LETTER: Rape, shootings, and robberies- Jamaican style


Dear Editor,

I am writing to address a concerning issue that demands our attention.

It is essential to acknowledge the undeniable correlation between an increase in specific criminal activities and the presence of Jamaican migrants.

While some may find it difficult to accept this truth, deep down, many are aware of its validity.

However, denying this reality when it reaches our own neighborhoods will be too late. Wherever Jamaicans have migrated in significant numbers, there has been a noticeable surge in three areas of criminal activity: rapes, armed robberies, and shootings.

I challenge any Jamaican to dispute this claim. Antigua and Barbuda currently hosts over 12,000 Jamaican migrants in a population of just 100,000.

The unfortunate reality is that the Jamaicans who come here tend to be of the most undesirable kind.

They often hail from the impoverished areas, possess criminal records, lack proper manners, and display thuggish behavior.

Let’s be honest, people. Let’s face the truth. We cannot expect individuals from prestigious institutions like Champion College or Upper St. Andrew to migrate here.

Antigua does not attract wealthy Chinese or whites who dominate businesses in Jamaica. We certainly don’t draw individuals from the educated class or good backgrounds. Antigua’s reality is different.

When individuals express views like these, they are quickly labeled as “xenophobic.”

However, one should inquire about the reasons why the people of Cayman do not welcome them, why the UK authorities impose visa restrictions on Jamaicans, or why a higher number of Jamaicans end up in US jails compared to other CARICOM nationals.

We cannot continue to pretend that the increase in rapes, armed robberies, and shootings is not directly linked to the Jamaican population.

It appears that we have adopted more than just reggae music from Jamaica; we have also embraced a culture that glorifies guns.

Furthermore, these crimes are becoming increasingly audacious.

We now witness women being raped in broad daylight, and it won’t be long before armed vehicles are attacked by thugs wielding superior firepower than the police. Do you still cherish Jamaicans and their culture? Well, be prepared for a rude awakening, as Peanut Dread would say.

Antigua, it is regrettable that our fate has been sealed. Our downfall is imminent. Soon, we may all be forced to leave, but bear in mind that escaping the influence of Jamaicans, or “yardies” as they are called, is no easy task—they are everywhere. Yours sincerely, Born Antiguan


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  1. How much jamaicans in 1735 for rape eeh too f*cking brite,so if jamaicans doing it and not been caught waste of time paying the f**king police and soldiers the time weh unu have the soldiers dem pon camp doing nothing put dem out pon the street a night time

    • There are absolutely no stats to support what the author has expressed. Most of the crimes, petty and or otherwise, that have been prosecuted in our courts over the past years, have been committed by Antiguan nationals and this evidence is available. I, for one, don’t celebrate the culture but we must acknowledge that Jamaicans are not the only people living on Antigua.

      • @Rovi, Yes, they maybe Antiguan born but their parents are Jamaicans native. A lot of Antiguans born take rap for Jamaican that committed a crime because of being threatened. Yes, we have native Antiguans and Barbudans that committed crimes but their influencer are Jamaicans.
        I am a born Antiguan, my parents and grandparents, and great grandparents are born Antiguans too. My Antigua roots go deep as far as I as know. Growing up in the late sixties, seventies and eighties, Antigua never experienced much criminal activities until the large flocks of Jamaicans began to migrate into Antigua in the nineties. We always have Syrian and other citizens living among for decade. We could walk the roadway and bush path without being rape, rob or kill. The criminal behavior that we are experiencing now it is a Jamaican culture that happens in Jamaica every day.

    • So true. more Antiguans go and are in jail for gun,rape and shooting,murder, theft,robberies than Jamaican.. check it out. The criminals are from all over the Caribbean mix-up. But Antiguans criminals dominate their actions there who wilder than an Antiguan in Antigua all men and children they rape. So take it from me Jamaicans are the least of them problem

  2. I have visited this island many times and it wasn’t until I joined this group that I realized how violent the island can be. I never, ever would have thought that, but reading all these articles about rape, gun violence and robberies is disgusting. Based on these articles I may not set foot on this beautiful island again. It’s sad but you are going to scare off the industry that makes the island money.

