LETTER: Mr. Pm You Pass You Place An Outta Order


Dear Mr. P.M,

You are not just wrong you have really now forced us to consider just how mentally balanced you are, and whether you are confusing the routes to truth being taken in America.


I do not think you realize the images being torn down around the world are of rogues who destabilized lives of peoples of colour and the poor whom they oppressed. The heroes of our country are those who liberated us in slavery, out of slavery, through colonialism, out of colonialism and into Statehood and Political Independence.


How dare you place your filthy disrespectful hands on any of them? Who are you, a former (and we do know) leader of the Red Shirt Gang (which is operating underground) to think you have any moral authority to even discuss the men and the sole woman to whom owe so much?

You may be a one-track banker mentality, whose only objective is to attract money into the island at a level which allows you to develop your schemes to enrich yourself and family, but to be a Prime Minister requires real intellect, not the type of low-class name calling of your own citizens, and your overreaching contempt for our history and gains through the building of a two Party and Union democratic platform.

Who are you to touch the hem of the garment of a man like Sir George Walter? As a Prime Minister of Antigua you need to know your history; go to the Museum and Archives and read up on who really helped the people of Antigua to crack the backbone of colonialism on this island.


You will go down in history as instituting the longest State of Emergency as a fear tactic; Sir George Walters and the people of Antigua overturned the shortest State of Emergency anywhere. The crack was made in colonialism by Antigua people themselves before the introduction of voters from our sister islands.

Your stance truly represent the scum of politics which fails to improve you as a leader as you blast your way through all that is unjust, unfair, corrupt, abusive, oppressive, and totally lacking in any the virtues which build great leaders. You will be remembered yes, we all remember Hitler! Have Respect!


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  1. When you listen to this man on his talk show, you would think you are going through Pointe and Green Bay during my youth. I say youth, as I have no reason to go to those places now. All he does is cuss everybody who is not one of puppies. He has taken our politics down in the gutter and lacks respect for the position he holds. Why is someone like this the leader of our country? Is it because a lot of his followers are down in the gutter with him? A few weeks ago he was cursing out Asot so royally, that one of his comrades phoned in to tell him that it did not sound good and he should talk about the investments that he said he was bringing to Antigua. Our lord and might told the comrade, a grown man, that he can’t tell him what to talk about. The comrade told him after the insult he will still vote for him. This man Gaston was given the opportunity to lead this country and he now thinks he is god.
    Now Lester Bird was made a sir and people say that he was corrupt and stole a lot Antigua lands. You even hear his voice on tapes talking about the government rip off. Now where do you hear any such thing about George Walters?
    I hope Antiguans do the right thing the next election and elect a leader that will bring back some decorum and decency to our government.

  2. @JACKIE

    Your LONGWINDED CRAP says nothing. D.Gisel Isaac started this whole thing and You know our Prime Minister does NOT take last lick. Jackie ..Hon. Gaston Browne pointed out why he believes that George Walter should not be a NATIONAL HERO.

    I would Not repeat what our Prime Minister reason because you know the reasons already. One of the reasons is very EMBARRASSING. Jackie stop your HATRED and JEALOUSY for Gaston Browne.
    Jackie I invite you to listen to FIRE and STEEL tonight on ZDK with AMBASSADOR Max Hurst to get some facts in your DULL BRAIN.

    • I would not waste my brain power to reply to you. Me listen to that deceiver and half awake Max Hurst? You have to kidding me. And by the way, he is ex-ambassador. See I can be brief when I want to be.

  3. Gaston Browne does not deserve to lead the country. He is not fit for office. He lacks professionalism and couth. I was shocked that the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda voted for him. I understand wanting to vote among party lines but we still have to make wise decisions. Gaston Browne is selfish, disgusting, undeserving and corrupt. Most of all he belittles the people of Antigua and Barbuda. He runs the country as though it his own private business. Telling people they cannot run on labor ticket. We need to get rid of this dictator with speed. The cabinet members are also horrible, much worse than what i remembered way back when. Any party with self interest should only get one term. Don’t let them become too complacent. That is bad news for the country. Bad news for you and me.

  4. Well well the nerve of these clowns in Antigua. George Walter is a hero and should be a national hero. The person who’s saying Gaston is right can’t be a BORN Antiguan or know of the history of the country. The person I wouldn’t waste time repeating their name is not an educated person all they know is party loyalty instead of country. Gaston is a very sad person for the treatment of the people all of self and that’s going to be his downfall. He need to learn to have RESPECT for people and realize it’s not a alley cat fight this is a country and people put him there. He has no regards for people feelings and show some kind of humanity and don’t forget where he came from because a pig in a palace is still a pig. People of Antigua need to stop crowing the crap he does and call out the wrong because at the end of the day it’s the people who’s going to suffer when he destroy the country.

  5. I’m NOT a fan of Gaston Browne, the ABLP or the UPP. They are ALL socialist’s and I despise all people who espouse socialists/communists ideologies because they are brutal thugs that have destroyed every society that they touched with their greedy, self-centered, God hating hands.

    Antigua NEEDS better leadership. We need to STOP thinking along PARTY line because what plagues us is NOT…. RIGHT verses LEFT ideologies. The problem we face is much bigger then that. It is GOOD verses EVIL. Socialist’s are evil… make not mistake about that!

    I KNOW that what I’m about to say won’t make me any friends here but it MUST be said. Since 1981 we have lived under the boot of LABOR rule. What have we really got to show for it? Are we more FREE today or less free? Are we more secure in our future prospects or less secure?

    Why do the people of Antigua continually vote LABOR?
    …Have they been HYPNOTISED?

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