LETTER: Minister, Manager to be blamed for the mess at ABS



I have tried long & hard for a few months now not to comment or even listen to ABS.

I have found the Nation Station to be very political and especially now that the Madam Director Is a known ABLP Stalwart.

That woman rules ABS as she used to rule a particular bank where she worked with managerial duties.

About 2 weeks ago I decided to listen to the News via Facebook live and It was like a Labour Party forum with calling other people Dunce, Illiterate, and other adjectives.

Those pronouncements were thrown at members of parliament for the opposition.

They were really tearing into Hon. J. Pringle.

Not once did the Manager/Director attempt to stop the flow of verbal abuse. You can definitely pick out the names under the posts and know who they are and where their allegiance lies.

Coming now to the swearing In of the members of parliament, It Is alleged that ABS was told not to show certain things for the opposition.

In the budget proceedings last week ABS was unceremoniously off during a slide presentation by a UPP parliamentary representative.

I have seen Hypocrisy time & time again even In the Local news.

Burford Is s just  living His best life In Antigua, just take a look & listen to him when reading anything In reference to the Opposition.

I just want Burford to know that every Alleluia has an Amen.

ABS Is another Nova Scotia Bank. If I like you & you suck up to me and obey my Instructions we are good. If you defy me Woe be unto You.

I have paid my taxes In Antigua and have done 33 years working for the government, so It would have meant that I contributed to ABS but I will not be watching ABS until justice & fairness Is meted out to All citizens irrespective of their political persuasions.

The Minister Of Public Information; The Director/Manager of ABS are the ones to be blamed for this mess at ABS.


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  1. You are not lying at all! We were all watching parliament good, good. Yet as soon as Mr Watts started speaking and was making stellar points, the feed started to buffer. How so? When there was no issue before? This happened again during Shuggy’s turn. It was glaringly obvious. She is using abs as a tool to control what we see and to demean the opposition. It won’t work, I must say I was quite impressed with their debating skills!

  2. Let us all go and picket ABS. What is wrong with that woman in the above picture.You would wake up in the morning and see that face looking at you and get a heart attack.

  3. Oh please. When was ABS ever independent? I guess during upp time right? Then, it was just all fairness?? Right??
    Just stop the hypocrisy please. Did you have a problem when the news was slanted to upp then??
    None of you had anything to say when ABS was ableless. Silence. But now it’s a problem.
    Work on getting your party in power and leave the station alone. Chups

  4. I wonder if Berford can let the people of Antigua know, if he was a born Antiguan if he could get the position he now has at ABS, in Jamaica at the national broadcasting service? Just curious?

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