    • Well last month just saw the most tourists visiting Antigua in the month of April in its history. If you can not be discerning and put things into perspective I hope you enjoy your vacation somewhere else. But Antigua is still the safest place in CARICOM.

  3. How much jamaicans in 1735 for rape eeh too f**king brite,so if jamaicans doing it and not been caught waste of time paying the f**king police and soldiers the time weh unu have the soldiers dem pon camp doing nothing put dem out pon the street a night time

  4. Write a letter to Lester Bird at the cemetery..He is the one who started the exodus to gain Votes in the 90s.What Corrupt Labor Government sew that’s what Beautiful Antigua Rips.

  5. I can agree that many of the undesirable people from other countries come to Antigua and tear down Antigua but Antiguans have to hold accountability for their own people criminal actions. There are many Antiguan young men out there trying to compete with these criminals from other nationalities. Antigua will suffer its consequences by accepting people without doing criminal background checks. As a country that rely on tourism we will suffer when tourists refuse to come here because of the criminal elements.

  6. Me hate ppl dey lakka this don’t travel from antigua to know 😤 nothing Jamaicans are not the only nations living in antigua and barbuda Jamaican crimes are not like what we currently seeing in antigua its so ashamed to see ppl pointing fingers at other nation for crime when the police know these criminals and do nothing most crime is done by unemployment antiguan young men check that and see

  7. What views is this person expressing??????
    ANTIGUANS are famous. For rape an robbing
    So what Jamaicans has to do with it kmt its not views ur discriminating

  8. Why has this article been published. I am a proud Jamaican, living here for the past 18 years. I migrated from “Upper St. Andrew” Norbrook Acres to be exact. I attended Wolmer’s High School for boys, and furthered my education here at Antigua & Barbuda International Institute of Technology. I currently have no police record, and own several legitimate businesses in Antigua. Based on all that has been said in this article, I am a contradiction. Non the less, I know quite a few Jamaicans here whom are well established business owners, like myself, and goods upstanding citizens of this country. Why are we being blamed for the recent uptick in crime? If you are to check the jails, are the majority Jamaicans? If you are to go to the police records, are the majority of offenders Jamaicans? Why are we always labeled as the culprits for crime? I am not saying that we are all innocent, but we all certainly shouldn’t be labeled as guilty. And if we should, then certainly, so should you. I know Antiguans who are known drug dealers. I know of Antiguans whom are convicted murderers. I know antiguans whom are impoverished, whom are uneducated, whom have migrated for better. I know of Antiguans that have been deported for criminal activities in the United States. I know, just like you. So why aren’t they being labeled in your article? Is it because they are from here and we aren’t? What exactly makes us different?

  9. This is so as annoying I came here to live from England with my husband an I was rob two times by ANTIGUANS,I believe this is not fair because 99% of criminals in prison are Antiguans nationals so an half the crimes committed here or by ANTIGUANS Nationals. So I dnt believe pointing fingers at someone else country is right way to express ur feelings do not blame others because of what your fellow nations doing.
    Have you sit an analyse the person who committed crimes who have been caught they are Antigua’s nations.I understand ur concern for ur country but cste how you blame ithers

  10. I’m just sick of the BS. Stop casting aspersions and laying blame. How many of the gun toting criminals and bandits caught have been Jamaicans? How many of the convicted rapists are Jamaicans? How many of the armed robberies perpetrated against visitors, citizens and most recently the business places are done by Jamaicans, or any other non-nationals residing in Antigua and Barbuda for that matter? I’m a ‘non-national’ residing in Antigua for the past 30 years and have some of the most heinous crimes such as murders, slayings, robberies under arms, rapes and a host of other violet crimes against humanity, and I’ve heard Antiguans say that Antiguans don’t do those types of crimes, but when the perpetrators are caught, low and behold, they are Antiguans. I’m not for one moment suggesting that non Antiguans are not among the criminal elements in our society, I know it’s a fact, but to single out the Jamaicans as the bad element in a nation that is losing it’s way, if not already lost, is grossly unfair. If for argument sake any of the criminal activity goings-on in Antigua is proven to be of any nationality other than the locals, when caught and made to do the time, such individuals should be deported forthwith along with any ties they have in the country.

