LETTER: Person of Interest

ABLP Leader Gaston Browne

Dear Editor,

Dear Honorable Gaston Brown, it’s my esteemed pleasure to write this letter.

I’m really grateful for seeing how you care for our fellow Caribbean brothers and sisters by extending amnesty so that illegal immigrants could become regularized.

Over the years, we realized that our nation began to be diverse in culture, whereas to date, you can see us integrating with other Caribbean countries’ traditions. which plays a major role in letting our children know about our ancestors and see that we are all one.

Now it’s boiling down to election time, and I know the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) will take home all seats because there is no government that can lead us to greener pastures.

The United Progressive Party has shown much hatred toward non-nationals, and it’s evident because one of their own is married to a Jamaican, and they made a complete mockery of him on a radio program.

As I can recall, the UPP government mistreated our Caricom brothers and sisters as they mention, “Three years you live in a country and you are allowed to vote.”

In that year, the UPP government spiked a mass deportation and used the 2004 Act to block legal residents from obtaining citizenship.

We were born in Antigua and Barbuda, or some set of hypocrites, because some of us are citizens or green card holders of the United States, Canada, and England, or we fly there to have our children.

So that’s why we have a problem when someone else resides in our country? If you don’t know, foreigners play a major role in our economy;

without the taxes from work permits and, by extension, any other tax they have to pay, our country would not be able to stay afloat.

To be honest, most of the jobs that we, the people of Antigua and Barbuda, refuse non-nationals, do so with pride and dignity.

If you take a look at our Caribbean Community countries like Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, and Montserrat, just to name a few, all these countries are democratic nations and part of the Commonwealth.

It’s time we, the people of Antigua and Barbuda, and legal residents stood together to put a complete stop to the opposition party. and believe that once you are in the process of becoming a permanent resident, you should have a voice in our political affairs.

If the constitution isn’t amended, I’m planning on submitting a private member’s bill so it could be debated in parliament.

I pray long life over you, Uncle Gassy, as you continue to push forward for the people of Antigua and Barbuda and its residents.


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  1. Bull CHIT ARTICLE……..

    You cannot go to Barbados, Dominica, Trinidad, St Vincent and obtain the right to vote, SO WHY THE HELL DO YOU GUYS THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO RUN THE AFFAIRS OF ANTIGUA?
    You guys are simply being used by the ABLP to disenfranchise Antiguans and make us the BORN AND BRED NATIVES SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. You would never accept being second class citizens in your own country of Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts etc, muchless Barbados, but you all glad you have an opportunistic PM here who will facilitate your crap by using and buying your votes.

  2. Well said,I dnt Kno why some of us Antiguans dislike foreigners they are very nice people an they suffer the most living in our country we our self travel to other countries too an should be supportive towards others. But trust mi ABLP already won the election,it’s a clean sweep,my husband is from Jamaica an I Kno if UPp won I Kno they going pack all foreigners in a bag an ship Dem off. However ABLP has done alot not just to foreigners but also for his own nation of ppl here too. An we are very proud of him.

      • The foreigners better take this to heart. It is a Fack that UPP don’t like foreigners. Yes they hunt down foreigners when they were in power and deported them . I have been living in this country since 1987 and the first time I actually see immigration going to homes and packing people in a bus to Carry them to be deported. When UPP got into power. It’s is a fact.

  3. It is amazing how the United Puppet Party (UPP) supporters can express themselves when they are been opposed. They get extremely agitated & aggressive and use the most atrocious words in the vocabulary…. It is certainly a sign of defeat. Dem can’t tek dem beating in peace. Gaston & his ABLP administration must stay. We can’t stoop that low and have the United Puppet Party run our nation’s affairs again! Dem just na ready neither qualified

    • @ Bluddy Bloke

      who you think you trying to fool. foreigners will know when people are patronising them

      the desperation of gaston and his myriad of minions, wow

    • And the so called leader is not the rightful leader. He need to let the rightful leader lead. All of them are bad minded and upholding for not letting Mr Pringle take his rightful place. Dishonesty right there. People can’t trust them see how they are treating their own members.

