Letter: My baby father owes 45K in child support and won’t pay, Help!


Dear Editor,

Please help!!!!!



Good day, I am writing this letter out of frustration hoping to get help from anyone in authority who can assist me, I am a single mother of three children.


In 2015, I carried the father of my children to court and now we are in 2021 he owes over 43,000.00 in child support, he has not been paying the fees and he keeps telling me that nothing will ever get him to pay the child support owed because he has links.


Sometimes it is a struggle to provide for the children financially.


Honourable Gaston Browne and Honourable Dean Jonas if you are reading this please help me.


I am begging and asking someone in authority who can look into this matter to please help me I can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. I really think you should remove the persons e-mail address from the public. Pass it on to the proper authorities or persons she is seeking assistance from if you can but sharing that is not wise.

      • Yes, remove her email address. Nonetheless, that scamp must spend some time in Her Majesty’s Guest House. The court should take away everything he owns or ever will own and apply it to the bill. His damn “links” should be locked up with him. Of course, he has NO “links”. What a scamp.

    • Removing of the E-Mail address. Is that really your interests into this matter? How about telling this dead beat to pay the support of the children he Spermed. Note I did not say Fathered. In my world,if you do not support your child and or children in any ways.You are not a Father.Owing $45,000 in back child support. That person wages should be garnished by the Courts.

      • I don’t think the previous author was demeaning the situation, I think it was showing concern that certain people will take opportunity to say all that they want to say and may even threaten her. I hope too that the Gmail given is not her real name. I agree with everything else you said. I would want him jailed immediately with 90% paid before release and process put in place to garner the child support from siurce before he receives anything. He has “LINKS” they can’t be higher than God’s justice.

  2. Why is the court not forcing this deadbeat Dad to pay? Does he have connections in the courts? No man! This is not right. The courts need to do something. That is their job and they have the powers. Do something!!

    • This same guy was dating a friend of mine so I know this guy personally, he somehow convinced my good friend to put her bank details on his phone so he could do a top up and low and behold the man every week using the lady money via his cell phone ordering all kind a crap on Amazon like its his money, the lady confronted him and just like shaggy he said “it wasn’t me”, I personally took her to CID where an investigation was launched and the conclution – he was the culprit, he was never arrested but was ask to pay back the lady which he did over a long long period this happen just last year, I wonder when he sit down to eat if he ever wonder if his children is eating, I wonder when he put his head on his pillow to sleep if he ever wonder about if his children is sleeping on a bed. I want to know if its only Antigua and barbuda men the police have Trang fa. My name is Gregory s. Athill and I stand by my statement. Can all the real men please stand up!!

      • You all just jealous of the guy! The girls love him. Your friend use to give him money on a regular basis and let him use her card to order stuff online. When she found out he ‘talks’ to other women and she isn’t so special she became vindictive. Why does she have to be so bitter.

        As to the baby momma, he never supported the first one and you got 2 after. Why now you have a problem with him not supporting? Talking about being bitter.

        A case if I can’t have you I must destroy you.

        • So you must be a woman or you’re him relying 😂😂😂 you sound pathetic. He must learn to feed his 3 children and stop walk & thief people money …a that you fu talk bout

        • Your comments are a joke, right? You wrote this just to cause a reaction, right? I’m sure you know better!?

        • I guess she made the children on her own. He is just as responsible for having them. His ass should be destroyed and lost in jail.

        • You sound like a dunce dunce. Go sit in d corner and put on you dunce cap cause dat mek specially for you. You’s an idyat!!!

      • We “real men” could start by kicking his ass. The court should order that he be castrated so he can’t bring more neglected babies into this world. It should be a court order. Sieze all of his possessions. Who brung this guy up anyway???

      • I read this comment and u Gregory fathered a daughter that you wasn’t even taking care of as well. Thank God you start to do little bit now. Oh not to mention u a deh with she since she was a minor

  3. I am having the same issues and problem with mines also just cuz they hve links nothing be done and seen other ppl go behind bars for less, not even forcing them to pay

  4. He is probably a member of the Lodge brother hood… They have been known to perverse the course of justice in areas lile this… Hence he has links… yet they make good men better!!!!

  5. Most of these men that not paying child maintenance, some of them too spiteful but the rest really dont have much. When i went to family court i see some of these men who have rent, utilities and other nessecities and cant even pay it because they are out of work, but the court is pressuring some of them to pay 800 -1500 by month end or 6 weeks in jail. How will they get that amount with bills piling up and no income? Its time the government put something into place to help these men and stop threatening them with jail cause clearly the only thing that would come to anyone’s mind is crime. Not only that it is best you take their names off. When a man gets taken to court for child support, especially if he gets arrested, it hurts the relationship between father and child. I pay child support but i am happy cause the lady wanted 2k monthly and i only work for 3k and she got 400 a month. So what i do is i still buy groceries and most nessecities for my child and keep all the receipts. So to all the fathers out there, if you not working brother i can feel your pain but if you have it please go the extra mile for your child. The mother doesnt matter at this point so you not hurting her, you only hurting your child. Be the best father and your child will always remember you!

    • When these women put men in court for child support the very first thing to be established is weather the accuse is really the father of the child or children a lot of men have had to support other men children only to find out the truth on a sick bed when children turn up to give blood and it doesn’t match up with the so call father

  6. Why is he still on the street? He should be in jail. This ain’t right. How mankind heart so wicked?

  7. My advice forget the father free yourself of that suffering.
    Seek support from government agencies and social organizations. Visit churches for support. Find the family of the man and seek support from his family members.

    Seek support from Sandals Jumb Bay Mill Reef Curtain Bluff etc.

    Do not allow the man to cause you more suffering ensure the children gets a good foundation because they will grow up before you know it.

    Just like when the child is birth all the pain disappears so it will the children are grown successful.

    • You seem to have a problem with this man, how many children does he have out of marriage and what are their ages. SMH, some people just love gossip. Why the mothers of these children don’t go to court, yuh mumma gi he wan pickney too?

  8. Why should a judge have to order a man to support his won flesh and blood. The sex was sweet for him, now it´s time to give sweet love and support to his child.

  9. That’s funny how you folks at Àntigua newsroom refuse to print my comments on Colin Browne ,side kick on 🤡 and 🤡with this very topic . Do you guys personally know this dead beat . Over the last couple of weeks my comments has not been printed. I guess this platforrm has a selective way of calling out only certain males

  10. I know this young man very well…then lives them … his children mother has been seeking help from the court I also know her . His children mother is nice it is a pity she got involved him

  11. These women should stop having children outside of marriage. Most married people have at most two children. This does not mean that the husband could not walk out, but at least there is commitment. I bet you this guy has other children he is not supporting.
    Man take care of your children and don’t wait until they are adults to claim them. You might just end up on the street in your old age.

  12. Instead of some of u fools bashing the woman on here why don’t you send her an email and try to see how u can assist her and the kids?

    • Facts…. be that village and help in anyway you can to raise the child/ children. A little goes a long way.

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