LETTER: Mr. Knight, welcome back !!


Dear Mr. Knight

Welcome back to your nightly programs! I am sure you were greatly missed by many of your fans.

Unlike many, who perhaps listen to your radio program every night, I in contrast, will tune into your show from time to time just to get some entertainment, especially when I have nothing much to do.

I must declare that I am not a fan of yours. I think you are unprofessional and you behave very arrogant, very brawling & very abrasive to be a radio show host and you also behave as if you have a license for your mouth to operate like a loose canon.

In addition, it is also my humble opinion that your new female cohost does not add any value to your show. She sounds very loud, very callous & very shallow.

Be that as it is, whenever I am tuned in & listening to the shows I will make an extra effort to try and digest & comprehend as much as possible of what you disseminate. Your shows can be entertaining & very thought provoking.

It is very clear that you do carry out some extensive research concerning the current affairs of the political landscape of our country.

However, some of the things said are blatant lies & false impressions.

Of course, I can perhaps use this moment to refute many of the things that you have disseminated but instead, I will take this opportunity to ask you the following questions base on my observations

1 Why do you display a considerable degree of hate & anger towards ABLP?

2 Why is Gaston Browne a thorn in your flesh?

3 Are you jealous & envious of Gaston Browne’s accomplishments?

4 Do you know that Gaston Browne is a well respected leader in the region & on the international stage?

5 Do you realize that you and UPP are not capable of preventing Gaston Browne & his administration from transforming Antigua into an Economic Power House?

6 Do you know that UPP cannot & will not see the reigns of power again in Antigua? The electorate has no confidence in them

7 Why do you envy Tanny Rose?

8 Is Mr. Rose another thorn in your flesh?

9 Why did you assist Shuggy in his interview on your recent show, similar to how you assisted Mrs. Potter some months ago? Is it that Shuggy has some short comings?

10 Are you training your female cohost to be a comedian on your show?

  1. Are you aware that Shuggy is now becoming intimidated by Dwayne George? His body language speaks volumes


12 Are you aware that the records are showing that Shuggy’s support is dwindling for this upcoming bi-election.


  1. Are you preparing yourself to hear that Senator Dwayne George will be victorious in the up coming bi-election in SMS.


  1. Who would you select from the UPP cohort to match up with PM Browne to represent Antigua at the United Nations or any other international forum?


  1. Would you agree that the present members of UPP cannot run a sweetie shop muchless to run this country?


Mr. Knight, I will be happy if you can appease my curiosity. I will certainly await your response.




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  1. Your stupidity has no limits. Economi Power house and can never pay on time. Buildings are old and in need of repairs, ppl hungry cant find work, pensioners have to wait very longfor there money, teachers were owed tens of thousands of dollar and were blasted by the pm fir asking fir THEIR RIGHTFULLY EARNED MONEY, the school fences they put up estimated to cost 300 thousand are not done, no gates, security boot incomplete, and they boast thatit was done. The security after dark hours never materialized, schools being vandalized. The dog (thats what he calls himself) admitting to moving ppl during the election to help his collegues. Now they doing the same in st. Marys south, i have been waiting 3 months fir money government have for me. In which part if the world these stupidness can take place. Powr house ma backside, we losing economic power the only ppl living confortable are those favored by the alp ministers and the ministers themselves. There are a lot of conflict of interest within that party too numerous to mention. Antigua being tuined by ignorant people, greed, corruption and our ppls tendency to just follow the crowd. Im sick and tired of people like this writer, you are either dumb, ignorant blind or all 3. Antigua people are suffering!, you cant be so wícked and not care about your fellow countryman. I dont know what was offered for you or what was given too you or how long your family has brainwashed you but, no matter what you say the reality is clear. Antigua deserves better.

  2. @ fizroy, clearly u have nothing else to do but write an article to get attention you are clearly lacking of! People are not fools, we all know you listen to Mr. Knight everynight hes on and he’s obviously a torn in your flesh for the reason u took the time to write foolishness. Why dont u go back and water your plants and scrub the sore foot up the hill? Everyone knows you are singing for your supper once again. The time u take to study Mr. Knight u should focus on UPP rejects yamming your food! Just shut up! U are dead news. Shuggy will win and u shall cry like a baby with all the clowns on the 24th ….. Mr. Knight has a large following so jump high, jump low u can’t stop Mr. Knight flow!! Get going fizroy!

  3. You trying to criticize Mr knight and his co host but do you realize in the economic poor house that gaston clown created that a lot of villages don’t have running water for weeks, do you realize that the clinics and the hospital don’t even have toilet paper, but u being a minion and an ass ho*e can find time to attack Mr knight ,well since you’re one of Gaston clown toilet paper let him know that willikies hasn’t had running water for the entire week.

