LETTER: Our peaceful holiday has been shattered by a youth riding around the streets of Paradise View on a very noisy motorcycle


Dear Editor,

This is our first time staying on your beautiful Island and we thought a Villa in Paradise View would be ideal.

Our peaceful holiday however has been shattered by a youth riding around the streets of Paradise View on a very noisy motorcycle which he revs constantly.


It is daily but particularly bad over the weekends It is not someone going somewhere and then sometime later coming back.


This youth obviously thinks he is on a racetrack on some powerful motorbike when he is actually riding around the streets of Paradise Bay on some kind of souped up motor scooter.

I cannot believe that the full time residents have to put up with this. At least as a tourists we have a choice. If we come back to Antigua it will not be to Paradise Bay.


Tourists post reviews of their holidays so maybe the local police will take some action before the local tourist Board start getting negative reviews.

Two fed up tourists

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  1. Someone please help me understand what this guest is on about. This person sounds like a resident of the community and they are a visitor. If they were disenfranchised then this letter should not have been to a public forum but to the villa owners or managers of the property they were occupying. I’m not saying that the person had rights to be making noise per say but if other residents were cool with it why did this guest have their knickers in a twist.you want to be a part of our communities by going the BNB villa route then accept what comes with our community life. We welcome our foreign guests but please don’t come and try to adjust our way of life. This is the caribbean not the USA nor UK nor any of the other first world countries who have facilities for us to exercise our hobbies. What we have is a community who supports our passion within reason and assists to build us by ignoring certain neuaunces that may result from our hobbies. If you are spending time in our communities “DEAL WITH IT!”

  2. I understand noise is annoying when it is not wanted. But this is a matter that the person having the right to ride as long as he wants and where he wants, even to ride to “no place”.

    I do believe we should bring awareness to the locals about the importance of being neighborly and appreciating the gift of a beautiful island we have that tourist comes to and we will want to come back.

    So, both sections, tourist and locals must be accommodated, and locals must value the tourism business they are investors of.

    I think the tourist took it a bit far but perhaps this kind of awareness is needed before it is too late.

    I was watching YouTube and a lot of the locals while in public and in plainview would insult, and threaten youtubers who are publishing the beautiful island of Antigua to the world, to get more tourist and dollars into the country for those same people who threaten to kill them for simply using their camera/eye in public, plainview, with no reasonable expectation to privacy and such recording is not objectionable.

    I was watching a hensley Isaac YouTube video and then the one with the gorgeous lady he sometimes have with him, she has a channel top, and they would sadly get so much threats and practically apprehension assault, and intimation.

    I am asking for laws and protection for these people because I watch their video after work at night and when I am stress. Secondly, can I get that girls number? Is she single ha ha ha ha ha.

    But on a serious note, Antiguan can do better. Tourism is very important, act like you know this.

  3. I’m not a fan of noise either but this seems like an over-exaggeration. People literally live where you vacation. You can’t expect their lives to be put on pause to please you. May only reasonable tourists visit our shores.

    • It is not visitors alone who have problems with these noisy motor cycles. I sometimes visit people on Bendals road and a young man is all over the place with his bike making so much noise and when his exhaust backfires you think somebody set off a bomb. This cannot be right.

  4. I live in the area and it is an annoyance. Frankly a tourist shouldn’t have to complain for the youth/ his parents to know that it is an annoyance, it’s noise pollution and it’s inconsiderate to other persons local and otherwise who live here.

  5. I cannot believe you all are supporting this nonsense or I should say this noise-sense. Only in Antigua! Y

  6. Writer I feel you. I live on the eastern part of the Island and have the same issue. what annoys me most is when they come through during early morning hours.. 12 am and after, seem to stop to rev their engines in the dead of night. sometimes you can’t go back to sleep. It is seriously inconsiderate and unacceptable. All of you commenting with your nonsense need to invite them to ride their motor bikes in your neighborhood and see if you feel the same way . Idiots!! By the way it’s not just the bikes, it is the noisy cars as well.

  7. A…The tourists don’t beg us to come to their shores!
    B…We beg and beseech(advertise) for them to come and share our BEAUTY with us.
    C…They have the right to complain and air their opinions.

    This is a tough one to mitigate, since, personal freedom and rights comes into play. There are laws on the books, that deals with Noise Pollution, therefore if there is a developing problem which needs addressing, then the authorities have work to do.

  8. I live in the area and I’m pretty sure it’s a quad and it is extremely ANNOYING. The constant back and forth and loud revving is completely unnecessary. I don’t understand how his or her family members allow it to carry on. I live on the hill opposite and it sounds like they’re right outside my window. I can’t even imagine how it sounds to the immediate neighbours. At least those tourists get to leave and return to their peaceful neighbourhood.

  9. Not only dumb, but very backward. Small island syndrome and lack reasoning , the idiots are the loudest.

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