LETTER: Please PM do not call the election in June


Dear Editor,

I as a diehard ABLP support am shocked and stunned when I listen to the Honorable Prime Ministers engaging Comrade Washy on his Browne and Browne show on Saturday on Pointe FM that it is very likely that he will take the 3 months leave and call the election in June.

Taking such a decision to call the election in June would be one of the deadliest political decisions the Honorable Prime Minister would ever take in his political career.

I remember 2 years ago Ambassador/Comrade Lionel Max Hurst had a conversation with Darren Matthew-Ward on Observer AM and he said rightfully one of the reasons the useless, clueless, incompetent, UPP administration lost the 2014 general election was because in June the tourism season is very slow and lots of person here works in the Tourism industry and were not working, and the timing of calling the general election at that time played in their favour along with the corruption, incompetence and failure of the UPP.

Whoever is advising the Honorable Prime Minister to call the elections in June, either needs to be fired or needs a new head and a new brain screwed on their body.

If I were Ambassador Lionel Max-Hurst I would tell the Honorable Prime Minister not to call the election in June next year and push to from now till March next year get people working, fix the country’s road network and push for the Fort James and Willoughby Bay reverse Osmosis Plants to be completed latest February next so that the people can get reliable water 24hr a day in their home and businesses. The government employees need to know that if the UPP gets into power they are going to layoff persons because they do not care about the people of this country.

This thing about we need time to spend the 200Million Mr. PM can’t fly with us the Labour Party supporters, between January and March next year we need a heavy push to moneys here there and everywhere to get things going to defeat the UPP losers,. Its high time the people in the Ministry of Finance get off their behind and push for the 200 Million the Honorable Prime Minister needs to spend so that he can call the election when it is constitutionally due next year March.

Calling the election beyond March next would be totally detrimental to the ABLP’s existence as a party and make it much harder for the ABLP to win the election if it is call in June.

Please Honorable Prime Minister I beg you do not call the election in June, call it in March when people still working, we the ABLP support are ready to go out enthusiastically in huge number once the election is called in March and put the loser and failure Harold Lovell into a permanent retirement home never to be seen again and wipe the UPP out of existence as a Party.

17-0 the UPP, Lovell and Dane Knight getting in their asses once the election is called March next year.

We ready for the election road to another 5 years of the ABLP next year March!

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    • Ask Baldwin Spencer. He did and it cost the UPP big time. If you don’t believe me just do a simple Google search of Antigua 2014 elections.

      • My word @ Amneisa, it was due to a legal boundary challenge that could have effected the voting public at the time – and it did!

        Gaston Browne’s current situation pails in significance in comparison to Baldwin’s time in office, especially now that Browne realises that the Antiguan electorate wants him gone as soon as possible …

        Nice try though @ Amneisa … 👍

        • Lol as usual you are pathetic with your bias reasoning its really laughable. There was no such boundaries challenges Baldwin Spencer was playing back pocket side pocket breast pocket with the election date. He took advantage of the 90 days window and it cost the UPP big time. You are so driven by your obvious dislike of Gaston Browne you would go through all leaps and bounds to UPP failiures.

          • … and here’s the link to verify what I mentioned earlier:

            https://zzz online.com/hands-are-tied-over-election-date-says-antigua-barbuda-pm/

            When you started talking about ” … back pocket side pocket breast pocket …”

            I could tell you hadn’t a clue about the legal boundary challenge coming from the UPP!

            I said it before, and I’ll say it again – do your homework before challenging BRIXTONIAN … I rarely lose!


          • Again you know nothing but I guess that should come from the likes of you who went abroad and lost your morning now you come back home with your tail between your legs trying to reclaim it ah night. There was no boundaries issues. Baldwin Spencer was playing cat and mouse with the election date and it cost them he Spencer almost lost his in the time he was going ring ringa ringa Rosie with the election date. Dude sit this one out because you only rediscover Antigua after 2014

          • My word, with all the proof that I’ve provided (you obviously refuse to look at the evidence in the link in front of your own eyes) and you still won’t admit defeat @ Amneisa … weird, really weird!!!

            This is the height of ABLP generational ignorance, and you sir take the crown 👒 wear it with pride.

            If you try to get over your DISCIPLESHIP of Gaston Browne then you’ll realise that you’ve also been duped like the rest of the country … unless you are a member of the government and you haven’t declared this to the ANR readership.


          • You poor soul I do pray the the electronics goes UPP or the likes of you will end up at Clearvue. I do hope MBS have a lot of pressure pills in stock cause after the elections I can see there is going to be a high demands for such and if you think everyone who responds to you one sided arguments then I do believe its time you give Dr King a call now back to my real life because unlike you sir I have a J-O-B to run not all of us can be paid to troll this site like you and the other red and blue hacks!!!

