LETTER: Ministry of Tourism, wah kinda cartoon things y’all on?



Ministry of Tourism, wah kinda cartoon things yall on? You made guests and the public think, Wow! wen u mentioned hotels being bio secure. So the guest would more think to roam free n party at the hotels right?

So an event happened at a hotel, so it very simple to control in my opinion,  if the Ministry of Health was really imposing those restrictions even testing one or two persons depending on the size of the group before heading  to their hotel, I would think that we would have a better control on covid entering our local population!!!

Back to said event – now the hotel could have implemented that the staff dealing with said guest stay on property  (if possible) n have no contact with other staff and are tested  before leaving the hotel to go back home (which would be reasonable).

Ministry  of Tourism  y’all always looking into something, look into this – guest nah hab no way to go, which guest is gonna want to have take out? Wen they came to Antigua to experience the culture  etc?

Loss of employment for many persons, revenues for the government, thought u guys said we have to live with COVID?  Strike a balance.

Now u being unemployed  for this time period APUA notices about disconnections!!!

PM – for this time period APUA shouldn’t be doing any disconnections, come on mannn!!!!!!

Ministry  of health – free testing for government employees, so what about the private sector?

Make it reasonable , since we are on reduced hours, 25 to 50 ec for a rapid test wouldn’t be so bad wouldn’t it?

Police – smh  how much of u guys tested positive that ur case is linked to on the job n not from a private event such as u working  security  n then passing the said virus to family  and or coworkers?

Nurses and doctors  – tip my hat to u folks.

Blame – the measures  are there for us to follow  but if the said people aren’t upholding the said protocols why would other people  follow them? — My 2 cents – N case in Point

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  1. Sir Rolls Royce only know about lifting Rolls Royce vehicles over the Port fence. Tourists can visit and move as they like while we the people can’t move around but they still blame us for spreading COVID.

    Only in Antigua can a criminal become a minister and get knighted.

    All Bullsheet Lying Politicians (ABLP) continue run our nation into the ground.

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