  4. UPP have NO USE for NON NATIONALS. UPP hate NON NATIONALS. Richard Lewis married a Jamaican and UPP TREATED Richard Lewis with DISDAIN.

    • No it was me who wrote it and if you have a problem with it that’s ok you the fact still remains that UPP isn’t for non nationals

  5. Every election we bark the tune that Antiguans dont’ love foreigners. Alot of foreigners hold top jobs where Antiguans get crumps. You cannot go to Barbados especially and any other countries.
    Look at the time that he giving amnesty just before election. You get the same privilege as us, same benefits and you all still complain . Maybe they should put your all name on our birthday paper and make it official.
    This country supposed to be democratic country. Every citizen is free to choose to who they want to run our country. If we don’t have opposition in this country what life are we going to have other than dictatorship.
    Grown up need to stop mod slinging and work to better our country. Stop putting us against each other . People a suffering in this country and worry about that Antiguans dont’ love foreigners. Worry about the cost living going up and our salaries remain the same.
    The government at bay setting up their people high salaries and the person’s that actually doing the work work for minimum. Wake up everyday hearing the garbage it like a disease. We need help and the only one can help is GOD. Our young people don’t know we’re their going. So stop it and try make better life for young so they can have a better life.
    Another thing I married a non-National have children with him. Stop the the foolishness people.

    • So u think UPP can do better?. I agree with the salary part. But UPP is not the answer especially with the leader they have now
      U seems to forget how we had it when they were in power. Things were hard very hard.

      Yes this Government need to do more for lower income workers. Fix the water problem etc. Also remember the water problem started when UPP was in power. They let everything get dilapidated.

  6. @ PAM

    something is wrong. ABLP and GASTON behaving like they are the opposition and the UPP in power, I have never seen anything like this before.

    what a paradox
    they smelling the rat

  7. Election plot not doing amnesty for the love of the people,divide and rule is their only plan. love of their seat ,we will not forget the mandate that cause family members, and friends to be out of a job which creates hardship. ABLP don’t love foreigners they raise the fee to renew permits. ABLP only want votes to remain in power for self enrichment schemes.

    • I can say the same for UPP. All of them are power hungry. So I all think those people in the UPP love poor people? please. All of them is looking out for themselves and those that are close to them.

  8. This article has to be written by AntiFitz that’s herm style of writting. A paid political prostitute.
    Telling someone to do things correctly is not hating. Labour Party don’t love nobody but themselves, don’t be fooled! Election is close so you will see the false love just to stay in power.

    • But UPP don’t love nobody either. So is a bunch of selfish people doing what they are doing for their own gain

  9. I am very disappointed with the mistreatment of our Caribbean brothers and sisters. This article is not truthful and ABLP is using them like election football. In the other hand the UPP have not defended the notion that it is not non -national friendly and allow ABLP to gain an advantage with the non National electorate. ABLP has over has played a significant role in the enrichment of the Caucasian non-National by the expense of both picky head Antiguans and our Caribbean brothers that look like us. People like Kool , the brothers, the big car dealer on old Paraham road were and are presently enriched by the black picky head Antiguan politicians. It’s such shame to see how the politicians after giving away Antigua to these people depend on them for election campaign money. I hear everyone thanking kool for coming to their rescue in carnival sponsorship , in sporting sponsorship. In my line of work, I see daily the big contacts they get from our government. No tendering. These people are involved in everything and note nothing that is in line with their profession. They hire the picky head Antiguans and none National to do the work, while they collect the over priced, exorbitant sums.
    So fellow picky head Antiguans and picky head none nationals our fight is not against each other. We need to put things straight and let the politicians stop the nonsense of trying to put us against each other to gain political power. Not only are Antiguans treated like second class people but All picky head people living in Antigua. Do you see how our Ministers of government and public officials bow down to white people. Always hear the Jamaicas say “that cannot happen in a Jamaica “. Look on our independent day , who were the first two and most prominent awardees. Are we selling National awards to the highest bidders. Is Short Shirt and those two white men equal nationalistic speaking. Are their contributions passed the 39 ERS. You can appoint them economic envoy etc but to give away top nation awards for funding- election funding in many cases is absolutely absurd.

