LETTER: Politicians playing games with constituents


Dear editor please allow me some space in your news.

Can you imagine after all we have been through with covid and so many struggling to survive in this economic climate lots of politicians out there are still playing games with the constituents who have voted for them over the years to put them in office.

Look at Sir Robin he does nothing for Willikies people I spoke to a young lady who live in Willikies her entire family support Robin over the years even her she not working since covid and not even one food package, she voting for Mr. Alex Brown and you hearing a lot of that in Willikies and Glanville. When you reach Freetown Mr. Weston trying hard but lots persons have not seen him.

You reach Pares and Parham Asot have very little respect for his constituency, but since Gaston put he out he playing Jesus.

Michael Browne after all his troubles he is going great, Dean Jonas looks good just need to some infrastructure work in his Area.

Maria Browne great job at her Ministry level but have been poor in her constituency but she has a nice program now helping to improve homes she has good campaigner on her team Manhunt.

Melford he doing good work as well on the infrastructure but needs more programs in his constituency.

Prime Minister Browne great work in his constituency helps a lot of people.

Chet is good but some others not really doing nothing much but them who taking the people for granted go feel the people hand they better get serious because people out there serious.

Thank to Antigua newsroom the best in bringing news.

Political observer.

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  1. You seem entittled. NO POLITICIAN IS ENTITTLED TO GIVE ANY ONE ANYTHING its a choice ……THATS YOU ALL PROBLEM …the men that these young girls & women have folding them up like pretzel should take care of them…..ever heard the term …who fck feed…now they will have a clear sense of PRIORITIES


    BET you with all the no jobs dem hair nails toes well did….

  2. What is this about seeing and not seeing politicians? How does it work and what is expected when you say you dont see them. If they show up today does it make all well with you?

  3. You political advocates for the UPP need to stop your nonsense.. what are Alex Browne and the others going to do for us? You want to come across as being serious about country and pushing that jokey slate the UPP has? Running country is no trial and error business, elections are serious and have consequences. If the UPP wants to be taken seriously.. first I suggest they remove Mr. Lovell as leader and try putting together a proper slate of candidates.. a word to the wise is sufficient !!

  4. that the voting public is more informed and more educated than twenty years ago. These are not the days when we could count the college educated on “one hand” (Dean’s Mother being on that hand as well).

    Providing proper infrastructure thru-out the country is a government obligation and should not be an election gimmick. Incentive (CASH, CARS, JOB ETC.) for ones
    vote is fraudulent!

    Where is the Christianity in Antigua’s society? In the abundance of water the fool is really thirsty!

  5. So, what exactly are you ABLP supporters trying to say…?
    It sounds to me like – ‘How dare you to try to win an election’.
    The REDS are lame and anyone with half a brain can see it!

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