LETTER: My experience as an intern was daunted by the internal politics of the company


Dear Editor

Recently, I returned home after graduating with honours from one of the tertiary institutions in the US. Upon my return, I was very fortunate to get the privilege to be attached to one of the country’s reputable companies. A govt run establishment to be exact.

My six months attachment with the company made me become extremely cognizant of the major contrast between being a full time student and that of a full time employee.

I will admit that the experience of been an employee working from 8 am to 4.00 pm was enlightening but at the same time, it was somewhat mind boggling based on my observation. The transition from student to employee was welcoming but certainly not an easy task.

There was a lot to learn however, what stood out or resonated with me was the internal politics of the organization and how it negatively impacted upon the staff’s cohesiveness & productivity.

From my vantage point, the social composition among the employees seemed to be toxic & no doubt needs sanitizing. Ofcourse, alot was left to be desired.

There was a considerable  degree of personality clashes among staff members. Many decisions made by those in authority were perceived to be very pregidis, which in my view, were the main factors contributing to the social aspect of the organization to be hostile from time to time.

Surprisingly, the conflicts among the powers that be, were quite pronounced. Some staff members were discriminated against because of the institution they acquired their academic acumens. Such resulted into persons forming cliques and possé as a comfort zone. Nepotism & favoritism was also seen as a main component in the manager’s tool kit and subliminal messages & the flexing of influencial muscles were used by those in authority to communicate to their subordinates in a condescending manner.

Interestingly, it was visible that some persons were propelled up the corporate ladder by having a cozy relationship with those in authority. Alternatively, others were overlooked & treated with disdain. Unfortunately, the corporate ladder was pulled away from them and sadly they have been pushed towards the back of the corporate bus..

Be that as it is, as a young person who has witnessed such a gloomy situation on a job site, it has made me very apprehensive of availing myself as an employee in the corporate world.  Establishing my own business as an entrepreneur and becoming my own boss might be the best way for me to go. The thought of been treated unfairly & with contempt does not sit well with me at all.

It is a known fact that the execution of professionlism from those in authority should be done impartially and each employee in a company, private or public, should be treated with respect & dignity. The employment platform should be a level playing field for all. What goes for Peter should go for Paul. A hostile environment can never make an organization produce at its optimum. 


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  1. The negative culture and cult of Antigua’s politics, a tale as old as time and a sour lesson for the unindoctrinated; however, entrepreneurship should always be considered once one has the required skills and business acumen to accomplish one’s goals with the finite time and life granted to them on this planet or plane of existence.

    I will pass no judgement, perhaps English is not the writer’s first or even second language and the message is not lost as I personally know local academics of whom spelling is not their strength nor writing a proper paragraph their forte, but they can articulate their thoughts brilliantly. Many spell lose loose.

  2. Ha ha ha. My sentiments exactly. Smoking gun fresh off the press with a degree that possibly still has wet ink…but has challenges with basic grammar and spelling….hmmmm?

  3. That’s the thing in Antigua, and APUA comes to mind when you come back from abroad with experience, the supervisor will see to it he keep you down so he can shine as a square pegs.

  4. I think the writer deliberately spelled “prejudice” the way they heard it being pronounced at their workplace, but forgot the quotation marks. Other than that there was one other mistake I can recall seeing in the article. Personally I’ve seen much much much much worse from many more in the line of spelling and grammar. I’ve come to the point where, as long as I understand what you’re trying to communicate we’re moving on. Might get nothing done if I try to be everyone’s English A teacher. So let’s just focus on the issues at hand.

  5. Welcome to Antigua. This is the reason we never go forward. Nepotism from the top all the way down. It’s not just here but it’s definitely on a higher scale.

    People with the proper skills, knowledge and work ethics are not placed in the appropriate positions. Ass kissers however are.

    Again, welcome to Antigua.

  6. Why do people that every experience needs to be ventilated? As you stated, you’re new to the job market. Be thankful for the opportunity to intern with compensation. This is the real world. No company is perfect. Cliques are formed in every company when people have tenure. If you believe that becoming an entrepreneur, I have news for you. You’re still fresh off the the boat. Do your work and do it well. Life has many roads for you to travel.