    • Both parties are about self. They don’t like black poor people. But black poor people don’t have the balls to really stand up to them. Black people in this country are cowards. Dem fraid Dem kin. Hell black people in this country don’t even like each other and that is what the politicians are using against them.

  10. As usual I’ve read a lot of nonsensical replies from the ABLP acolytes on here, but you would all do well to remember that talk is cheap.

    What are you doing for the economy or your fellow Antiguans, but blow hot air?

    My Antiguan passport has the CARICOM initials and emblem on it, and allows me as a businessman to conduct my work in any of the 15 Caribbean countries attached to the CC.

    I love conducting my business in Antigua, but as any good businessman will tell you, there must always be a plan B, if the economy, the dollar or even governments change for the worst.

    While many of you continue to CHAT rubbish (by the way, chatting nonsense has never put food on my table); businessmen like me will be putting plan B into action if ABLP retain power at the next General Election.


    Brixtonian ahead of the game as always …

  11. Are the so-called foreigners going to remain foreigners forever, or at some point they will think as Antiguans and their children born in Antigua Antiguans. The so-called foreigners suffer from the same inefficiencies as native Antiguans. Problem with water, problem with electricity, poor infrastructure and more non nationals have minimum wage jobs and live in the ghettos. These labour politicians are multiple millionaires, do they genuinely care about you or view you as just a convenience for your votes. Another thing, since when Antiguans don’t like foreigners? From since I know myself, Antiguans have welcomed people from the other Caribbean countries. It is only recently that there has been an influx of people from Guyana and Jamaica.
    Non nationals, stop being used by Gaston and his bandits, as all they really want is to remain in office so they can continue thieving what belongs to Antigua people, including your Antiguan born children.

  12. You are not speaking for all nor majority foreigners. If a PM or any political party give more rights and rights to illegal immigrants and spends no time building his own people, what kinda person or party is that? In your house, would you give strangers rights over your children?

    So the foreigners who are gloating that you are “favored”, blah blah blah, are nothing but a bunch of opportunist, who when you would have raped the system, just move on to the next victim. You come here, help build the country that made life better for you than where you came from. Shut your mouth and stay out of Antigua politics!

  13. I am a proud resident of Antigua and Barbuda how is it that Antiguans don’t like foreigners ? When ? stop chat rubbish if that was the case no foreigner would be here. When we do stupidness some people cuss arwe and we are dealt with accordingly. Can UPP take you to the airport if you have time in your Caricom passport? Have an Antiguan passport, did not commit any crime and you are living and working an honest dollar.? Stop listening to the gibberish. Yes they can raise all the fees foreigners pay like work permit .. but uncle gassy did too. Foreigners feeling the same labor pain Antiguans feel we are all waking up to the same dry pipe water in the bucket,bottle#social security can’t get a check after you sick for how much weeks #Sir Lester Bird Mount st John’s I forget the name no service so what in The name of peanutbutter&jellyis the article talking about. #think objectively #vote your conscience and make way for your dry head pickney in this#economic powerhouse can’t get you basic needs met that Uncle Gassy create… chupz..

  14. But UPP don’t love nobody either. So is a bunch of selfish people doing what they are doing for their own gain

  15. Folks, read “For you Eyes Only.”Please. Foreigners were brought here to displace,undermine and ensure that ALP remain in power. All the rest things, unending amnesty, give aways, are all election gimmicks. As long as you continue to revel in the crumbs they feed you and just blindly support them, they really don’t care. Mission accomplished. True to the playbook.

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