  11. Who wrote this trash? Look at the heart of our issues in Antigua, is lack of proper parenting. While the writer attacks Jamaican’s immigrants, he seems ignorant of the great contributions said immigrants have made to A&B (Among the founders of ACB were jmaiacan immigrants, Among the founders of A&B were Jamaican immigrants ). VC Bird will tell you that it was Marcus Garvey’s visit ( THE POWER OF MAN TO SAFE HIMSELF) that helped change the course of VC’s life.

    • Jamaicans are shooting up the place in 2023 and Tenman talking ‘bout Marcus Garvey? Tell dem criminals to go to Liberia with Marcus Garvey; we don’t want them here. Dr. Wynter et al were educated man; these criminals never darkened the hall of any university.

  12. There is some truth in what the writer conveyed. The situation with the worst of the worst that our Caribbean neighbors has to offer migrating to Antigua was/is so prevalent that even the antagonist, a natural born killer, in the Jamaican cult classic Third World Cop was offered a new identity and an Antiguan Passport. Fact seldom strays far from fiction; script writers are very well-informed individuals and I doubt they randomly pulled a name out of a black hat.

    As one commenter stated the blame lies solely at the feet of the former Prime Minister, Lester Bird and the ALP government, the chickens have come home to roost. Former members of the Italian Mafia have mentioned Antigua’s corrupt ALP government in their memoirs and how they were able to transport cocaine in suitcases on international flights during the height of the cocaine era. Reap what you sow, one cannot sow corn and expect tomatoes.

  13. It’s funny how I’m responding to this when only a few hours prior I was gonna praise Antigua for being safe from murders and gun violence but plagued with robberies and rapes.
    Sadly, Antigua has ALWAYS been plagued with rape crimes. Some men here see women as a piece of meat ready to be consumed regardless of age, size or nationality. That’s always seen as a huge issue for me.
    It’s always the most unintelligent people who’s limited brain can think this far, that cast blames and point fingers instead of looking at the big picture.
    Jamaicans worldwide have grown thick skins because as Buju Banton says EVERYTING WHE GWAAN A FARIN A DI YAADIE GET DI BLAME.
    To the writer: do you homework. 1. Rape in Jamaica is minimal
    2. present correct stats from the 1735
    3.Every successful bisiness in Antigua has a prominent Jamaican in senior management position to include ACB, FCIB, VC BIRD, Maritime, ABS, UWI just to name a few.
    Food for thought. Smh

    • You must be on crack! Tek your pickney head criminal dem and go back to Jamaica and leave Antigua in peace.

    • While I agree that there are educated, hardworking, honest Jamaicans making positive contributions to Antiguan life from every social class, I beg to differ regarding the prevalence of Jamaican criminality both here in Antigua AND in Jamaica. I consume news online from almost every Caricom island daily, and the stories emanating from Jamaica are heartbreaking. The Gleaner tells of the rape and murder of Jamaican girls and women daily. Yesterday, I was distressed to learn of the recent rape and murder of a 7 year old girl. I will not speculate about the nationality of the sub-human young men who raped a woman in broad daylight not far from the Epicurean supermarket, as that would be pointless, but let’s not whitewash the true picture of the crime stats in Jamaica to serve our individual narratives.

