LETTER: Politically Antigua is lost


Dear Editor,

All the politicians from all parties have disappointed us. No plan. No vision. Talk out of both sides of their mouth.

Do no work. None seem to understand the real issues affecting the ordinary people. None care.

And the people who have been brainwashed into begging for handouts are quite satisfied.

Antigua got self government on 27 February, 1967.That is 56 years ago and not VC Bird, George Walter, Lester Bird, Baldwin Spencer or Gaston Browne have been able to provide for the people of this country 3 of the basic necessities of water, electricity and roads. Failed state.

In fact it has gotten increasingly worse over the years with the last 5 years being in the pits.

In order to make millions selling fuel,Gaston,allowed 65,000 vehicles to overpopulate our 100 year old road network, with no planned expansion. Old tracks are paved and left.

No maintenance. Sugar cake repairs now and then.

Then he appoints a Public Works Minister who goes to work once a month and fully knowing the Minister was lazy, he then appointed a Parliamentary Secretary, whose face can clearly be seen under LAZY in the dictionary.

The UPP should have someone taking register at these Ministries so that we can see when these Ministers go to work.

And now here is why having this UPP opposition makes no sense. They do not understand the real issues.

The UPP spokesman Tabor has just done a rant on whether Gaston Browne will lead the ABLP in the next election. Really? That’s the big issue?

We have no roads, water, electricity off and one, high crime, rapes, ever increasing prices and the UPP is worried about who the ABLP Leader will be in 5 years. And the UPP does not have a settled, but rather a stand-in leader.

Gaston, Chet and Max are almost permanently away. Doing what and achieving what no one knows. The tax payers pay and pay.

Gaston is now no longer relevant locally so now he is taking to the international stage.

Hosting an international conference next year with over 1,000 delegates. We have neither the facilities nor the resources.

This will cost us millions and will be a disaster. But ego rules. Here is another easy question.

Why has Antigua never been able to attract even one proper Convention Hotel? Conventions are huge business.

All of the other major Caribbean countries have these facilities. No planning. No vision.

Sick and Fed-up

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  1. Well serpent said he and de FETE BOY sit in de “RUDE BOY STAND” in Parliament 😲 😮 😲

    4 minute Serpent FARMing FOOL land 26 ACRES wit 1 pupa tree. Hab plenty chat on Facebook live, but can only say 2 words fu debate wan Bill

  2. @Sick and Fed-up.
    You can take my advice or you can reject it, either way here it is: cover yourself in a suit of armour for you’ ll need it. The sycophants and hero worshippers along with those who sing daily for their supper will be greatly hurt and offended by your letter. Here’ s where your suit of armour will be a necessity: their slings and arrows are dipped in ‘ haters, jealousy and envious’ vitriol and will be aimed unerringly in your direction. These foot soldiers cannot stand to hear their esteemed leader being criticized for a fraction lot a second, so Be Prepared.

  3. Politicians cannot save us, they never could. They are men & women just like us. How about going back to doing what we used to do…honoring our creator???

  4. shoogy will go down in history as the shortest-sitting MP – the man who backdated a letter and resigned AFTER nomination day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Is that so! If your claim is true, then the ALP has degenerated. How could the authors of thievery get swindled by a novice?

  5. I do not agree with all that was said here. For starters, “UPP…does not understand the issues. ” This to me is an inaccurate statement. On what basis did you draw this conclusion, @sick and fed up? All of your criticisms were predominantly at this failed Gaston Browne led ALP administration. How does UPP not understand? In 10 years, they have done more for the country and the people than in 60 years of Birdism and the idiotic Gaston Browne. You can highlight UPP accomplishments but what has ALP done? In fact, this Gaston Browne led administration has collected over 12 billion dollars in tax revenues plus the incessant borrowings and God knows what the CIP has collected to date, still the country is derelict, poor,and just abandoned.
    To me, you are indirectly making the point for a desperate need to remove this ALP scourge permanently.
    The record is there,inspite of the pointless barrage of attacks on UPP by the nest of traitors, that UPP is a better choice.

  6. Shuggy saying people across the waters calling him saying the PM is so Obsessed with him, please let him know with all the ills the try to put the PM name in , up to now we never hear the PM name call in no funny man business, B man business so tell him give the PM a break he acting as though his opponent is the Prime Minister, just remind him it’s Dewanye he running against.

  7. Antigua people get the government they deserve!
    They voted back in the Ablp!
    So, let them Eat “cake”..
    If you want a change you vote for a change,
    If you want the same old, decrepit
    People that’s what you get!!

  8. Come back into the church and ask for forgiveness shugs the chuch send you to study to better your self and you forsake them…..BOLANS NAZARENE

    • Joanne massiah not looking to win any election when the party in power is her hegemony, so she is always elated when Gaston is elected, DNA is on boards of statutory bodies and so.

  9. I would like to sat what the writing is saying is not accurate but I can not say it. In fact, they are clearly correct.

    I wish the locals comprehend that they deserve better. I wrote an article yesterday about they should expect more but everyone was so focused on being loyal to their party that they forgot it is not loyalty to a party that is important but loyal to progress, development, intelligence and success is what they should all be loyal too, no matter what party it comes from.

