LETTER: Ministry of Works, I’m tired


Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter because I’m tired and fed up of being pushed around I feel like a slave working for the slave masters even though im getting a weekly income.

I’m a security officer under the ministry of works working at different government schools a newly supervisor was placed under security department at the ministry of works.

Since the arrival of the new supervisor it has been very difficult for me and other security officers one minute we would be station at a location for week and half then to be moved to another location and ending up being moved again over and over it is very frustrating when you have to keep on introducing yourself to the teachers and the principal and getting to know them to were you have to do that over and over again because of the stedy moving around.

The supervisor wants us to work from 8am to 4pm at the schools which I find it very ridiculous because schools are over at 3pm also on the weekends we have to be working at school from 8am to 4pm.

By right if a school operates from Monday to Friday we should not be working on weekends at no school and I must say some of the schools don’t even have a security boot we have to be working in poor conditions that are unhealthy for us.

Another thing is that we are entitled for our lunch and an incident happen to a work colleague where she left the school premises for lunch at 12pm the supervisor came by the school premises after 12pm and did not see the worker on compound the supervisor went back to the security department and made a complaint on the young lady who had taking her lunch break on her lunch hour.

I find is nonsense the little thing we do the supervisor take it back to the security department which I find is not very work ethics.

Months have passed and we haven’t gotten any work Essentials like toilet, paper, paper, towel, pens, sanitizer none of the above at this point we need a change in the department of security especially when it comes to supervisors we the security are crying out for help…..


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  1. Employees should not have to feel like their concerns are routinely ignored or be expected to work perfectly without adequate properly planned systems in place then be punished for not doing everything perfectly in an imperfect system. Proper communication and collaboration between supervisors and employees in Antigua would be nice. Ideally, security is needed on different shifts 24-7 at schools since bandits can show up after hours as well. However, there should be proper security centres/booths built where the guards can have the facilities they need (bathroom etc.) as well as monitor cameras etc. There should be more than one guard so breaks can be taken at different times from one another.

  2. I think this person misunderstands his or her job. You are not a student at the school. When the school day starts or ends is none of your concern. Your shift is determined by your employer. Also they get to decide where you go as a security guard, so while it is annoying, it is a part of the job. The other complaints are valid. If one is afforded a lunch break, it is the employers responsibility to provide someone as relief during that time. For that matter, nine of the schools should have just one security guard. You also should be provided with the bare essentials at work. That is unacceptable.

    • Antigua first. Do u know how big some of these School Compounds are. How can one officer monitor those large Compounds? And What people don’t understand including public works Coordinator and Supervisors it that everyone on the School Compounds prefer to have an officer that is Stationed at the school . They feel safer when they know they cat reply on that particular officer. We are supposed to write everyone that enter the School gate in the book. Do you think it’s easy to always having to ask teachers and other person working at the school Thier names everytime we have to write them in ? It’s disgusting.

  3. Kudos to the pertwho wrote this. I myself I am a security officer at public works Security department, and I tell you some a Dem supervisor are horrible. They want to talk to officers any old way and when you answer them back they take you to office and tell all kinds of lies on you. They are horrible horrible horrible and wicked. Not even uniform public works is giving their Security officers and want you to wear what they tell you to wear. How can that make sense. They treat people like SLAVES. Everyone is entitled their one hour lunch break, but they are vex when people take their hour to go get something to eat. Always have one officer on location. Public works owe some of the officers the balance of their upgrade money, that’s money we done work for over 2and a half years ago. WE WANT OUR MONEY NOW. They are also manipulating our days and times that we cannot even get time to get a side job to help with our bills. They are treating us very very very very bad. Especially those workers who are new and on the work program plenty knack bout. That women supervisor is the worst. Imagine they start our work week on Saturday? What the hell is that? We need a change so we can feel comfortable going to work then we can perform to the maximum. Going to work frustrated angry and feeling beat down is not right for people mentally. And when people are calling in sick them vex , they need to know it is their behavior towards the staffs that is causing less productivity. For years we don’t have a Staff meeting. They need to call a staff meeting so people can air their views.

  4. Antigua First- Your summary on the entire situation is correct. Your opinion is on the ball. Security officers , police and military personnel are subject to change of location not only daily but this can be done within a single shift. So the company, in this case PWD can change the location of an officer from one location to another without explanation. Just suppose that a well trained x- police officer now a security officer is posted at Grammar School and information reaching the head office that there is a problem developing at Clare Hall. Without explanation the department can switch the officers.
    The department must also treat its employees properly. Let them buy into what you are doing. Have regular stuff meeting and listen to the complainants. We need to stop being spiteful when employees seeks justice. A person lunch break is theirs to take. In a well run organization where people fell important and part of the operation, you will find employees that will go beyond the call of duty- every to skip a break ( not suggesting it should be a practice).
    Finally most of our security officer are in the low income bracket. The mention was made of job program/ minimum wage. I think we tend to disrespect and ill-treat our poor working class. Take advantage of them. Don’t look out for their personal interest. Don’t listen to their concerns and point of views. THE BODY CANNOT FUNCTION WITHOUT ANY MEMBER……

  5. @Frankly Speaking. You better let them know. The body cannot function without any member.
    Let me tell you it is bad bad bad as a matter of fact it is horrible. No Security booths, no Security bathroom on almost all the School Compound Security is subjected to use the stinking renking Children bathroom in most Schools, so damn disrespectful imagine I leave my clean nice smelling bathroom at home and go on a School Compound and have to cack over the children toilet to pee, and if I want to number 2 I have to hold it until I reach home because I cannot sit down on the toilet It is so damn nasty and stinking. Somebody got to fix all of this mess it’s unbearable. How are we supposed to function properly on the job when we want to shit and can’t? Only God 🙏 know our plight no body cares . We are just Slaves in this system. None of them give a shit.

  6. You are a small Island, your population is small. Pls treat your Workforce with respect,patience, love, dignity, and kindness. Remember God is awake, we all have to answer to Him when the time comes. Nothing is forever

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