LETTER: Play Play Country


Dear Editor,


I remember back in the early 90s when the programme Talk to Me used to be on the air, LMR used to call in regularly and refer to Antigua as a “play, play, country”.


His words came back to me today as I drove from Multi-Purpose Center to Villa to Glanvilles to try to get the vaccine.


Total confusion everywhere and at Glanvilles they have run out of cards. Really? The government said they were going to vaccinate 80,000 people. 18,000 have been vaccinated and you run out of cards?


What is worse about the “play, play country” is that no one is ever accountable. A committee was formed weeks ago to plan this vaccination programme.


Obviously there was no planning or the entire committee was filled with incompetent people.


And no one is accountable. In every department of the public sector, there are square pegs in round holes. All of them political appointments and constituents.


And we accept this crap, government after government. None better than none.

It is time for Antiguans to wake up and demand better.


This Pandemic has clearly shown us that we need competent people in key positions. We have been lucky so far.


If we remain a “play, play, country”, we may not survive the next crisis.





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  1. Red’s its been stated for now at least two weeks that the vaccination certs will be provided some days after the vaccination. The focus is on getting persons vaccinated, not getting out certificates. Suspect most Antiguans who for eg attended a primary school understand that you don’t get your certification the same day you took the exam, or even the day the results are given out. While you focus on a perceived negative, you give no kudos to the high number of persons who are being vaccinated daily (first dose). Its now over 20K. (21,730 as of March 12th 6PM). Dominica (thankfully shared 5K doses with us) who started vaccinating persons a few weeks before us, as of the 11th, it figure is 13,565. The shut-ins, here, are being catered to by getting at home service. Persons, in general, are being greeted by a comfortable place to sit while they await their vaccination while in places like SLU, media reports show long lines and persons complaining of having to for eg stand too long. Listening to the news in so called developed countries, most persons over 65 are on waiting lists which won’t see them vaccinated until after April.

    • So during a pandemic you are going to have people congregate at least twice for their initial shot.

      Once to get the shot and then once to get the certification?

      It makes no sense and will lead to increased transmission of the virus and also mistakes with who gets the certification.

      Also, not making sure that they are using their doses on Antiguan citizens and nationals rather than innoculating who knows how many tourists and yachties is also ridiculous.

      I saw how ridiculously unorganized and chaotic things are in Antigua when I lived there.

      Even going to the movies to see Avenger End Game was pure chaos with no one regulating a line to buy tickets. It was truly baffling why some official from the theater couldnt or wouldnt simply come out and organize a line of patrons.

      Same thing about the bank. People just starting their own lines and skipping others. No one says anything.

      Antigua needs some serious people who care about their country and people to become leaders.

      Because what is happening now is an embarrassing joke. And believe me, the world (such as it is aware of your existence) is laughing at you.

      It’s all BS and words and pretending to work and unnecessary chaos and rudeness an attitudes. And nothing real or organized.

    • @Tenman: Those cards should be given at the point of being Vaccinated.That is what happened when we got ours.How the hell could you provide it days later.You are creating an issue that should not exists,in the first place. Could you as a Gaston Browne insider.Tell me what Molwyn Joseph doing in the above picture.Is he Micro-Managing the process.My guess,he has nothing more important to do as a Substantive Minister.

  2. “ This Pandemic has clearly shown us that we need competent people in key positions.”

    Competent people who care about Antigua who are not in government solely to enrich themselves

    • Gather you and him would feel better if you got the cert but not the vaccine. While you being petty, in the US and CA people on waiting list for the vaccine. As of 3 days ago only 10 percent of the US population has been vaccinated. In little ANU its 25 percent

      • That’s what is happening in every other country.

        The population of the US is over 300 million. Obviously it will take longer to inoculate 4000X more people.

        Still doesn’t explain the incompetent approach Antigua takes towards pretty much everything

  3. WANNA BEE it is best sometimes to just ignore TENMAN. He usually finds the most ridiculous examples to justify the indefensible positions of the government. A case in point is his example that a student cannot be given a certificate the same day he takes an exam. Now, how ridiculous is that example? Is that example equivalent to a person taking a vaccine and given a vaccine card (certificate) after to indicate that you have been vaccinated. The card would be used for presentation on your second vaccination. How difficult is it to produce a card (a piece of paper). It is wise in many cases to just ignore TENMAN and many of the ALP apologists and propagandists.

    • “A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.” see Proverbs 18:6 ESV /

      Tabor, hear you show your character. In your logic the only record of the vaccination, is a paper card. I gather then if the card is lost, gone are is any record of your vaccination? So to your mind someone simply showing a document without a picture is proof and entitles them to a second shot? We pass those times. Persons need only present a government issued id, and their records will be retrieved. You do know of this thing called a computer? It means there are digital records. The purpose of the cards is to remind persons of their second appointment but I suspect you know there are other methods to do same (When getting vaccinated they take your contact info including email address for those who have such). Try and leave the big thinking to others with a working brain, and stop showing yourself a fool. Is this some rare side effect from the vaccine? No, you been this way long before the covid vaccine was developed. Tabor 23, 428 persons have been so far given their first dose as of march 13th. This was a mass vaccination exercise. Try and resist, your natural urge, of being petty.

      • TENMAN let me repeat again. The examples you gave for the authorities not being able to give a vaccination certificate are nonsensical and utterly ridiculous.

  4. How ridiculous. I wondered about the continuous carnival like atmosphere at Glanvilles. I got my certificate at All Saints clinic the same time. How ridiculous to have persons lining up another day just to collect a piece of paper. Requiring working persons having to take more time off from work which would not have been necessary in the first place. I must applaud the nurses at the All Saints clinic. They made it all so easy. They did their job and got it over with. I guess it worked out that way because their were NO members of the government Covid committee available messing up what should be a simple process.

    • Better they stay more than an hour longer (day of vaccination), than returning for a few minutes to simply pick up the cards? You do know that including this as part of the first phase would cause delays and limit the number of persons being vaccinated? What’s more important?

      • It makes no sense to have people come out twice for one shot

        During a pandemic it just increases the chance of disease spread

        And it shouldn’t take hours to check someone ID, give them the shot, and then give them the vaccination card

        It’s pretty simple. They are doing just that all over the world

        It’s not rocket science

        • All over the world? Guy in Canada its optional. That paper can be easy work in the hand of a fraudster to create fakes. We are talking digital records. This information would be shared with entities like IATA. AS far as your argument that it should be one process, how would that work, when we allow private doctors to provide vaccines? Deal with shut-ins? The card situation is more possible when vaccinations are being done by appointment at a government controlled facility. Separating the process allows for more speed, hence mass vaccinations

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