LETTER: Ohh Lord Help Us Nurses, the Government Will Not!


Dear Editor,

While I am excited that government workers got their backpay, Sir Lester Bird Medical Center is still a  place of turmoil for us.

While persons are busy setting plans for a backpay,WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT ONCE MORE!!!!
Due to financial difficulties from the board which they will obviously take years or never pay.

We all do the same work  what is DIRECT AND INDIRECT WORKER IN A HOSPITAL?

I have never voted, but I think this is my time I have never seen advantage so in all my life.

So when you hear nurses are leaving

It is because we cannot survive here in our own country.

Do you think they care for me as a nurse for over 16years?

Or my son or my rent or my child’s school fee?as I write I am in tears,I voted for ABLP,i am not writing for fame or political gain.

I voted for this government haven’t we cried enough for you?

The choice is then clear to me.

Gaston oh Sir HELP US.

Promise is a comfort to a fool my vote is for my backpay.


a good thing me did register.

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  1. People, believe me.
    I knew Gaston before he became PM. I will repeat again, that he always wanted to be leader to become rich. It was never about people or country. Selfish fellow.
    It’s not a coincidence that he is minister of finance and his wife is minister of Lands.
    In a real country, he and his wife would be chased out of office and Jailed.

  2. The ” on call ” shifts for doctors need immediate attention looking into also. It’s an inhumane shift. How can an individual work 24 to 30 plus hours without anytime to sleep? The doctors are humans too. Their bodies need rest like anyone of us. A proper shift system need to be implemented which requires atleast 12 hrs the most per shift. A doctor’s tired body can always negatively trickle down to the patient

  3. This letter is a fake and phony complaint. The writer said “I have never voted…” then later said they voted for ABLP. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    Moving right along as this is obviously one of UPP’s minions trying to sow the seeds of discord.

    • Nobody outside of your favoured mafia- family run organization should have any reasons to ‘sow the seeds of discord’; you are already doing it to yourselves. What we have been witnessing overtime, is nothing short of an implosion, while the people’s business is being ignored. We see the godfather eager to crush any threat to his supremacy.


      Are u a nurse are you experiencing our experiences we all worked government or MSJMC employees we all need to be paid we all deserved our backpay we are still waiting for covid-19 monies we are been treated as animals by the health Minister, hospital managers and supervisors alike and yet still they’re expecting us to give our all when they cause u to become broken. We are so sick n tired of these people to the point where we don’t even want to go to work they cause us to be emotionally, mentally n psychological sick n when one call or submit a sick report it becomes a issue when they cause us to be sick in the first place.

  4. You all at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre never cry when you all got a bonus for Christmas and other nurses elsewhere disnt get. You are a dame shame! Everything a politics for you all….me sick an tired a you all lazy nurses money grabbing.

    • Allu must stop it…. it was $300 bonus that the whole of the hospital got… Since we so lazy why don’t you become a nurse and try and do our job for 8 hours sick and tired of you guys that think nurses should just take all what the public do and say not say a darn thing…. we are human beings too

    • I hope you never get sick n meet the lazy money grabbing nurses to save your life…..I hope you never grab any ham or turkey with your hungry greedy lazy self that refuses to work and buy your own

      You lost value of and in life u arrogant scum.

  5. The board at msjmc and the manager’s
    They keep the money in pocket and nitpick who and when they want to give money. It’s all about favoritism. Alot of them sit in there comfy chairs at hospital and make decisions without any concern what ‘s happens on the Wards. They are all just seeking ways to keep the money in pocket while the little solders work like dogs. Msjmc nah can bout nobody!
    They have heart to say we don’t deserve it. Wicked set a people

  6. Community nurses need their overtime that we worked for at the airport since covid and we were never considered for the covid stipend because I guess we never worked. When everyone else was at home the clinics had to open. We still to do home visits and yet still we never worked in covid. We have to go to the elderly homes to vaccinate them and yet still we never worked in covid. But guess what our level heads are to be blamed. Anything happen again in this country this nurse ain’t working for no wish money or live of country

  7. this is contradictory, first you never voted, then you voted ABLP then you register which is it? please get your story straight and vote for the government that will look out for the people and not themselves

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