LETTER: Next to be knighted will be Maria Browne?

Browne, Benjamin, Bird-Browne/Photo: Wayne Mariette


The ABLP is giving away knighthoods like crazy. Two of the worse Ministers in the history of Antigua are now Sirs.

Robin Yearwood who gave away our electricity to a private friend;  who oversaw the destruction of the desalination plant installed by the Father of the Nation; who has overseen the worst water problem in our history… and he is knighted.

Who protected a useless General Manager who not once in the past 3 years of the worse water crisis in our history has ever once faced the media.

Then still under Robin Yearwood the appointment of one of his close friends as CEO of the Airport Authority.

We have an International Airport and with that position comes certain international responsibilities.

But Robin did not care. The Jamaican CEO was backstabbed and undermined and gotten rid of.

I stress we need to understand that VC Bird Airport is an International Airport. The person in charge must have international experience.

This is not a play play position. And it took the PM to address this situation last Saturday.

Another knight is Cutie Benjamin, the worse Attorney General in our history. I will just concentrate on the out of control crime situation.

I read Antiguanewsroom last Saturday and there were at least 6 incidents of armed robbery or home invasions.

Cutie is the man in charge of the Police and neither he nor the Commissioner have a clue how to address the out of control crime. But he is knighted.

I fully expect that the next knight on the list will be Maria Browne. To be made a Dame.

Once again the worse Public Works Minister ever. Mind you she is Minister in  name only as she rarely goes to work.

I have been trying to have a meeting with her for 5 months.

The Staff at Public Works have been unable to set the appointment as they do not know when she will come to work.

Meanwhile all the roads have become mini canals.

I just lost a tyre and rim on the road behind WIOC that links Friars Hill Road to Marble Hill Road.

Half of the road is a deep canal. All of the major roads have huge craters and there seems to be no plan. But not to worry damehood is coming.

God save Antigua.


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    • Would it be too progressive to remove all emotions and sentimental feelings from facts. When we look around our country are we satisfied that they are doing their job? yes or no. I would say since the majority of people are rehiring them every election and the rest remain so indifferent or passive aggressive, it would suggest that the condition of the country is what everyone has manifested.

  1. This person just bitter an too lie! Maria is one of the hardest working ministers. Her office was at PM office if you wanted to see her you have to call her secretariat to make an appointment. Smh

    • have you seen the damages to Fig Tree Drive road which leads to two major hotels, the big hole in front of her branch office, the roads around Clare Hall and Johnsons, All Saints Road to English Harbour? please tell her to address those quick!!

    • @talk truth
      I agree they are as bitter as ever.
      Not coming to work they said. That must be because you’re dunce self must be trying to go to her on the weekend.
      He doesn’t have to knight her by the way.
      She will become a Lady when he is knighted. Which is a surety.

  2. Lost a tyre and rim what’s the speed limit on that road?

    Is she in charge of other ministries? She still should manage Public works professionally at least find time if your statement is true.

    • That last part; if the statement is true. People create their own truths for political expediency. It’s sad that we’re becoming like the ring wibg Republicans who support Daonald Trump with disinformation. Just to rile up your base, you pen these insensate articles because you hate your own people and are unpatriotic. If you continue like this, misery will be your legacy.

  3. Her office is now on Friars hill road and I can attest that she is one of the most hard working and committed ministers. I have visited her and she is one of the kindest people I have met. Whoever wrote this is bitter as hell.

    • Let them continue to spew hate. She will rise to the top despite their utterances. Lady Maria Vanessa Browne will become PM one day.

  4. Sarcasm won’t help our nation. It is important for every nation on this planet to express their gratitude to persons who made significant contributions to nation building. Of course we all have different opinions as to who contributed and who didn’t. Honouring those who contributed should become part of who we are as a people. We should be proud and be thankful that they did what they did. We stand on the shoulders of all who came before us.

  5. If the leader of the country is a lunatic and his followers find no fault with him,I guess the country is now a lunatic country………..Antigua is now a point finger country, gaston is letting others point at us and laugh……….Antiguans allow the foreigners to come in and vote for color and not for the love of the country……….If a Jamaican or Dominican comes to antigua they’re voting red because they were in the red party back home,what nonsense is that………ABLP followers are dogs,they’re deprived of basic necessities and still playing like they’re are so devoted

  6. People who oppose just for the sake of opposing will never be credible. If the UPP cannot pinpoint any good that the Gaston Brown administration has done to the benefit of Antigua and Barbuda they are doing themselves an injustice. The facts are plain for all to see . If everything the government does is painted in a negative light then you have believed your own lies . Credibility is the foundation to build trust . The UPP has zero credibility even the facts they choose to deny . Truth cannot be hidden. When you lie and twist everything to let the government look bad you are doing it to yourself because the truth can Not hide.

    • So explain how 40-odd years of ABLP governance hasn’t seen similar improvements like other countries in the region @ Patriotic Antiguan?

      Or are you saying that you are happy with the 40 long years that you see around you today of poverty,
      scarcity and lack of proper infrastructure?

      You are absolutely correct when you say that ‘Truth cannot be hidden …”


  7. Wait so we’re rewarding mediocrity now? The writer is so correct! @Patriotic Antiguan, please tell us what has been in the last 9 years? When was the last time you walked in St. John’s? The place is a disgrace! Are you aware of the 2% increase that Gaston plans to implement? What happened to the economic powerhouse cause people still can’t get payed? @Dave Ray, you must be insane as well as delusional! The ABLP is the one mirroring the republican party. They are the ones afraid to tell Gaston the truth because he has the power like Trump (unfortunately). Trump has done so many agrejous things but the sheep in his party turn a blind eye. So too with Gaston,all you have to do is read the newspapers for the last year to see all the scandals and fraud he has involved Antigua in! Yet, all the labourites can do is grumble behind closed doors! Imagine, he ignores diehard labourites and brings in Upp rejects/castoffs. The labourites must feel so betrayed but they can’t say anything because they like the republicans will keep in with scum if they feel it is in their self interest no matter how Gaston insults them and degrades them. Maria, the next prime minister in which country?!! You know better, but you will say anything to try to kiss up to the pm, but trust me it won’t work and you know why! Disgusted.

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