  14. The writer is 100% correct, but it’s too late. Indigenous Antiguans have been asleep for the past 30 years. The chickens are now coming home to roost. Sir George tried to warn Antigua people to no avail 50 years ago. This will end very badly for indigenous Antiguans and foreign criminal underclass imported by the ALP.

  15. Lester Bird is Gone, if we are going to point fingers let’s go back further to the creation of the free movement of people in the Treaty of Chagauramus….. there are provisions in this treaty that would have denied entry into any caricom country of anyone with a criminal record….. successive administration’s have and still is today failing the rights of the the citizens of fthe host country. I have cousins that are in jails in the US and they were deported…. Why aren’t we deporting these criminals that we celebrate? If they were deported then we would have less crime??? I highly doubt that, to many of the crimes that we are seeing is not from Jamaica or its diaspora here…. to many of our youth are getting caught up and we tend to try to blame other cultures for our negligence!!! While I will admit that certain crimes are closely related to certain cultures we just cannot use a broad brush and paint one country…. we are also to be blamed for not writing and bombarding our parliamentarians for them to put the Criminal Website into operation just like we jumped on to interpol and other treaties that favor the larger countries….. Wake up Antigua and Barbuda where ever there is development there is an increase in nefarious activities….

    • Majority of these youth that are committing the crimes, their parents are either Jamaicans and Guyanese. Notice: Majority of them are born Antiguans but Jamaican parents. We have a slack immigration system so criminals always ended up in Antigua by plane or boat.

  16. The problem is that the labour government opened the doors wide for all kinds of people to come into the country. They have no clue who these people are. All the government does is offer amnesty to the illegals at election time. Blame Gaston and Cutie for a lot of the crimes in Antigua. They don’t care about Antigua, just staying in power by any means. Until the young people can find employment, no more immigrants should be allowed in the country.
    A lot of single women have children who are out of control, especially the boys. When you are brought up in an environment with no values, you pass these to your children.
    The first immigrants from Guyana were professionals, like nurses and teachers. Then the labour government threw the gates wide open for all the criminals to come in. Watch the Guyanese news and see all the murders and gun violence on a daily basis.
    For the people defending Jamaicans, well and good. But these people would not go into some neighbourhoods in Jamaica. Jamaicans are mostly beautiful honest people but you can’t escape the fact that there is a large percentage of criminals in Jamaica. A lot of these criminals migrate to other countries and cause havoc.
    The government likes to brand people who speak out UPP haters of non nationals. All Antiguans, natives and non natives should be worried about the level of crime in Antigua. People know the criminals and should report them to the police as it is only a matter of time before the criminals attack you. Notice that the majority of the crimes are in areas with a significant non native population.
    As a previous writer stated, if the criminal activities are not brought under control, Antiguans may have to migrate and leave the country to the criminals.

  17. The Jamaicans and Guyanese began to flock in their numbers into Antigua in the nineties. Since then Antigua has changed with the crime rate escalating higher and higher every year. Even some of their offspring who are born here to have their bad blood running through their veins.

  18. I do find the author extremely IRRESPONSIBLE and RECKLESS in his unsubstantiated, hate-baited comments.
    Without any data, facts or empirical evidence, he concludes that most of the crimes are committed by Jamaicans.
    Yes. There are Jamaicans in jail for all the serious crimes. One was recently given a “slap-on-the-wrist” sentence for slaying his girlfriend, (after a previous failed attempt) and attempted murder of her child or brother. There are some incarcerated for non-violent crimes like weed trafficking. However, the Police have never said that they believe Jamaicans were mainly responsible for the spate of crimes.
    Nonetheless … unless the perpetrators are caught and their identities ascertained, no sensible person would publish such a controversial letter.
    I guess a scapegoat is being sought-after, and the Jamaicans are the “low hanging fruit”.

