LETTER: Prison Conditions Part 2 (With Pictures)


To the public, I’m not one to criticize, however, how does it make any sense to add an extra cell block with the capacity to house an extra 144 more inmates, without first attending to the underlying conditions.

1). Nutrition

2). Hygiene

3). Water

4). Bedbugs

5). Flies

6). Roaches

7). Pigeons

8). Rats

9). Prison Upper Management

The administration adding more rooms is just like putting more areas for the current problems to spread, am i not intelligent enough to believe that its better to deal with the underlying conditions first? Maybe someone with better intellect could explain it to me in a way that I’d understand. Yes there’s a current over crowding, yes there’s need for more rooms but the inmates health and well-being is a more urgent matter, so if the underlying conditions are not met, you could build a palace for them, they would still be facing the same problems.

People could say whatever they want about inmates at this prison but had another prison around the world faced with these issues, there would have been riots and resistance but the inmates here tolerate the conditions here, which I’ve witnessed daily. I just hope that one day the pressures don’t build up to boiling point.


Presently the rubbish bins are overflowing, to a point where they have to put the rubbish on the bins, the bins have some big holes in them to accommodate the roaming of the rats. The bins need replacing to better handle the rubbish, then that would help controlling the rat infestation. Pics below

Faeces and Urine container

The container is presently overflowing, how could it reach to that point, where urine and faeces are on the ground, is supervision a problem too or the persons in charge of removal come when they choose to.


I don’t know if it’s the Public Works or the Administration fault why there’s no water within the institution but some sort of communication problem is happening, because the prison would need roughly fifty thousand ;50,000 gallons of water a week to service all 284 inmates within the prison, however the trucks are barely bringing in 10- 12,000 gallons per week if so much.


The bathroom at the Remand Division need urgent cleaning, there are not enough cleaning products given to do the job, and also lack of water made it worst. So presently it’s in a despicable state with no one giving it attention.

I see certain persons made comments relating to rise of crime and where’s the deterrent factor. The mere fact that you’re deprived of your freedom is deterrent enough. But being incarcerated, having nothing to do, no form of rehabilitation, learning different types of crimes from the person next to you and how to do them better, leaving here with nothing, and no-one to help you on your next journey of life as an ex convict, will definitely aid in the rising of crime in society.

Isn’t the main objective for incarceration making you into a better person suitable for society and not being a menace to society?

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  1. I think this should be the concern of the Prime Minister and not who the UPP chooses as its candidates. Election is someways away. Stop the clowning and campaigning and run the country.

  2. Are those really photos of the inside of 1735.My gosh it is as filthy a place I have ever seen.Are prisoners really housed in that sty.Cutie Benjamin,clean up that mess.I would not keep pigs in that place.There is no wonder humans would go into 1735.Those same humans would come out as animals.Could it be a psychological issue by just being in that place.I am surprised there are not more breaking out of diseases in that DUMP we called 1735.

    • @Black-Man
      This is what happens when you have a government that is all talk and no action. The government has borrowed millions and millions of dollars and the question is where does the money go? People may say prisoners deserve what they get but what about Antiguans with the lack of infrastructure?
      What happened to the new prison that was to be built?
      I would rather see a government in power, educated or not, that gets things done instead of borrowing, borrowing, and no one knows where the money goes. Wake up Antiguans. Accountability for our resources should matter.
      Do you really respect those people running around in red shirts who do nothing for the country?

      • Instead of doing them dam work and stop treating human being like pigs and dogs.
        They going around taking people property from them. And left them homeless with them family. Talking about money laundering. And all a them in the same shit. From the head right down to the little man. But one of these days all a a.you ga get wa a you a look for.wicked set a people. Remember one God they. Dont ever forget that.

  3. What are the criminals complaining about…..that condition should be an incentive for NOT committing crimes. For those on remand put them in a more habitable housing until the case is adjudicated. For those who are complaining of the condition…..Would some of you volunteer to have them place in your living quarters for even half of their sentencing?…….Guessing most of you have never been a victim of a vicious crime.

    • So because they committed a crime u should live in these conditions , u know u can go up there for going through a red / yellow light right ?

      • Some people don’t realize that @Machine so they better be careful of they’re saying. Even looking at an Officer too hard while carrying out his/her investigation and you can charged with Obstruction of Justice and reminded to 1735.

    • Why do people always come up this this non-sense that they deserve to be in these conditions. Did you really look at those photos OMG. You know what we have become soo heartless until it is us or our own.

    • @ALEX:Could this be one of the reasons.Why the white man from England is at the old US Air Station.Serving his time instead of at 1735.

  4. Nasty, isn’t it!!! But that’s the way prison is supposed to be. Nobody should ever want to go back. It’s like the gateway to hell itself.

    • Prison should be a habilitation facility so they an go back into society different person…not worst than how they went in.

  5. The condition of the prison, hence the removal of the Italian prisoner to the Fiennes Institute and leave all the Antiguans and the others from the region in the filty cesspool. Some of the Honourable people who are running the country deserve to be in there.

