LETTER: Mr. Simon developed bedsores at the hospital, the authorities should have made a statement


Dear Editor,

I have been following the Andre Simon “health situation”.

And as he continues to fight I pray that God will bring him back to his normal life and also for the strength of his family and friends.

As I watch the updates on Mr.Simon, I have been wondering what is really happening at our only public hospital SLBMC.

Many of us have heard that Mr..Simon developed bedsores at the hospital, and given the publicity I would think that the authorities should have made a statement..

Now what are Bedsores? Bed sores also known as pressure sores or pressure injuries are an injury to the skin and underlying tissue. They can range from mild
reddening of the skin to severe tissue damage-and sometimes infection-that extends into muscle and bone.

Anyone who remains lying or sitting in one position for more than a couple of hours is at risk for skin breakdown. This can lead to bedsores/pressure sores.. These skin problems can be painful and decrease a person’s quality of life.

Someone who cannot change position in bed or is limited to sitting in a chair needs to be helped to change position every hour or two. Repositioning, pressure reduction, and good skin care are all necessary to prevent skin problems and to keep small problems from getting worse.

This should not be happening at a hospital where patients should be getting 24/7 care.and expert care in the Intensive Care Unit of all places.

That shows also that he was not cared as he ought to be. And the stage of bedsores that he has was the evidence. If  Andre’s family was not paying close attention to what’s happening I would believe he would have gone to his Creator by now like many of our family members.

Our lone hospital needs fixing from top to bottom and for this to be a
state of the art hospital this speaks volumes.

Attitude towards patients and visitors needs fixing, equipment such as the EKG machine and the MRI machine needs fixing, staff needs professional development training continuously, staff needs proper payment so they can survive.

We already have a brain drain and it will be even more so shortly.

Who inspects this hospital  on a six month to a yearly basis to ensure that standards are being kept and protocols are put in place

The hospital has been said by the MOH to be an “accredited” hospital. Accreditation shows your patients that they can trust your organization to take care of them. It also demonstrates to the community that you are seeking to provide the highest quality service

Accreditation must be done by an external organization and not the
hospital itself.

There are too many deaths happening that could be prevented.

Too many situations that should have been solved before they are out of control.

There are too many square pegs in round holes.

Thank you for publishing.


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  1. You guys are a bunch of simple minded morons. First off it is none of your business what a persons personal medical situation and information is, not the publics business, it’s that persons and the doctors business, not yours! You all love to be up
    in everything, the dunceness that goes on in this island is mind boggling, bunch of pea brains

  2. Gaston said that we have some sort of international/world-class medical facility up there yet something as simple as this they cant handle.

    they need to stop stealing to money and put things in place for the ppl of the island

  3. The very people who are here commenting about it not being our business, are the very people who are glued to the television and internet, following stories such as these. They bury their heads like the proverbial ostrich when it suits them. The letter addressed the situation to a T, and it’s only he who experiences it, knows it. @martin Francis, did the writer tell any untruths? I remember being at the old hospital a time back, and seeing 12 and 12 year olds in the delivery room, and was wondering where was the relevant authorities. Because to me, it is a crime. I guess to you it wasn’t my business, right? Andre, continue to recover my child of a friend. You know your truth.

    • Obviously you are incapable of understanding the very simple fact that a patients medical history is absolutely to be kept private btw the patient(or patients immediate family) and the doctor, not the Publics business. Your argument here is what you call a “red herring” argument. Go read up on it so you can educate yourself better.

  4. ” Unavoidable pressure ulcer.
    An unavoidable pressure ulcer can develop even though the provider evaluated the individual’s clinical condition and pressure ulcer risk factors; defined and implemented interventions consistent with individual needs, goals, and recognized standards of practice; monitored and evaluated the impact of the interventions; and revised the approaches as appropriate. The panelists unanimously voted that not all pressure ulcers are avoidable because there are patient situations where pressure cannot be relieved and perfusion cannot be improved. However, the decision about avoidability is made after the fact, when the processes of care can be evaluated. It cannot be predetermined that an unavoidable ulcer will develop.” see AJN, American Journal of Nursing: September 2010 – Volume 110 – Issue 9 – p 16

    Writer studies have been done which point out that though most bed sores can be avoided, not all can be avoided. Though you have jumped the gun in convicting the hospital, it needs to be first assertained if Mr. Simon’s bed sores could have been prevented by the perseonel there.

    • @loveugly. Lol. You sound like a terrible juror with your very vague assessment. Your going by the logic, that, 1% of doubt is a case for aquital. The hospital is always guilty when patients are treated inproperly and patients a breaking out with bed sores. This is not a lawsuit, it’s a question of ethics, and that’s what you fail to understand in your “politically correctness” and vague dribble. What’s the percentage of people developing unavoidable bed sores? Very minimal, and this is a common thing happening at this hospital. Be truthful and stop hiding behind your hypocrisy.

    • Loveugly,
      I have known quite a number of situations where patients go without bedsores and end up with multiple.
      Take it from me who had relatives hospitalized and have had to gone to the higher ups when those who are present pay no mind or tell me do it myself cause it’s my relative or they tired.
      The truth us the truth.
      No take no side.

      This happen to me with my wife, my aunt and my sister.

    • Without reading your reference to the American Journal, I think a little common sense can do the job.

      From the updates I followed, Mr. Simon treatment in the USA was delayed because of the sores, which they had to treat first. This to me means that those should have been attended at the local hospital.

      Now perhaps the local hospital was not equipped with correct equipment, mattress, etc. For this, we perhaps should not blame the staff but it certainly is something the authorities should look into.

      I think the writer made some valuable points which I would consider constructive criticism. So let us stop making excuses and try putting things in place to help others in the future.

  5. To the writer of the letter,Mrs.Thomas. The day anyone in positions of leadership in Antigua accepts responsibility for anything negative. We would have another flood like in the days of Noah.You would witness a flying pig before you hear a response from Mount St.John Hospital,in regards to Andre Simon.

  6. Recently a doctor at our SLBSTJH gave a woman prostate medicine which caused her to shake like a leaf. She had to get medical help in the US.
    A child was given medication for cancer and the list goes on.
    We used to say don’t carry us to Holberton dead house, but big new building does not mean better medical service, they seem an inept group of strange people unmanageable and careless!

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