  4. You you think that Mr Knight have time for These Foolish questions you’re asking him when there is more important question to be answered I miss him so much I’m so glad he’s back🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  5. This long diatribe is a mixture of verbal diarrhea and BS. It’s hard to tell whether you are talking out of our mouth or your arse. Not sure whether you need mouthwash or toilet paper. I’ll just send you both.
    If you find Mr. Knight so offensive and ineffective, why you still tune in? You’re a real fool!

  6. Fitzroy , you cannot take down Antigua and Barbuda human
    drone- Dane Knight. So shut to hell up.
    Fitzroy you should move to the head of the ABLP Fried Brains University.
    Knight will continue to report to the nationals of Antigua and Barbuda the incompetence of The
    ABLP administration who continues to retard the progress of the country. Listen up red ants gang, 🐜
    Knight no fraid are you , his army is strong.
    Fitzroy , go get a life. Go read you Bible and pull out you Sankey and go sing for your supper.
    Knight@night RULE!! A so it go.

  7. …”Do you know that Gaston Browne is a well respected leader in the region & on the international stage?”


  8. Fitzroy you are the perfect example that empty vessels make the most noise. As a born Antiguan and Barbudan I am confident that most people are more intelligent that you and your wicked uncaring PM Dawg and his poodles. Get a real life idiot. Chupzzzzz!

  9. Fitzroy, you again!!
    I wish mr.knight would answer him, I know he won’t but I wish
    He would.
    Fitzroy we loooove mr.knigt and
    We dislike you!
    Go play in traffic!!🤔
    Welcome back mr.knight.

  10. The levels some people sink to for attention is truly puzzling! This writer is obviously out of touch with what’s going on in Antigua & Barbuda. A bit of advice: Please listen to Mr. Knight and remain silent you may someday be thought wise.

  11. Mr. Knight needs a life. I believe he has lost a screw. No normal person behaves the way he does on public media. He sounds very bitter.

  12. Over here the people still see all the POLISNAKES be their savior. All of them have one thing in common,ripped you off and make your life the more miserable is possible,deemmm dude,is all about THE RED LODGE against the BLUE LODGE = keep the stipud voter’s ignorants,in the cage to be sacrifice at any moment .

  13. Why as i started reading I could have tell is gaston toilet bowl wrote this. A man that take all the waste of a man and find it useful

  14. After reading a few lines I could not continue, I realized I would have ended up more stupid than when I started reading. That should be written on a ply of toilet paper. Perhaps it may devalue toilet paper. That long paragraph and nothing is just the same.

  15. This Fitzroy has very defined penmanship but on the other hand has the signs of an educated dunce, an idiat(on purpose) and shows signs of what some Antiguans are accepting to turn a blind eye at the current situation of the country. People like this doesn’t mean any good for the country but themselves for what they can get to wet their lips. This person is just a sorry a$$hole..
    The truth absolutely hurts.
    Keep the narrative Mr Knight. You are the thorn in their backside. Push it in deeper till they bleed.

  16. I do not live in Antigua, but I have paid all my taxes due… nothing negative or positive that happens there can have any effect on my children or myself….but being aware of the situations there…. pensioners can’t get paid on time, time after time there is no water in the pipes, and every movement you make around the place…. people are begging …drive around and nothing seem to be in place, … only the 1%ers are able to live comfortably while the rest of the people …STRUGGLES … don’t those guys realize that they were put there to make good for the people and not Enrich themselves?….why do you attack Mr knight and his co-host. ..instead of Gaston and all those men who he claimed to be lazy … Fitzroy….you need to direct some serious QUESTIONS,,to Gaston, and Steadroy Benjamin…about the Alpha Nero, Barbuda wheel and deals and all those killings ….where justice is swept under the rug…

    • Yea Right! Where do you live on Jupiter??Have you ever seen commercials on TV of Children going to bed Hungry at nights in the great US? Who do you see begging on the streets here?Last time I checked vagrants and the mentally disturbed.Go to sleep with your nonsense-no one is impressed as to where you live either.

  17. Some you sound soo dam dunce here.Geeze all you need ..Sentences starting in common letters-People’s name beginning in common letters.. No punctuation marks in the various comments -Dunce NF..Is the Alfa Nero a political issue? Numbers 4/6/14/15 are the cold hard facts..Like those facts or not -wont change a ting..Go get you’ll effing dunce caps and wear them proudly.. Pathetic fools-you’ll think Antigua is a Dolly House..

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