  6. We are so full of shit, we are, we are despicable human beings. We sit and we talk about Racism, we talk about black and white, but when it’s time to talk about black on black we refuse. Prisoners are sent to prison for committing crimes, different crimes. We expect rehabilitation for when they come back into society, but treat them like animals. We are no better than the criminals if we think tht is ok. Not saying they should have living conditions like us civilians on the outside, but it should be HUMANE. U illiterate people, u people who have most to say only when a family member or a friend are in those positions. We need to wake up, get awoke, and realise we bleed the same blood, and when we die, the ground is where we go. Wanna come for me, please dont, so not in the mood. Sometimes shutting up is the best thing for alot of people. When u have experienced a violent crime, and also a family member or friend behind bars, with those conditions, u then tend to realize, PRISON IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE. Open our eyes as human beings, open them, and stop acting like we have fallen so far from the cross. Wake up people. Wake up

  7. Ummm… Reading these comments n i just gotta shake my head (smh)n kiss my teeth( chupz)!! Prison isnt a vacation let dem be responsible to clean it up n no their not animals something must be done its a health hazard n its inhumane to have ppl living in tbeir own filth. Now to address the politics in this… I can recall UPP being in power n da prison in da same condition so a gaston one ryou have microscope on?!?! Both parties couldve have n can do something. Lets just state that fact!! Cus it nuh tek only a ruling party to do shit in a country so lets be honest n keep away from bias opinions!! Now we r reactive n not proactive .. So now that pics r revealed… Its now made aware so put something in place now to have it corrected !! Hate that ppl put a spin on everything to sway an argument their way!! International jails have this issue ..hec da US ARMY HAS THIS ISSUE n its men going to die for their country so a prison isnt that shocking. Its wrong yes but shocking noooo!!

  8. Move y’all mother sknt some y’all dunce nf To say y’all come from Antigua , nobody absolutely nobody should live in a condition like that , so yeah when you go jail and come back to society it can’t be the same mentally, would u want to be in there if you did something bad and have to suffer the consequences y’all one sided nf , only When y’all in that position y’all ah ball for help , Stop Cry down and judge Fckin people stupid , that’s none of y’all jobs , Everybody have they opinion , but my Grandmother say if u don’t have anything positive to say just whistle !
    I put my right name here cuz I wanna see who the idiot to challenge me , Antigua people suppose to be smarter than this and put down y’all foot on this Chaos and Bs

  9. Just like how we supposedly clean our houses and yard…..the prisoners should be given daily duties to clean the prison….they are there doing nothing all day….given them work to do ….it is for their own health and safety. Why should the government have to send someone to clean up what they do and they are just there living off of the public purse. CLEAN THE PLACE DAILY. Now with that said,
    The Authorities need to make sure they have the necessary resources (water/disinfectant) to do the job to maintain cleanliness. JUST like how they are allowed to go to the Farm,they should be allowed to take their garbage to the dump if it gets too much for regular pick up day. The prison boss needs to manage better and but the Prisoners to work.

    • Clearly Antigua Isn’t A Reading Public And You Never Sat Down With Your Ignorance And Read Through This Article With The Intentions Of Understanding What The Author Is Trying To Get Te Public’s Attention Of. Please Re-do English A For CXC So You Can Exercise Your Read And Comprehension Skills ‘Kev’.

    • I agree, not saying someone should do it from the streets, but if not provided with the necessary items to do the cleaning, how will it be done. Look at the bathrooms come on, just some bleach, beeeze, and a hard broom, and they can scrub it. Imagine coming out of jail with your skin looking like u have a disease for life, who will hire u? How will u transition back to society? If u cant get a job to support yourself, back to crime, and back to prison. We ALL have done something in our lives tht we are not proud of, y do we keep looking down on others. Damn, we need a reality check.

  10. I am anti-criminal and I believe they should suffer (those that are truly guilty), but as a island-nation we cannot have our prison in this kind of condition. Seriously, I am sure there is some global foundation or socialist billionaire type that would be willing to donate money to improve our prison, can PM please do some fundraising from those kind of organizations or billionaires? For example, Bill Gates has donated money to prisons and Warren Buffet too.

  11. @Alex, no matter what crime someone commits,they should not be treated as less than human. God forbid any one of your family members or friends ever find themselves in that position. Think before you post!

  12. what about the Correctional Officers that works at 1735. what crime have they done to work is such horrific conditions. Correctional Officers are over worked and under paied. And disease, virus or plague that affects the inmates affects the Correctional Officers that has to leave that place and go home to their families.

  13. I am certain that the prison did not start out looking like that.

    So who contributed to the prison looking like that?

    I am certain the prison made no contribution…

    So who did?

    Now if or when there is a new facility how long will it take for it to look like the old?

    Once upon a time no long ago there was a brand new beautiful hospital, hospital I say have any of you seen it lately? The hospital did not do get nasty on its own…. Get it yet???

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