LETTER: Outrage over planned swingers event at Hodges Bay Resort



I am a Christian woman with two small children and I am outraged at our community for allowing a swingers event to taint our hearts, souls and children.

I was shopping and overheard hotel staff discussing a swingers event that is coming to our small community. I am a mother and it is ungodly to have these people in our community

Why has the devil allowed these sinners and sexual demons to invade our community, why has the hodges bay resort allowed such a group of people. Do you have no concern for God or your Christian duty!

Our community is scared and to allow these people to come in is a disgrace to God and what we have fought for.

What do you expect that we take our children and leave our homes when these people are in town flouting their sins in the local area this July?

This event should not be allowed to happen, it is a disgrace to our way of life and our people.

The hotel staff shared this event online and the number of these disgusting people coming to our small town. god wept

I expect our local government to out these tyrants and remove them from our town.

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  1. Y’all a bunch of hypocrites!! People will support gays, transgender and lgbtq and then turn around and be against a swingers party. What y’all think gonna happen when you allow these people to think they have rights different from the normal citizen. Y’all celebrating a transgender in a gay parade yet still you’re concerned about your children being exposed in a swinger party. Your children are already exposed to all these men turning into women and women turning into men. Time to stop the hypocrisy when you celebrating same sex marriage. The idea!

    • Bitch, mind your business. How the hell grown people banging each other in a hotel is tainting children?! Ah grudge you grudge the nearga and dem for dem sexual freedom? And me sure if you married or hab one man, he ah cheat pan you so if these ADULTS are fine with their partners having sex with other people, let them be! You say it’s a disgrace to “our way” of life. No, it’s a disgrace to YOURS. You ask if the people allowing the event have no regard for their “Christian duty.” Bitch, maybe you have a Christian duty but not everyone else. Speak for yourself. I have no problem with the people and dem living their life. I may try it in the future.


        Aint getting between the ‘…author and commenter.’

        HOWEVER,’ these ‘…Three Little Words- ‘…Banging Each Other,’ seem to connote a whole lot of things.

        Hope when someone starts throwing ‘…Blows,’ no ‘…Banger’ complains for anything.

      • All I will say here is that as free moral beings, we always reap what we sow.

        We make choices and we have to deal with the consequences. There is NO way around that.

        At the end of it all, every individual will stand before the Creator to face judgement.

        So, if we decide to live our lives in any corrupt manner now, then of course; we should only expect a certain result.

        Nothing and I repeat NOTHING goes on upon this earth secretly. Every thought, word and action by every human being are recorded by the angels.

        When our names are called in judgement: we will be judged by the book. The written instruction manual that God has inspired to be our guide.

        All who thinks and believes otherwise; the time of judgement will certainly be a HORRIBLE day for many.


        • * My first comment was meant for the author of the article not “On the inside.”
          However, @World – You believe you will stand before a creator at the end of life but could it possibly occur to you that others believe otherwise? Or that their Creator is not the one behind The Bible? Y’all Christians have this arrogance that you are absolutely right and there is no evidence to substantiate that. ‘Low nearga mek arwe sex dung di place (if we’re consenting adults) as we like. Bout corrupt way of life.

          • I reiterate; we are free moral beings capable of making our own choices. With that comes responsibility, accountability, and consequences. Whether you believe in one thing or another, that is the choice for everyone to make. The TRUTH always stands regardless of who believe or not believe.
            What is right is the TRUTH. It can stand any test.
            For every cause there is an effect. We reap what we sow.
            Look at the world and consider the cause of all the evil you see.
            Unless you have gotten to that stage where evil is looked at as being good and good considered as evil.

            In the case of ” their Creator is not the one behind The Bible”: I will challenge you to study the prophetic books of Daniel, Revelations, etc. Then with an open mind, attempt to justify how an uninspired book could have predicted how world events would happen hundreds/thousands of years before they actually occurred and are recorded in history books written by man.

            It is a simple work, man.
            The evidence is pellucid for those who have eyes to see to see.


      • Mind your business sis , if its inside the hotel that has nothing to do with you ….just like when you laid to make your children did anyone bother you ? Please!!!! Let people live in peace

    • We are free moral agents: created with minds to make choices.
      History has shown that we continually make the wrong choices. Humanity loves evil, cherishes evil.
      The Creator will NEVER force His will on mankind. We must make the choice whether to follow good or evil.
      At the end of the day: either choice comes with consequences.
      Foolishly, we expect to follow the evil way and achieve good results.

      The history of mankind on earth shows pellucid evidence that our ways only bring confusion, greed, corruption, vanity, diseases, wars, chattered dreams and all the other ills.
      God will NEVER and I repeat God will NEVER attempt to force us to follow His way.
      However, please DO Not expect your end to be good if your intent is following evil.

      You Fools: The people die not for lack of knowledge, but because of our refusal to accept TRUTH. We close your minds to RIGHTEOUSNESS because you love WRONGTEOUSNESS.

      Hence, one day soon, even the Creator will have to blot out (destroy) all who have rejected the opportunities to follow the NARROW path.
      Taake a look at history: The MAJORITY has always followed evil. The way to destruction is easy. It is like swimming with the tide. No effort…freewill lifestyle.

