show for it. my grandparents had more water supply and they had to go to a well with buckets. vote these blood sucking mosquitos out.

  2. Well said @ Sherry Joseph.

    You have covered most of the issues that we are all so disappointed with Gaston Browne’s governance.

    When you mention about the state and the awful STENCH of town i agree with you wholeheartedly, it’s embarrassing – and how do the DISABLED, BLIND and the VISUALLY IMPAIRED get around?

    Thank you for informing, highlighting and reminding us all of ABLP’S out of touch governance … 👏

    • Well not that I am picking side BUT….it was the same UPP government that spent/wasted millions of dollars on sidewalks contacts for them to build the nonsense that we are walking on/falling into now. It was also the contractor(s) that left the form boards under the structure that now they have rotted and falling in and is now blocking the flow of water.

      Yes government is continuous and ABLP should’ve held the contractor accountable but I am still on the fence as to who to vote for as both parties in my opinion is just useless and inept.

      • I’m not necessarily disagreeing with @ Both sides of the coin.

        However, even you must agree that when you look at the time in office of the ABLP (Birdism & Browneism), of 50 long years to sort out the infrastructure, not only of Town, but also the country as a whole – other countries have done it in half the time!

        Now compare this with the UPP’S ten years of governance.


        You are absolutely correct about the lack of due diligence with contractors though.

        Enjoy your day 👍

        • @ My Friend BRIXTONIAN. I ordered a shipment of SMELLING SALTS for My FRIENDS BRIXTONIAN , CHARLES TABOR and All the other UPP Candidates for the January 18 2023. The following is the reason.

          Results of 2023 Election in Antigua / Barbuda .

          ABLP win all 17 SEATS

          UPP ZERO SEAT ( Candidates lose Deposits )


          BPM ZERO SEAT



      • @ Both sides of the coin


        Anyone who has lived in this country for the past 9 years and say both parties are the same is a SUPPORTER OF THE ABLP.

    • @ My Friend BRIXTONIAN. I ordered a shipment of SMELLING SALTS for My FRIENDS BRIXTONIAN , CHARLES TABOR and All the other UPP Candidates for the January 18 2023. The following is the reason.

      Results of 2023 Election in Antigua / Barbuda .

      ABLP win all 17 SEATS

      UPP ZERO SEAT ( Candidates lose Deposits )





  3. That dem suppose fuh study! For 5 years nobody see them, now they trying to bribe left and right round the place! Sick o dem!

  4. If loveLIE can put one bankrupt…one alleged rapist and one murderer pan one slate …what will he not do?

    desperate. sick. IMF puppet

  5. The biggest thing for me is this. If the infrastructure problems were not fixed, and all the monies that were taken in, where did the money go, and how are all these Minister’s so rich? That’s the million dollar question for me in all this ” none fixing”. Any wise Antiguan could answer that for me please. Thanks.

  6. @Hmmmmm, Gaston alone, destroyed the country. 99% of the people struggling to keep their heads above water……(Well, if we had any) While Gaston and his family bleeding the country. His actions are too blatant. If you go thief be discreet. He has overstayed his welcome. By the way, since you bring up the subject, what happened to Nigel Christian? Where is the justice? TELL GASTON DICTATOR BROWNE FE GUH WAY.

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