  19. Lets be clear , “A Jamaican” ! Most of you were in fact trafficked here to gain an unfair advantage politically by the then and currently ruling ALP/ABLP; to counter the ever increasing disillusionment of natural born Antiguans to them. It has been previously and factually stated, that “yardies” are now more than 10% of our population. On the face of it, the population of “1735” may well appear to be Antiguans; but upon closer inspection of the Sir Names, it will be discovered that they are in fact Jamaican and or Guyanese decent. Further, with the revolving door of quick residency and naturalization (and the passport racket) it is now difficult to discern who is whom.
    There are now Jamaican criminals presenting at foreign borders as Antiguans. (Ask “Cutie”, who endorsed a Jamaican criminal as an Antiguan citizen who had been reposing in the cemetery for many years).
    i was privilege some years ago to view a film of Jamaican origin, titled “Third World cop”. In this story, it was intimated that plea deal criminals are often granted a a fresh start and protection status in Antigua. Still, with the poor understanding of U.s. border authorities of the Caribbean ( their inherent bigotry with poor knowledge of Caribbean geography) often deport them erroneously to Antigua; where upon, they corruptly obtain new Antiguan credentials an return apparently legally to the country from which they were previously ejected.

      • Your choice of words show what kind of person you are,but only in antigua can foreigners come and disrespect the native born people everyday,go to the U.S.Virgin Islands and try saying something like that,you would end up in a bodybag,but here in Antigua “no pasa nada”

    • @Oracle
      Once deported they can’t get back in the US as all non American citizen are fingerprinted when deported and all non American citizens, with very few exceptions, are fingerprinted when entering.

  20. It’s not other nationality are politicians. You just have antiguan criminals you have to deal. It’s not just now those antiguan in jail from in the 90s and high rankings police can tell you too

  21. Wow now Jamaican becomes the thief on the cross.time to start throwing stones ,,,duck weh you run fa

  22. There is a problem which was born out of a #nexus many, many, many #Mami_Wata moon cycles ago, conjoined with the heat of the Son of Papa_Elegba.

    There’s enough blame to go around, unfortunately, the #Blame_Game, to the #Scapegoat will not solve the problems.
    This present #Crime_Wave is like, A Perfect Crime Storm, set in motion decades ago, by both #white_Collar and #Blue_Collar Crimes and the successful subsidiaries.

    There are criminal elements within #All NATIONALITIES, that have made up the culture and fabric of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA. The Caucasians, the Africans, the Asians, the Middle Easterners, to the South American’s, Dominicanoes, etc. Etcetera, etc. X-set-Ah-Rah!

    The SOLUTION lies with All, but presently more so, those that are looking at all of the variables, in the SOLUTION EQUATION. By those, I’m referring to NGO’s, the COMMUNITY, YOU, the Government, the private sector, #ALL will have to transparent, honest and forthcoming with our solutions, because there are solutions available to mitigate these criminals and their activities.

    Action, as in Act now, not react as in cry/shed crocodile tears.

    Again, yet again, and again, because of the size, topography, infrastructural layout(main roads, subdivision, etc., well placed CCTV cameras(solar powered) can be linked and monitored, by emergency personnel, to track people’s movements. Yes, some will cry invasion of privacy, but which do you prefer, criminal invasions with weapons or a few public photos shots of you in public.

    As an incentive, the Government, can sharply reduce the cost of ring cameras, with reduced services from INET. These are very linkable in neighborhoods, in real time. Get real, get serious, you have no other choice other than, giving in.
    The only tired which Antiguans should be tired, is tired of giving in to their own folly!

    Jumbee Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  23. The labor party would never concede that most of the criminal activity is committed by non nationals, you know why??
    Cause they depend on the vote come election time..
    The government does not want to push this narrative for fear of the backlash!!
    It is my opinion that most of these crimes are being committed by people who are not from antigua or by antiguan parentage.
    We should not white wash it and tackle the issue with vigor…
    Immigration is good and bad.
    They come to work and bring they culture also!!