    I can agree, the locals and Antiguans, residents, are not being treated not even 5% of the great treatment they should get.

    Author, I agree with you. But there are dunces in Antigua getting millions from their family member who sacrifice for them and them, they, would still pull your head off for politicians, over you who ate Ramen noodles while sending them steal and asparagus because they are your family.

    It is horrible knowing you would give those people your all but they would not give you 1% of what they have.

    Anything they request, they get, but telling you that you can not tell them who to vote for like you ever wanted to do such a thing. Sadly, as soon as they told me to do something, I do it. Even taking away from myself.

    I learn to never do that anymore. You want good learning that put themself last and their country first, the people first.

    Well done writer.

  10. Politics and Antigua

    I have never lived anywhere else in the world but Antigua. From V.C Bird to Gaston Browne I have always dreamt of Antigua and Barbuda where each endeavor and all achieve. However, living here has now become a place where it citizens are reduced to being subservient to our Government Ministers who were elected under a democratic system of governance. I finished my schooling in the 1980’s and applied for a job in the government sector as an Immigration Officer. I was told I was over qualified for the job but yet I watched individuals who supported the government and hardly finished school being employed in that very area. The culture then was to check your minister/ representative in the constituency you lived in. I found employment in the Hospitality Industry where I am currently now self employed.

    Antigua and Barbuda has had its glory years. We were a developing nation and people from other Caribbean countries came to the island for a better way of life. Antiguan and Barbudans migrated to other islands as well as New York, Canada and the United Kingdom for better life opportunities.
    As an independent nation we were expected to manage our own affairs and having moved from Premier to Prime-minister the love of power intensified. Politicians became Lord of All they surveyed, ministers became self proclaimed professionals in the ministries they were assigned.
    The political climate has changed to include the people who migrated calling them our Caricom brothers and sisters for adopting this nation and becoming citizens.

    Our Government Ministers and appointed officials are now hell bent on acquiring tremendous wealth while holding the people they were elected to serve at ransom to poverty.

    Our children have become victims of violence. Addicted to drugs and illegal substances, the root of which can be link to the legalization of marijuana. Most of the blame has been put on parenting but society has its role to play in the development of our children. Our society has given away its rights to determine what is best for all to politicians, who have reduced society to mere beggars. How can we then expect good governance from those we elect? Our children see a new culture , and where parents cannot adequately provide for them they resort to begging, stealing and violent crimes to acquire what they need.
    We have failed our children by accepting the trinkets and insignificant gifts our politicians use to
    reduce us to beggars and to win votes at elections.
    Society has become materialistic. Our core values, principles and living standards have been eroded. We live for the now, what we can get today and the future is of very little significance.

    The people of Antigua, not so much Barbuda need to assess their priorities. We have absolutely no say in the governance of our country until elections are called. The St. Mary’s South by-elections is a living example of how insignificant we are as citizens of this country. We are only important and can only get matters addressed when power and re-election is up for grabs.

    Issues like water, roads, land, electricity, Schools, high bank charges on your own money, the ease of doing business, the cost of living, the national debt, paying wages and salaries, health and the financial stability of this nation are the ones everyone face daily but the government cares more about acquiring the Alpha Nero and private properties at the expense of every living citizen. How long will we be paying the expenses related to acquiring the Alpha Nero? What a waste of scarce resources. I thought the government acquired private property for public use. Enough said. Citizens our priority should be what is best Antigua and Barbuda and its Citizens. Governments are instruments that are elected to serve in the interest every man, woman and child. Why should a few greedy men and their associates get filthy rich and the average citizen remains poor and indigent begging and eating the crumbs that fall their table as Lazarus ate the crumbs from the rich man’s table in by the Bible.

    Antigua and Barbuda is where my navel string is buried. I will not exchange the freedom of living in the paradise of a nation for any other place on earth. We can each endeavor and all achieve.

    • What an interesting response to this news article @ Andra Nathaniel. I totally concur with virtually everything that you’ve written.

      Like you, I am also at a loss at what has happened to Antigua. Political and corporate greed has engulfed and surrounded us.

      However, I am very optimistic about the future of this beautiful island, because once Gaston Browne and his band of greedy – and self-enriched – men are kicked out if office, Antigua & Barbuda will FLOURISH.

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your response.

      Have a great weekend 👍🏾

    • @Andra Nathanie.
      Well, what more is there to add to your masterpiece? Not much really. Let me try; no, I give up. Your letter was wonderful, to put it midly, and accurate too.Take a bow, no take a hundred bows.

  11. Tabor ranting about whether Gaston will be leading the ABLP into a next election is laughable, when the UPP does not have a leader. Lovell resigned and he’s still speaking as leader at their rallies. The UPP is a sham organization (an unorganization).

  12. @Tabor Rant, this is not about UPP. Your mudslinging and verbal attacks will not distract thinking Antiguans and Barbudans from wanting to see the back of Gaston Browne, his spineless, corrupt, self-enrichment cabinet and the myriad of traitors, Judas’ and greedy opportunist, permanently.
    The clock ticks.

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