LETTER: Promises, Promises, Promises



It is quite evident that the nation’s general election is around the corner. Clearly, the atmosphere is now becoming highly charged with the political rhetoric coming from all angles of the political divide.

Promises are being made by each political party and mud slinging is all engulfed in the political warfare.

Obviously, all this is being done to win the hearts and minds of the electorates. Interestingly, the citizenry & residents are then left to wonder which party will be best to serve them as a govt to enhance their livelihood for the next five years.

Of course,  like a romantic setting, the man who wishes to win the heart of a woman, generally makes glowing promises to her and furthermore, he goes on to shower her with gifts & tell her things that sound like sweet music to her ears just like the politicians…. For that woman, the future is unknown until she gives consent & gets engrossed into the relationship.

Luckily, some women do enjoy what they get from the relationship. Others have regrets and the relationships are short lived. According to researchers, attributes like deception, promises made but not kept,  change of behavior and of course the list can go on & on all contribute to major disappointments.

Similarly, the same attributes are displayed within our political parties. Promises are made; sweet little nothings are being said; candidates are seen frequently before election and afterwards you wonder if the same candidates are still on the planet ….  In my view, persons should not be carried away with the promises and the campaign flare offered by the campaigners but, they should spend quality time to assess properly & wisely, the issues that are impacting upon the country.

Asking questions, reading the papers, listening to the radio & TV talk shows are all valuable tools to utilize to enhance one’s knowledge. No one knows what an administration really has to offer until you see & feel the impact of their management competence. Some elders will give a stern warning and echo the sentiments “you know what you have but you do not know what you will get”. Some will also say “a burnt child dreads the fire”.

On the other hand others may prefer to take a gamble for a change and hope for the best.. Ofcourse, no political party or administration will ever be perfect to run the affairs of a country.

However, the INTEGRITY, REPUTATION & QUALIFICATION of the candidates, SHOULD be a criteria to rely on to make a wise & proper decision to select a political party to form the govt… At this moment, I am on the fence looking on but should I decide to make that decision when election time comes, I will be sticking to what my grandma always  says ” Be content with what you have. Nothing or no one is perfect.. An improvement will come about! ”


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  1. Good morning Fitzroy,
    I am sure that your grand mother is a wonderful person, God bless her. She may tell you to be content with what you have but she would also remind you to think about your children. Ask yourself this question as you sit on the fence: At the rate that Gaston is giving away land, will there be any land left for your children.

    Your children are the future, think about them.

  2. “FITZROY” are you going to throw your hat in the ring and tell us why we should vote for you?

    Are you the “Fitzroy” with the jerri-curls who sells barbecue chicken and peanuts around town?

  3. Elections are near… we are entering the silly season!
    Promise’s made and promise’s not keep is a game as old as time itself, especially when the promises come from the lips of a politician.

    We the people need a better way to control our would be leaders….
    Perhaps a change in our election rules are in order.

    How about we add a NEW VOTE CATEGORY. I suggest the new category be: NONE of the above. Then we create a new rule that says that any ELECTION MUST have 75% of voter participation or the election must be re-run. Furthermore, ANY candidate MUST have at least 51% of the vote to be considered as the winner.

  4. Fitzroy, if you are only satisfied with what you have, you will never improve your situation. The world revolves around progress. You should look carefully at what you have and ask if this is the best you can.

  5. Doing the same thing over and over and expect different result is insanity. Take the jeri curls out your hair and stop being on the fence.
    DNA 6 💺
    UPP 10 💺
    GLP 1 🤡

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