LETTER: My frustrations are through the roof


Dear Editor, my frustrations are to the roof.


There is a particular hotel which need some serious overhaul.


They have been allowed to fill top positions with foreigners  for far too long. They come here and treat people like second class citizens.


Not only do they treat workers badly but whenever they make mistakes they blame you and make the company fire you or write you up. Now don’t get me wrong.


I do not have anything against foreigners I am one myself. However, I think persons here can do a-lot of the jobs they send overseas to be filled.


I am not just talking about born Antiguans but foreigners who live here as well. I have lived here for more than 15 years.


I love Antigua and it’s people. I think they are some of the most hospitable persons in the region.


Can you imagine they bring a manager and me the regular worker is being asked to train them.


I don’t like my supervisor but I know they would do a better job than the last two managers we have had.


Moreover, we the workers of the said establishment have been dealt an injustice. Occupancy for weeks have been more than 80% yet still they find it hard to return our service charge points to it’s original state.


In another instance they said the company couldn’t afford bonus yet all the top managers got bonus. How is it fair that persons who are given travel allowance, housing, and more to be given bonus.


Don’t tell me I should be happy to have a job either. We need to stop allowing employers to use our need for employment to take advantage of us. Nothing controls a population more than keeping them in poverty.


Something needs to be done because is like them buy out the union.

I guarantee they will say no one has come to them about these issues despite us going to them on numerous occasions.


Frustrated hotel worker.


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  1. Were any locals qualified for the job? If not, what does it matter? Also, training someone on the inner workings of the facility because you were there first should not be confused with training someone on how to do their job.

    • There are always locals qualified for the job, you just have to hire and train them. You just think some jobs should not be given to locals.

      • If locals are qualified and are overlooked, that’s an issue. However, this letter doesn’t read that way. This article says nothing about the writer being qualified, just complaining that foreigners are taking the high-ranking jobs.

  2. Hey I work at the hotel, and they bring in Spanish people by the groves to do everything. Simple accounts workers, front desk manager, children babysitting manager. So we give these people all these duty free concessions for what? The manager treats Antiguans like dirt. If fact every foreigners treat Antiguan like dirt and just as you said they do not worth a dam. Where are all our young unemployed accountants, managers. PM time to make another bold step and put an end to this. Just like you can manage our affairs, we have people that can play management roles in these establishments. Oh probably they don’t want us because they will not be able to hid the head count and pay less taxes.

  3. Who are signing all these work permits for all these Spanish people? We have enough qualified Antiguans here. Pm it is time to put Antiguans in top position like Barbudos.

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