  24. Jamaicans have a problem accepting the truth and factual information…but they will readily embrace flattery and delusional agreement. Its in their DNA! 😥

  25. The World : The sky is BLUE
    Jamaicans : BLUE…I find that word disgusting…you should say COBALT, maybe you don’t like skies. And who are you to talk about the sky anyway, “Are you a Pilot?” You just can’t make this sh%t up. 😥

  26. Jamaicans are #1 Deflectors…you place the goal posts here, they keep shifting it to appease their pathetic appraisals. 😥

  27. well…..Richard Lewis u sarl. UPP elites want to see the end of you. The lipstick hog support loveLIE instead of you just because Richard Lewis wife is a J-A-M-A-I-C-A-N

    so what if Richard wife is a YARDEE????



  28. I endorse this letter 100%.

    Thanks to Special Security for fueling the mass migration from the St Catherine Parish.

    Take a look at down town St John’s and its environs, it’s the Jamaicans that have our country looking like the Jamaican market.

    Who are the entertainers in all the strip clubs and parading on the corners of Pope’s head Street?

    Who is fueling the bleaching culture?

    It’s time to limit the amount of Jamaicans that remain on island.
    Jamaica is happy to export these citizens because it helps to keep down their crime rate and they facilitate by giving them clean police records.

    Jamaica is pushing the CSME free movement agenda to export its criminal elements. That’s why of all the CARICOM countries Jamaica is the only one celebrating the ABLP no work permit fee.

    ABLP fault a dem cause um

    • Well said,I dont have a problem with concious jamaicans,but the lowlife dancehall culture,no,we dont need that here,antiguan youth are easily influenced an drawn in to that culture,there are good people from jamaica,so Iam not blaming all of them

  29. So the PM brother that was convicted of raping a minor n as it has been alleged that his lifestyle parents are JAMAICANS? I never knew that the PM have JAMAICANS roots!!! Well well everyday we learn.
    I didn’t know born Antigan Bulgani ANU serial rapist in his time that find pleasure in violating nurses and doctors mostly going to n coming from work at Holberton was a Jamaican.

    Best to my knowledge there is not one Jamaican immigration or custom officer at our sea n airport, Smith n weston doesn’t have an outlet in ANU but yet still guns are flooding the streets I didn’t know Jamaicans has the licenses to manufact n distribut guns in Antigua.

    🍔 a born Antigens who had to acquire a US visa to travel to the state just as a Jamaican requires the same to travel got deported back to ANU not JA allegedly wiped out his entire family is he a Jamaican? Ooo I 4get he has Jamaican parents

    Those law enforcement personnel that allegedly robbed n kill a certain individual at a certain gas station are they Jamaican?
    Best to my knowledge there are no Jamaicans in the police or defense force.

    These rapist n murder we have in our constituency representing us in parliament that are draining our lives slowly are they Jamaicans?

    The time we take to teardown, criticized, bash n lambasted others we would do some introspect admit our fault and seek out ways to fix.

    The same countries Jamaicans requires visa to visit Antiguans requires the same excluded for England n we all know the reason for that.

    The world is coming to an end the Bible is being fulfilled and we allow ourselves to be a part of this fulfillment in a negative way. We sell our souls we offer sacrifices to evil gods to gain Fame popularity money and status and now we’re reaping the reward of the seed we sow we are blaming others may God have mercy on our souls and Country

  30. I’ve listened to Calypso and soca all my life, and I’ve never heard a soca or Calypso promoting or advocating for violence in any of its songs, never. Listen to reggae music and one can simply understand what the author is talking about when it comes to the gun violence that is so easily perpetrated by some cultures. You are what you are, from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. If some of you are saying that the garbage that spews out of the mouth of most of the reggae artist right now in Jamaica and have been happily adapted by some of the smaller islands, that it has nothing to do with gun violence in the Caribbean, are either too blind or are just down right complicit in some of these crimes. It is of a fact that the Jamaican culture glorifies guns, it’s all in their music, so I don’t know why we all up in arms with this author about this fact. I live in the states for the past 30yrs, where as a citizen I can go into any gun store and buy any amount of guns I want, and I’ve never held a gun, fired a gun or even buy a gun for someone, so yes some cultures are honed by its politics, and Jamaica’s politics is well known for being settle with wicked violence (facts) so stop acting like this author is talking nonsense. You are what you are, and Jamaican culture on a whole is a violent culture, from the head politician to the lowest dog. I have Jamaican friends, and many of them would be very honest and tell you the same, it’s just a matter of time for this to happen across Jamaica and to the lower Caribbean, especially to how influential this garbage reggae music has illiterate the younger society of today.

