LETTER: Please help me find my soul mate


Hello, Antigua News Room you are my last resort. I know I am coming to you very late but I have also been searching in other places.

I went to Breakfast fete and a cute boy caught my eye. I don’t know his name and no one I ask seems to know who he is.

He was wearing a pink jumper and his short hair was dyed. For some reason, I have not been able to stop thinking about him although I could not muster the courage to speak to him at the time.

I need your help and that of your many readers to help me find him. Please share this and If anyone know who I am talking about please ask him to meet me outside Digicel of Friars Hill road on Wednesday evening at 6.p.m or he can message you (ANR) his number.

Please, Please help I think he could be my soul mate!

Love struck.

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  1. You sound DESPERATE… NO ACTUALLY YOU ARE DESPERATE AF…….IT’S not a soulmate its INFATUATION….your very young and naive..ok for your age but please go look up whats,a soulmate….Focus on yourself …and if he felt the same he would hv let you known…..

  2. What is really this I’m reading tho.. Desperation at its best.. SOUL MATE??? like seriously???.. Or this is some kinda prank letter.. Girl/lady/woman go pick your self esteem and ur senses up off the ground.. You might very well be searching for the devil from hell in disguise… Take it easy plz.. God will send along the right person and when he does u won’t even have to wonder if he is.. Stop trying to set up yourself for a possible heart wreck…

  3. This is so amusing. I am wondering if hundreds of curious ppl will be there. Will Digicel pass up this opportunity to launch a new phone, app or service? Should DJs and sound men show up in PINK POLO SHIRTS and have a parking lot DIGIJAM? Hey… I see plenty potential here. SEEKING SOULMATE FETE…yeah. Let’s do it, DIGICEL.

  4. Are you male or female?
    With this question asked be very careful.
    If you have sense in that brain you would just forget about the he/she.
    It may also have been the devil that you saw at that fete.
    Also someone with ulterior motives may just meet up with you there.
    We don’t need to have another missing person or find a decomposed body.

  5. Why you’ll assuming that this is a woman? . It could well be a man looking for his Soul Mate too. Either way this story is really funny.

  6. I remember seeing a guy in a pink romper with dyed hair looked like he had scoliosis too…slim n dark. I heard he’s quite humorous and does comments on fetes…hope this helps. Go find that soulmate!!

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