          • Again, not dealing with the points at hand … the last bastion of the foolish and the under-educated.

            I REST MY CASE @ Amneisa – and what an appropriate tag name 😁

            DAMN I’M GOOD!!!

  1. This letter sweet bad because it shows the ABLP needs the $200 million to spread around to win an election since the ABLP does not have a record to stand on.

  2. This letter is a red herring. The writer is playing reverse psychology pretending to be a labor supporter. Look out of more of these. All part of the ploy of dem #UPPNEARGA. By the way coincidentally, as I echoed yessiday the road inna pigotts ah fix tday yah. Government at work.

    Government is run on facts not fiction and fictional belief like what is coming from #HFWL.

  3. …so basically, the government is to borrow or the ministry of finance lazy ass employees, #WHO’RE getting paid, must get off their lazy asses, push to borrow $200 Mil, at whatever goddam interest, the entire Nation is straddled with this loan which ABLP will then use, to buy the election or better yet, steal tge election?

    Antigua and Barbuda, see it dey to rass, this writer just prove, “dem tief, lie and wicked to de treasury no fuck!

  4. This person sounds like a minister of government who is afraid to speak out in Cabinet… You are right, air it however you can.

  5. Harold Lovell failed our country during the one crisis he had to deal with – the 2008 global financial crisis.

    • … and Gaston “self-enrichment” Browne has been 10 times worse @ Sad But True … are you trolling Antiguans boss?

    • SAD BUT TRUE what global financial crisis in 2008 are you talking about. Didn’t you hear Gaston Browne and the ABLP say over and over again there was no financial crisis.

  6. @ Sad but true.
    That is a lie. Lovell brought us through the worst economic crisis.
    Google Forbes Magazine of June 2, 2014 and read the headline: ” These Middle Income Countries are poised to become rich.
    Antigua name right up there.
    If that is the talking points that you were given then you are stupid because this is the age og Google

    • @ sad but true I think you are actually the sad one. Please do us all a favor and do some unbiased research and stop wasting intelligent people time by reading it. All yall do is listen to sore foot tanny and lying hurst. You don’t even have a clue how an economy functions. Just shut up please and educate yourself.

  7. They will get the money from NAMCO. Ask them about the profits they get from state insurance why the company operating hand to mouth. Plenty money out there they getting from “statutory organizations” why these places are running borderline bankrupt. Wait for the war cry.

  8. Antigua and Barbuda’s 2012 performance ‘below targets’ says IMF

    “Antigua and Barbuda’s revenue performance for the first nine months of 2012 were “BELOW PROGRAMME TARGETS”. This according to a delegation from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The delegation has just ended a one-week visit to the islands.”

    • … and I note with interest @ Hmmmmm, that you forgot to mention that the IMF are also looking into Caribbean countries (like Grenada 🇬🇩 St Kitt’s and Nevis and Antigua) that may/or have misused the CIP.

      Seems like your tag name is apt boss … 🤔

    • @ Hmmmmmmm


      • @The Tangled Web….I would have made an outcry but the reality is same thing was done under a UPP administration. You forgot how much salary the chairperson was getting for instance?

          • They are not on my payroll. I know the chairperson was getting atlesst 3 salaries. That much I know. So we need to pick the beam out of our own eyes when we attempt to speak about corruption. As in the ALP now same thing obtains under the UPP when persons found themselves on two and three boards.

  9. Yeah mek he call um in June. By January he will be in Clearviewhospital cause the saboteurs at the helm within the civil service will ramp up their passive aggressive behavior by November.
    Teachers will protest
    Nurses will protest
    Solid Waste will protest
    To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

  10. Call it now and get Gaston Browne and his scamps out of office.

    Say no the creative enrichment while the rest of us struggling to feed our families.

    Call it Gaston. We voting you rass out and putting you in the dog house. That’s where you belong.

    Govt employees not getting paid.
    Pensioners not getting paid.
    $540 million taken out secretly
    Swiss American playbook on a bigger scale happening.

    Vote for the right people. Your well being and our country’s depend on it.

  11. @ BRIXTONIAN, You are the most PATHETIC , ONESIDED , DISHONEST and FULL OF HATRED for our Prime Person I have ever met. You are an UNEMPLOYED Person who trying your best to secure a job whenever in the next 30 years if the UPP win an election. BRIXTONIAN, You are an AWFUL PERSON.

  12. @ Just saying: Please answer this question! Do you think that it is right for the Statutory Bodies, funded by the tax payers, to pay for the salaries of POINTE FM?

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