  31. U all stop the bs this shit should never publish me a🇦🇬 an 90%🇦🇬 shit head are luv fallow

  32. Everyone has the right to their opinions, but the media has to be responsible with what they publish.

  33. @Tenman … I seldom agree with you and the other crumb snatchers. But even a broken clock is right twice per day. We can not broad-brush and taint each and every Jamaican.
    One needs to look at the history and the facts. The UK suggested a West Indian Federation to Caribbean leaders. It was formed and initiated but the Jamaicans destroyed even though it was agreed that the leadership would rotate, for they did not like Antigua and Barbados would initially take the lead. Sparrow sang about it before reggae became a thing.
    The Jamaicans said they will not be led by small islands, so they are out. Trinidad said one from ten leaves bought. And that was the end of the West Indian Federation
    Jamaica went on to have the Garrisons in politics led by the gangs . The gangs were criminal enterprises many are still headed by Dons.
    We today attract the lowest of the low and the remnants of the garrison gangs.
    The doors to mass migration from Jamaica was opened by Lester Bird and his strategic political advisor.
    That person remains on the payroll who now advises Gaston and ABLP continuing with philosophy to keep power ABLP has to keep the Antiguan and Barbudans poor stupid and needy. Give the migrant an easy path to citizenship and they will vote ABLP
    That policy crafted by an individual who is not Antiguan extends to inviting in the lowest of the low from across the Caribbean, and their margins will keep ABLP in power

  34. On any given workday take a Ferry to or from Barbuda, 75% of the passengers are Jamaicans; the remainder are from other Caribbean islands, working at PLH
    I rode and sat with a set of them on Leeward Express; approximately 6 just last week and engage them. They informed me they were all Jamaicans and rig (large trucks) drivers. I found out in Jamaica there are 3 specific driving schools for certification of large rigs and machinery operators.
    Barbadians are a small minority traveling on the Ferries these days
    Many of Caribbean workers have found accommodation in and around Codrington.
    I would guess there are as many non Barbudans living in and around Codrington than Codrington. My guess dies not include the work camp on the PLH site.
    So at the end of the days Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals have been invited in for political reasons and those who benefit encourage it.

  35. In fact my past time is to make acquaintances and ask questions. My opinions are crafted by informed facts.
    The Jamaicans like some Africans (Nigerian and Ghanaians) people speak load. Quite often they have not sense of appropriateness, never recognizing others personal space or need for peace of mind. They are proud of bring rambunctious. While away from Antigua and Barbuda. I mentioned to a Jamaican that there are a large number of Jamaican in Antigua and Barbuda. His response “Jamaicans runs the world, they take over where ever they go”
    Another told me he wants to go to Antigua he hears it’s a nice place. You can make a living selling and Antiguans don’t know how yo sell.
    It tells me there is a different mind set and and a culture with which Antiguans Barbudans are not familiar and they better be ready for it’s what the politicians and elite wants

