LETTER: Karaoke Bar Operator Cries Out For Help


I am karaoke operator who earns my living from my karaoke business, but since the coronavirus I have not earned a dollar and I am now in a very dangerous situation.

I have no food to eat for my family and I don’t know when I would be able to work again because governments says bar and restaurants can open but no music and most of my business comes from bar and restaurants.

The truth is I am a supporter of your government and your leadership and still continue to support but something must done because we have to eat to.

It is strange that buses can run with full capacity, Cinemas can open, the big hotels have in house entertainments but the small man can’t eat.

Please tell me what is the problem if we follow social distancing and observe all the protocols we do our thing. If you are opening up the economy to put people out to work then let’s strive so we can employ more people.

Prime minister the challenges are real people really suffering and want to earn a dollar.

Please, I am asking you to look into this situation and addressed it so I can start to earn a living. The bar and restaurant industries hire quite a lot persons who are now home please Prime Minister we need help.



  1. If you have to use a mic to sing 🎤 then one will be at danger of catching the disease. You have to get pass the mic situation first.(not mic sharing).

    • The same way utensils can be sanitized in restaurants and money is passing on buses, in cinemas, etc, mics can be sanitized before each singer.
      Every aspect of our lives, all job situations and activities have to adjust to the ‘new normal’. We just need to find the correct adjustment and adhere in all instances.

  2. Boss, if you pickney hungry go tek up a wheelbarrow and go look fkn work. Bawl bout I am a out of work Karaoke Operator lol

    • Every man has a right to voice issues regarding his predicament. Many people have adjusted their livelihood due to the virus, but how would the world go round if everyone was pushing wheelbarrows??? Be more considerate chubblesum.

    • Chubblesum: Stupidity is an earthly gift.A man is crying out for help.You would put your foot on his throat.

    • Everyone is suffering. People who actually go and do a full days work. Wheeling a Karaoke machine into a bar is not a profession, that is a side hustle. Maybe he can buy a bouncy castle so he can be as equally occupied ah daytime.

      • Your tactlessness and delivery leaves much to be desired. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

        The man is simply asking the government to allow them to begin operations… he has a right to ask.. we don’t have to like his question.

        But then again, I guess your name is chubblesome for a reason.

  3. This fair everyone must make a living using a mike is simple all systems must have 2 mics while one using sanitize one and rotate them hotels have live bands and karaoke is this a case of discrimination. Come on

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