      It takes courage, heart, discipline, and faith to swim against the tide. This is what most people refuse to do because they prefer the vanities of the world. That is why broad is the way that leads to destruction. The path to Righteousness; few will take because it does not exhibit the selfishness, greed, swinger lifestyle that look and feel good now.
      So chose to enjoy the fleeting temporary pleasures of evil: the consequences will follow soon.

      THERE are TWO ways to choose from: You decide: –


      WORLD “CRYSIS”: Be warned: You can swing and bling and ding….The last call is made by He who has the keys to life and death. Chose one !

      • I totally agree with you. Just from the remarks on this topic, it tells me that the Bible is not a book of lies. People have become lovers of themselves and unrighteousness. The callous way in which some are commenting and openly disregarding God, is frightening. It’s as if our society has wholeheartedly accepted the ways of the devil. May God have mercy on us.

        • Neptune I agree with you 10000 percent. People seem to have no regard for God , God help us!!!!

  2. So much is happening in Antigua and you choose to write about that?

    Pimps, hoes, pastors, preachers, politicians,
    Whore houses, murderers, drug dealers, wife beaters, child molestors and much more are there before these people arrive and they will be there after there’s people leave. If that is your concern you have much more to worry about what’s here now and permanently.

  3. Get your friends and family and rally them and picket the club. Instead of waiting for someone to fix it……come come get up off our rear end and fight for God!!!!

  4. It’s all good and well when people of either sex are banging random people behind their partners back, which happens all the time. But when they do it out the public eye, and their partner has no issue you take offense?


  6. What’s so outrageous about it? Happens every year during carnival and we never picket carnival. Quite frankly, I’d be far more alarmed if the hotel was hosting a church convention for alter boys and priests…

  7. To the person who wrote this: This would be the perfect opportunity to mind your business or the business that pays you, and let others live their lives and make their own choices. Many can write an essay on the hypocrisy of Christians and Christianity, but you don’t see anyone here doing that. The fact that you took time to write this nonsense says more about you than it does about people who choose a lifestyle that embraces “swinging”. Here’s some advice from this non-swinger to you, spend your time learning to embrace the ideals of religion that you’re so up in arms trying to protect and stop judging others. Especially since his is hearsay and a subject you clearly know nothing of first-hand. Again, MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

  8. And one more thing since your little letter properly pissed me off: asking the government to oversee people’s sexual activities has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I love Antigua, but it is a place in the world just like every other country. Expect to find any and everything there because it is a location filled with people from all over the world. If you want a government that invades your personal space and regulates your personal choices, pick a communist/regime-led country and move there. I hope you re-read the nonsense you posted and reconsider embarrassing yourself like this again. Pure foolishness…

  9. Who gives a flying / swinging fck about YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN????? with your holy than thou busted / disgusted looking a** …..Whoooooooo …..nobody thats who.

    They should fck right in you and your kids faces in broad daylight…. your so bitter ….is it bcos nobody invited your nobody a** …..if your hole na bangggg PLEASE JOIN..

  10. I guess you thought your letter would cause OUTRAGE & OUTCRY …… NOTTTTT……go sit dung you fat ….frotty pork a** somewhere……we gonna swing till the pussies dem numb & raw.

    Listen out for ALL the moaning YOU wish YOU could be getting.

    You jealous you dnt look fckable aymore….your man probably would give his life to attend.

  11. How stupid you sound ….you actually think they gonna be parading naked PUBLICLY ……THANK GOD some well needed monies are gonna be spent …the excursions…the tshirts…etc vendors gonna get souvenirs sell..

    The nightly activitiesIS CLEARLY NO REASON TO BE ALARM.

    I believe if you got fcked daily you will be less appalled…and saying YOUR A CHRISTIAN MEANS NOTHING JUS LIKE YOU & YOUR UGLY KIDS.

    • Wow, I honestly thought you would have found a way to blame the PM Browne for this … I’m proud of you, you’re growing up..

  12. Wa bet she man nar fck she hard & trangggg DAILY.
    Wa bet she hole turn arrrfff she man.
    Wa bet she cyant fuk gud.
    Wa bet she so stiff he cyant get backshots anymore.

    Wa bet she really wish she cudda go.

  13. Those swingers events,swap wives,girlfriends,husbands and boyfriends. They come into Antigua spend their green backs and leave. They better protect themselves. They in my opinion are not offending anyone. What are the real reasons. Why the letter writer is so upset?

  14. At the end of the day it is just sex. Most of these swinger’s relationship are probably more stable than most socalled married christians whose husbands have sidechicks that they don’t know anything about.

  15. “AIDS super spreader”

    Anything goes under this useless ALP government. They have plunged this county to the depths of degradation. This would never be allowed under PLM. These diseased freaks should be declared persona non grata.

      • You are free to take dem back to Jamaica with you, so we can kill two skunks with one stone.

        • Oh boo hoo cry me one fuxx river. U sound miserable like da writer. Da people and dem inna one hotel a fuxx dem nah dey nun way fu u. Ah bex ya bex cause ya na get nun😝😝 or maybe ya boi cant tan up for da action and by da way ah ya me barn so only way me ah go a cemetery😜.

  16. Nobody cares about your Christian values that the slave masters forced upon our ancestors. The Bible is complete garbage.

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