  36. Now turning from the Jamaicans.. There is a failure in parenting, there is a failure in education, there is a failure in law enforcement, there is a failure in the judiciary, there is a failure organized religion, their is a failure in the media, and their is a failure in the political system.
    Crime will continue to spiral unless each entity mentioned step up individually and as a group to address and solve the crime problem.
    Children are not born by artificial insemination in Antigua and Barbuda. DNA can easily prove who the parents are and they should be held accountable for the actions of their underage children.
    The Board of Education is in the stone ages. The clowns that runs Reparations Committees should be ashamed that they don’t know what Reparations are about.
    Rather than asking for a few continuing education courses from Harvard University for 5 islands UWI ; they could have gotten top to bottom education from pre-school to Harvard Law. Harvard School of Education and Harvard Business School.
    Well the police: what can I say wheel and come again… they need training in modern law enforcement, and they need the tools. Antigua and Barbuda Police are all about image and ceremonials salutes. Look at the frequency with which the evidence is not ready to be presented to the judges.
    This week 3 suspects murder case from 2021 had to be out off due to the paperwork issues between the Police and the DP and the media let such things fly.

  37. @Ras Smood: You are among the few who exercise some common sense as well as truth to power. There are short-term solutions and long-term solutions to the crime pandemic in Antigua and Barbuda.
    I contend the “powers that be” don’t care. They get themselves a regurgitation UWI degree and return with it hanging on their chest. They think they eat well, while they are obese, and consider themselves as dressing well, when they look they are wearing costumes, they live in bland concrete boxes, and their fancy cars. are their badge of achievement. Many even have a maid. They are a soulless bunch who practices economic supremacy
    They are the elites who don’t care and are afraid of their shadow, so they never criticize the system. They thrive on the who-know-who syndrome of a Government stuck in a system left by the British. Little is based on merit.
    Among the elites are the multigenerational business owners, the political class, the UWI degreed mediocrity, and the European migrants who come to Antigua with little but soon settle into their cliche of so-called Ex-pats. They feed on the poor and needy who look up to them.
    Others will arrive and exploit the system. The Middle Easterners and Europeans are masters of gaming the system.
    An example is LUXURY LOCATIONS MAGAZINE Antigua and Barbuda 20th published by Europen Migrants and featuring properties in Antigua that the average Antiguan can not
    dream of ever owning. What amazed me was a real estate marketing magazine was very political in its editorial. The lesson here is that the migrants are thriving and they are comfortable with the system so long as they are among those at the top of the food chain.

    • @Winston Southwell.
      Your posts on the current subject deserve a pass mark of 99.5%/100. You have hit the nail on the head. No one is saying or would say that all Jamaicans are criminals or murderers, that would be more than absurd. There are many Jamaicans who are upstandinding members of the community and the writer of the letter to the editor would not suggest otherrwise. What is inescapable though is that Antigua has undoubtedly changed for the worse socially over the past few years. Crimes of all forms are rampant, gone are the days when you could walk the streets at any hour of day or night without fear, the rape of women was minimal as was murder, guns were a rare commodity and owned only by those of responsible character. You have stated facts which are undeniable. One that stands out particularly refers to the defunct WI Federation which never had wings due to the then Prime Minister of Jamaica, Alexander Bustamante who some say was barely literate. He spurned the proposed Federation as you rightly pointed out fot the reason you gave and what is more loudly proclaimed that Jamaica did not want to federat with beggars. Of course you know who he meant. Now the wheel has turned full circle and the bedraggled beggars are now jostling for space in their little island with those from the ‘continent’. Yes, you read correctly, neither did your eyes deceive. I tell you in all honesty that a Jamaican once told me that Jamaica is a continent; I kid you not. When I read repeatedly of the out of control crime rate in Antigua I keep saying to myself that somehow that is not Antiguan behaviour, it’s not in our DNA. That is not to say that Antigua doesn’t have its fair share of criminals but it was never anywhere on the scale it is today. Suffice to say you gave the reasons for this so there is no point in repeating them however, short sightedness and a lack of foresight and forethought and the thirst for power at all cost by the ALP/ABLP has led us into a quagmire. Votes garnered by any means are the order of the day and we have now imported the very lowest of the low who are now wreaking havoc on our once peaceful land. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Great stuff by you, sir.

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