  7. Antigua GEN-Z need to rise up and fight against all of the things young person mentioned in this letter and more, I can not believe most of you instead of speaking of the issues the writer are addressing,you’ll focus on the writer’s spelling, and not on finding a way to cope with the situation in a positive way, but the writer must do better in his or her spelling and grammar

    One entrepreneur instead of encouraging the young person to open their own business, came across as if he has already climbed the top of that ladder, and kicked the ladder down for that young person, western colonial mentality all the way through, not encouraging for our GEN-Zs.

  8. @ Dave Ray: You might be one of the lucky ones whose bread is well buttered.

    It is only those who are in the kitchen feel the heat

    The writer of this article is so correct…. get cozy with those in authority and you will be rewarded with moving up the corporate ladder

  9. @DaveRay its always funny hearing persons with their ignorance about only in Antigua. You then laugh when you remember why persons at US universities go through the hazing, they do in order to join US fraternities and sororities

  10. Antigua can’t and won’t move forward because ANTIGUANS are still living under British rule which is only modern day SLAVERY! You don’t live one another you seek to steal kill and destroy one another while the politicians laugh and pocket your money and the money of your children. Too busy worrying about spelling instead of the content of the message……smh.

  11. Typical Antiguan responses. We are all aware of the stated facts, however rather than addressing the message, they seek to berate the writer.

    English will never be our first language, that’s why it is on the coriculum. Italy does not teach Italian in schools.

    The observations are on point. And the nation will never mature until we accept and overcome these realities. This article is true for all government and statutory institutions. Some are worst than others but to be working in the RPFAB, ABDF, APUA, Immigration Department, you better be prepared to lick ass, sleep with the boss, or have strong political clout if you desire to advance. Excellent work ethics, educational acumen, and strong soft skills will confine you to the cellar position until you retire 33 1/3 years later.

  12. …no matter. what [we] say,
    …at the end, of the day!
    …life’s old adage is still, in play!
    …as in, “it ain’t who you know,
    …it’s who you blow!”
    …so, regardless of what tune you blow!
    …in the world of business!
    …you don’t always, ‘reap what you sow.’
    …so while the #Sheep_Skin
    …can and do open many doors
    …however, once you enter
    …your sponsor might call in, the favor
    …and, want you bowing on bended knees
    …but, you’d better be careful.
    …’cause, you don’t want to try their flavor!
    … and, end up with mental and possibly
    …some kind of #V_Disease!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De’ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  13. Definition of a dunce, you see a few grammatical errors and it is of importance to you to point out. Those are true dunces. The ones that cannot focus on the pith of things.

    However, I am in agreement with the writer. Excellent points and happy to see this writer wrote about this common defect of the Antigua government. Please ignore the English teachers here. If the developed countries placed perfect English as a requirement to pass exams, we would never have medical doctors, attorneys, scientific, and other brilliant people because I am pretty sure we all would fail, even those idiots who thinks they are English writing experts.

    Nothing the writer said is not true or being made in bad-faith, based on what I personally experience and observed, forever.

    Thank God I have my own businesses, protecting victims and fighting major insurance companies for them to settle out of court, with non-disclosures, so I can show the ministers the big checks they sent me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Antigua is just an unfair place and there are no process or attempt to try to start being fair and makkng decisions on the merit.

    Them that think you are crazy for being upset people are being charged without probable cause and that I get passionate about abuse of process are just nothing but idiots, criminals and abusers. We know who was the one and only person who says “crazy”. Seek mental help. We know.

  14. Very poorly written for a degreed student. You should your sentence construct, spelling and word association. Additionally, here’s an eye opener, I’m privately employed and it isn’t much different at my place of employment. Unfortunately, that’s the corporate world for you and one where you must learn to thrive. without having the things around you infiltrate you. Surprised you never experienced this in school though, bei the parent in a degrees child myself, it’s something that we experienced during her entire school life, some period more than others of course (and she went to all private schools). THAT IS LIFE!

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