LETTER: Next Level Leadership is Required


Dear Editor,

In a recent letter to the Editor entitled “Makings of a political leader” by Barack Samuel, the writer highlights a number of potential persons he believes should be considered to be the leader of the Unity Progressive Party and future Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

This writer’s opinion not only falls short on the leadership options mentioned in the UPP but also a clear definition of the qualities needed to lead our great nation.

In 2014, Gaston Browne came to the office of Prime Minister with the hopes of our nation on his back.

However, 9 years later Mr. Browne has failed to live up to the expectation of the nation and the definition of a leader.

This article seeks to lay out the qualities that I believe our country should be looking for in its next Prime Minister.

One of the most important qualities for any Prime Minister is the ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision for the future.

A good leader must be able to communicate their ideas and plans to the people in a way that is easy to understand and inspires them to work towards a common goal. A visionary leader can see beyond the present challenges and can chart a course for the country’s growth, development and progress.

In addition to being visionary, a good political leader must also be respectful of others. A leader who is respectful listens to the opinions of others, seeks out diverse perspectives, and treats all people with dignity and fairness. This helps to build trust, fosters a sense of unity, and creates an environment of collaboration where everyone is working towards the same goal.

A consensus builder is another important quality of a good Prime Minister. A leader who is able to bring together people from different backgrounds and political affiliations to work towards a common goal is invaluable in today’s political climate. Such a leader is able to find common ground, build bridges and create synergies to achieve what many may see as impossible.

A mature leader is someone who is able to keep their cool under pressure and make wise decisions even in difficult situations. This is especially important in politics, where decisions can have far-reaching consequences for the country and its citizens. A mature leader is also able to admit when they have made a mistake, learn from it and chart a new course of action.

Charisma is another quality that can be very beneficial for a leader of a country. Charismatic leaders are able to inspire and motivate people with their words and actions. They have a magnetic personality and are able to connect with people on a personal level, making them feel seen and heard.

Politically sharp leaders are able to navigate the complex political landscape and understand the intricacies of policy-making. They are able to anticipate challenges, devise solutions, and build support for their initiatives. They understand the political power dynamics and can leverage their relationships with other leaders to achieve their goals.

A prime ministerial leader is someone who embodies the highest level of leadership and responsibility. They must be able to make tough decisions, communicate with the public effectively, and represent their country on the world stage. They are the face of their nation and must act with dignity, decorum and grace, especially during difficult times.

Finally, a good Prime Minister must have real leadership qualities that inspire and motivate others to action. This includes being able to make tough decisions, being decisive and accountable, and leading by example. They must also be able to inspire others to act on their own and not just follow blindly.

In summary, Antigua and Barbuda should be looking for Prime Minister who is articulate, visionary, respectful, a consensus builder, mature, charismatic, politically sharp, prime ministerial, and has real leadership qualities. Such a leader can inspire the nation to greatness and ensure that Antigua and Barbuda continues to thrive in the years to come.

If we as a nation are looking to move to the next level of prosperity and success for all, it is clear we have to start seriously addressing the matter of leadership.

After winning a third term it is clear Gaston Browne has taken us as far as he can in the role of Prime Minister.  The time has now come for us to look to a new vision.

The question must then be who do we see with the above qualities to lead our nation?


The best leaders….

Leadership is about taking responsibility for one’s actions, decisions, and mistakes. However, it is unfortunate that some leaders choose to blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong. This kind of behavior is not only unprofessional but also detrimental to the success of any country.

Blaming others for one’s mistakes is a common defense mechanism that many people use to protect their ego and avoid taking responsibility. However, when it comes to leadership, this behavior can have serious consequences. Leaders who refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes create toxic environs where people closest to them are afraid to take risks and make decisions. This can lead to a culture of fear and distrust, which can ultimately harm the nation as a whole

Moreover, leaders who blame others for their mistakes often fail to learn from their experiences. Instead of reflecting on what went wrong and how they could have done things differently, they simply shift the blame onto others. This prevents them from growing as leaders and improving their decision-making skills.

Blaming others for one’s mistakes also undermines the leader’s credibility and authority. Subordinates look up to their leaders for guidance and direction. When leaders blame others for their mistakes, they lose the respect and trust of all their people. This can make it difficult for them to lead effectively and achieve their goals.

In contrast, leaders who take responsibility for their mistakes set a positive example for their people. They demonstrate that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you own up to them and learn from them. This creates a culture of accountability where people are more likely to take responsibility for their actions and decisions.

As a leader, it is important to remember that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes from time to time. The key is to take responsibility for those mistakes, learn from them, and move forward.

In a breaking news article today , the law firm representing two time golden globe award winner Angela Basset has reached out to the government of Antigua and Barbuda with a cease and desist letter demanding that the actresses name and

image be removed from any Antigua and Barbuda tourism marketing campaign material .

The larger question at hand is “ Who is responsible for appointing all
ambassadors ?” In the usual and quick fashion the Prime Minister has once again come out, after yet another international “cock up“ in the media; and thrown someone else, this time the “Antigua and Barbuda Tourisim Authority“ under the bus for his actions. The facts are the buck stops with him.

In conclusion leaders who blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes are doing a disservice to their colleagues and their people. They create a toxic living environment, undermine their credibility and authority, and fail to learn from their actions. On the other hand, leaders who take responsibility for their mistakes set a positive example for their people and create a culture of accountability. As a leader, it is important to remember that owning up to your mistakes is a sign of strength, not weakness.


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  1. I agree that Gaston has nothing more to offer. He never had anything to offer and Antiguans are now wising up to this reality. Time for us to move on to a new leadership who can offer something new and different. Something better.

  2. @ MM, by you highlighting the qualities needed for good leadership is very admirable, and you’ve set a very high bar especially for any – current – politician.

    What’s so frustrating about having a leader like Gaston Browne, is that Antiguans know we deserve so much better.

    It’s like having a Kia driver being in charge of a beautiful customised Lamborghini and then crashing it, and then blaming someone else for damaging it.

    Gaston is the fly in the country’s ointment, and we will never make headway in our economy, infrastructure and especially accountability.

    A well written piece, that hits the target full on 👍

    • Gaston Browne’s GREEDOCRACY continues to keep Antiguans POOR and his cabinet members and allies RICH.

      A better distribution of the wealth in Antigua & Barbuda is now much needed.

      Come on Prime Minister, prove that CAPITALISM in a DEMOCRATIC country works, you can do it … I think!

    • Why don’t you throw your hat in the ring since Gaston Browne is an obvious failure. Oh right you can’t because you only exist behind a phone screen with an overexaggerate life you claim to have. You are nothing short of a keyboard warrior so lost in his delusional world you actually believe the make believe fantasy of the wonderful life. Now here you come to reply to me calling me a Gaston Supporter just because praise you “wordplay” and won’t “challenge” you. But do enjoy yourself its quiet clear for the next 5 years you will have alot of “wordplay” and “debate” for all who don’t play follow the Brixtonian. Now here you come in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

  3. Not so sure being married to one political party or the other is the way of the future. It does not appear that we can focus on the positive things that an administration has done because we are married to a party and so we have to look at the negatives and the disadvantages. The focus is on trying to oust the party in power rather than figuring out the way forward in an increasingly fragile world. There must be areas of cooperation for our leaders from both parties. Call me naive but cooperation is essential for nation building. There has to be a third way maybe?


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