LETTER: “Planned” BS Power Outages Sickening Now


Dear Editor, 

What is really going on at APUA? Their PR head needs an award for being able to disguise continous load shedding as “planned outages necessary for line upgrades, repair and maintenance”. I’m sick of this. In order to maintain the lines, they have to shut off power routinely every single day to multiple places? Really?


Are these “lines” made of cardboard? Or are they really “lines” of cocaine? Because high being on drugs is the only logical explanation for the way in which those in charge are managing the power in this country. Antigua is just not that big. It’s tiny. Go to Trinidad or Jamaica and we are smaller that some major communities there.

And yet, in tiny Antigua, we need to have multiple “planned outages” every week, almost everyday, if not everyday, in order to maintain lines?? This has been going on forever.

They act as if because they give forewarning, that makes it okay. People having their power off from 8:30 am to midday, is not okay. What are you doing?? Everyday, some part of Antigua is without power? Tiny Antigua? Jesus. 

I looked at APUA’s Facebook just now. Here’s a list of all the places where there were “planned outages” this week in part of the community: John Hughes, Paynters, Jennings, Yorks, Cedar Grove, Marble Hill, Cedar Valley, Mount Pleasant, Briggins, Golden Grove, Bolans, Valley Church, Harbour View, Jolly Harbour, English Harbour, All Saints Road, Cassada Gardens, Christian Valley. 


I shudder to imagine what it would be like if the jokers we have here had to manage affairs in a larger country. If you can’t get it right in a tiny place like Antigua, how would you perform elsewhere?

Economic **ithouse. If you’re reading this, please don’t forget to look at the comment section to see the nasty vagabond Labour Party supporters come out to praise the inadequacy of their public services and fling feces at anyone who says otherwise. Feces is the only thing they produce adequately.

Turn back on the F***ING power that I overpay for. I’m tired of this backwater third world nonsense. 

Sincerely,  Johnny 





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  1. I guess U prefer someone of the workers gets electrocuted while upgrading the system to make sure YOUR power will be uninterrupted after a hurricane passes???

  2. Hamburger, you really living on cloud 9. What does this have to do with hurricanes? Please. Just give me a break. This has been year round. Every week, multiple outages in various areas for “upgrades”. More than a dozen communities in a given week having power off for hours at a time? That makes sense to you? And this is going on year round?

    And what are you talking about upgrading the system so power is uninterrupted after a hurricane? Where are you even getting that explanation from?

    Suddenly the year round daily planned
    outages are about having power back after a hurricane?

    Drink water. Koolaid with give you political diabetes.

  3. Citizens need to invest in Solar with Battery backup, reduce the reliance in the failing APUA grid and fossil fuels, It works

  4. Don’t worry guys, buy an electric car that the country pushing with apua and their daily power outage and god awful structure cross the island.

    That’ll make everyone feel better lol

  5. I empathize with this customer, because about 15 years ago during the upp administration, the chairman then Mr potter had been going in a direction of hotline work where no power will come off as in Trinidad , Jamaica, Barbados and the USA and world over, but it was strongly objected to by some supervisor because such advancement meant they will not be boss over such new crew doing that job, and that said persons doing the job would have become their superior in some instances, that person journeyed to college in the USA only to be fought down by a backwards supervisor team, the customers would have been benefiting today, and taking into consideration that it’s private power suppliers, to ask them to shut down Genset because of reduce load because of power suppression, they still gets full pay as though that Genset is running, so Antigua tax dollar pay and don’t reap the benifit. The present engineers especially the electricity manager is a failure, he couldn’t work any place else unless as internship program, those other countries engineers has to be hands on, but I heard that Mr George Piggott was a real engineer hands on in his days who had to run from political interference. The present manager engineer and supervisor staff is obsolete and cannot bring Apua into the new era of power distribution and services, maybe one day the private power generation company might take over and bring people from abroad to teach the Antiguans, the power line was described as rickety poles in the Caribbean time bomb so you can see what Apua infrastructure is seen as and so too is the service. Bring live line work into APUA and benifit Antigua now.

  6. Well not that I don’t feel for this person but I can say that my power hasn’t been off for quite some time. Not meaning to jinx myself BUT the last time it was off was when someone ran into the lamppost going down Friar’s Hill and they did a good job with getting it back on.

    Maybe my area is lucky

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