LETTER: Max Is Dreaming

Antigua and Barbuda's Minister of Tourism The Hon. Charles Fernandez and CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Colin C. James

Dear Editor,

Antigua urgently needs a Tourism Minister. And as unpopular as this sounds please bring back Asot Michael.
Many are not aware that all of the recent successes in tourism were due to the foundation laid by Asot Michael when he was Tourism Minister and the hard work and creativity of the overseas PR and Marketing companies.
All Max and Colin have been doing is traveling every week.
Max is busy visiting hotels. Really? For what purpose? The world knows that millions are unemployed and will not be travelling. Many airport are closing permanently, airlines are going bankrupt and those that remain will be scaled down. Ticket prices will not be affordable by the masses any more. Has he been following the news in the UK and USA?
Heathrow Airport in London will probably close. BA, American United, Delta are all laying off thousands. Virgin Australia is dead and Virgin Atlantic may soon follow.
So why is he visiting hotels? Has he visited the airport? What health measures are being put in place? With social distancing, if a full plane ever arrives people will be lined up all out on the tarmac?
We need a Tourism Minister who can think outside the box. And it is not Max.

Cruise tourism is also dead. Who in their right mind will set sail on a cruise after what has happened with infections and people trapped on board? Cruise ships may give greatly discounted prices, maybe almost free to get people on board, but that kind of tourist will have no money to spend.

Is he paying any attention to the yachting industry which might be the only tourism that survives?
Let’s get real, people.
Deeply Concerned Dino

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  1. This is not even a “letter” to begin with. Sounds like a bitter, jealous, badminded underminer posing as an ally. You are the prime example of snake in the grass pretending to be a friend.


    In relation to Letter: Max is Dreaming. May not be a dreamer but certainly he is human like all of us. To be human is to err. Let us face the Cold Hard Facts thou: The world will NEVER be the same again. International Travel and may I say, travel in general can no longer be as was before. A point to note: once there is a vaccine for the corona virus, Vaccination will be mandatory for travelling. No doubt about that.
    The whole concept of 5G internet comes into focus here. With aa new global normal…where students can no longer congregate in a classroom packed with 30 – 40 bodies; it certainly will be more fashionable to facilitate learning via a technology that is SERIOUSLY HIGH SPEED AND RELIABLE. So 5G will come in as the savior in this regard. Shopping, E-commerce, E-banking….all 5G connective. The word is still yet to be told as to how dangerous this 5G will be to human life. Nevertheless, it is set to take off and right on time. Well…that is how it will appear.
    A new world order is upon us. Jump high…jump low…. however your jump is, the focus will shift to climate change. Just observe how much our ecosystems have regenerated during this short global lockdown. The experts are watching and soon; a call will be made for all the world to consider how much better life would be if we allow the earth to rest even for at least one day.
    I may sound far fetch, but I am telling you to watch the pattern of things over the past few months. Who better to bring pressure on governments to act swiftly to preserve our ecosystems and thus humanity; but the younger generation. Climate activist like our admirable Swedish friend will be at center stage.

    Life will just not be the same again. I can refer you to a beautiful writings that was done over 100 years ago and foretold all these events that are taking place on our earth today. It is a book called: “The Great Controversy” by Ellen G. White.
    Search for it on google and make it your passion to read this book ion its entirety. You will not be disappointed.
    Humanity is at the crossroads: from here onwards….we have tough choices to make for good or for bad. No other choice. Let this be a wake up call.

  3. I’m not even annoyed at the falsehoods expressed in this piece of trash; but rather my annoyance is targeted at ANR for even publishing this. Pffft. Let’s do better and post things that are seemingly productive and insightful.

  4. I don’t support none a dem : max, asot, melford, molwyn, harold, jamal…none. I agree this is a poorly constructed ‘letter’ but yes, max has been appearing more and more delusional these days, in my opinion. Come to think of it: all of them appear delusional. So maybe we need a coalition government to neutralize this covid psychosis, until we get a vaccine.

    • Who you support? The competent One Single Pringle?? I guess in your warped thinking Wilmoth Daniel as health minister would have done a perfect job in handling corona virus. And the Worst Finance Minister in history will manage the economy perfectly.

        • I hear you loud and clear. So don’t stay behind the laptop and if you didn’t vote and have the gall to complain.

          • Gall is dictator-rule. Maybe that ah wah we need!!!
            Like dem all read one handbook in democracy-rule and tun idiot!!!
            So mek all the idiot dem come together and see how dem help one anodder.

  5. I’m so happy that the world is in this state hopefully it gets worse so people can wake up out of this fairytale lifestyle soon time to drop the nukes Illuminati🙌🏽😎

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