LETTER: Public Works Department we need RELIEF on All Saints Main Road ASAP


Dear Editor,

Let me start by saying I am an ordinary citizen like everyone else struggling to get by like most people in this country.

I know in some way or form we all pay taxes directly and indirectly in this country that we all call home.

For a few weeks i’ve noticed the Public Works Department for a few weeks in September have been patching roads all across the country. It quite obvious the government has no money to totally resurface the major roads across the country hence the constant patching.

Although the way in which the roads are engaged patched makes no sense whatsoever something is better than nothing. However, I am upset with the recent road patching the PWD conduct in September. I live on the eastern side of the island and to get to and from work every day I use the All-Saints Main Road. From the second week of September the PWD patched that particular road from Townhouse Mega Store right up Kennedys Hardware store and stopped there.

I drive a car like other not so fortunate person’s, and cannot afford a jeep or truck like the better off and elites persons in society. Starting from the elderly home past John I Martin Racetrack right up to BeLab Services is where the worst stretch of that road remains. I don’t know or want to believe it deliberate but I found it very strange that the worst section of All Saints Road has not been patched so that it can ease the pressure it put on person vehicles traveling on that said road.

Another thing I’ve noticed driving is that lots of the roadways including the newly built ones does not have proper drainage or if it does have drainage either it isn’t maintained properly or grass has overgrown where the water should be going into, hence the water settles on the roadways because it has no where to go. I think we can all agree All Saints Road from West Bus Station right out to English Habor needs to resurface totally, but this government clearly doesn’t have the money to do this therefore for the foreseeable future it seems to constantly patching roads will be the norm.

Myself  like many others has to change suspension parts very regularly with these crater ridden terrains we call road surfaces, and just like food prices gone up the price of car parts has gone up putting extra strains on people already struggling with high cost of everything in this country.

I implore Minister Lennox Weston and the Public Works Department to please send a crew to All Saints Road to finish patching the road so it can ease the pressure it places on motorist’s vehicle suspension parts.

Dornell Joseph, Frustrated Motorists

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  1. It’s a shame how this government run this country down in a few years,taking loans from all areas and nothing to show in the country……….It’s a shame to see the condition of st.johns and we’re talking about economic power house,Every single road is st.johns city need fix……..Is there any government in office???seems not…….Street lighting is a next one need to be addressed….Water situation,inflation of food prices,fuel cost,no jobs,minimum wage,an I could go on an on…….Antiguans it’s time to take back our country,these guys in office is just ripping us blind,wakeup and let’s get the rid of them……..Covid everybody wanted relief and the government turn their backs on us,now they want the votes of the same people?Five more years with these guys in office, we will all be like market Street dogs 🐕

  2. Fig Tree Drive from Roman Hill leading to Curtain Bluff and Swetes Main Road to Buckley’s Line need urgent repairs.

    Pringle ah sleep 😴

    • @Red Red: I did not realize that Pringle should be fixing the road you mentioned.It never ceases to amaze me that you laborites always have things backwards.Tell Lennox “Big Body” Weston to do his freaking work. That he is getting paid to do,monthly.If you only had a brain.Could you imagine how far ahead in life you would be.

      • Maybe somebody need to fix you up, see how far up your *ss they can get and touch your brain because you need a life, so rather than study me and my comment use your fingers for something ese; go f*ck yourself.

    • Especially the byroads in Swetes, they’re are terrible, all they do is grade off and leave them, they need concrete roads.

      And all now the ball court is in disrepair also.

      They don’t care

  3. @ RED RED

    Pringle did not enrich himself with public funds like the 17 guinea pigs that the PM enriched!!!!

    You guys have enough of the riches of the state which was used to enrich yourselves…..give back the people some, O LARD!!!!

    • Politics is a hustle for Pringle, he saw the opportunity because he knew UPP was strong in the constituency from which he was raised and ran with it, but he don’t really give a flying f*ck about anyone there.

  4. Dear Dornell

    Somehow I don’t think anything will be done.
    My advice to you is to stop paying the taxes.
    Why pay your taxes, if they will be written off as an election gimmick?
    Why pay your taxes when you have to spend so much on car parts and tires?

    For all the workers who did not receive a covid stipend, stop paying your taxes. When you get your stipend, you can pay the arrears.

    If the government wants people to behave responsibly, it must behave responsibly. Why should another life be lost on Allsaints road? Answer us please ye ministers of cabinet (past and present)!

  5. If you want that to happen, vote out the crooked creative enrichment scammer Gaston Browne and his entire party. Start with that and show politicians we mean business.

  6. Finally someone else feels the same way as I do about All Saints Road.
    All the other major highways have been totally revamped. The main road from Golden Grove all the way through Bolans and further on has been getting fully fixed but yet All Saints Road is being forgotten. As I’ve said, maybe they’re saving the best for last, but there’s been talking around that All Saints Road might not be fixed because that road has taken so many lives but in my opinion look at the amount of accidents and deaths that has happened on Friars Hill Road so far since being fix!
    We citizens from east (country side) at least deserve better.
    And don’t even let me start on the roads in All Saints Village itself! Omg it’s HORRIBLE especially those surrounding byroads near the play field and further back. Since the past two government elections the roads in the village started getting fixed and just as election was over the work stopped. The gutters literally have been built half way down each road and stopped.. Within the past few weeks it’s the residents who have to be the ones to try working together to patch up the wells called potholes. One resident in particular near where I live, god bless his heart, he has a backhoe and ever so often he pushes away the overgrown bushes just so waste water can easier flow and so that vehicles can pass on the road else people won’t get to and from their homes.
    It’s been months since those guys that cut the grass have been in the village to clean up. Residents have to do it themselves and clean the gutters as well just to have the area cleaned

  7. Yawn Yawn Yawn
    I give up. I am just going with the flow right about now
    When I was in Jamaica a few years ago, the residents of a neighborhood came out to block a main artery (road) that had in huge potholes. Since no one heading to school or work from neighboring villages could get to his/her destination in good time that morning, the government had to pay attention cause the villagers threatened to repeat that action til the holes were fixed. There were much too many of them to lock up and frankly it was not politically wise so to try. So while I know teargas is how this Antigua government disperses crowds, in the weeks before an election, them ah go tink twice fu use chemical artillery!

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