LETTER: Many thanks PM Browne… You & your administration have earned my “X”


Dear Editor,

Recently, I decided to carry out a post mortem concerning the performance of the  Gaston Browne’s administration for the years they have been in office.

Of course, I took into consideration the two years that the pandemic seriously impacted the world including our little twin island state.

According to my findings, the Gaston Browne’s administration definitely has some flaws.  However, the good that his administration has done for this country, outweighs the few flaws the administration has exhibited.

Unlike the UPP, who has a bunch of inept & incompetent individuals & a track record that shows that they ran this economy into a failed state, the ABLP, in my view, comprises of a team which has a combination of youth & maturity with experience and intelligence that is creating a synergy among its members & propelling them to take the country to next level.

In all sectors of the economy there’s growth & development causing the country to move forward in leaps & bounds.

Years ago, under the VC Bird’s administration, our twin island state was transformed to ” A New Antigua”. Under the Lester Bird’s administration the state was transformed to ” A Modern Antigua “.

Now, under the Gaston Browne’s administration it is quite clear that our beautiful nation is now been transformed into ” An Economic Power House ” which is causing us to be envied by many witin the region & on the international stage.

I am sure many will join with me to extend a special thank you to Prime Minister Gaston Browne & his ABLP team for transforming the economic landscape into a paradise.

Because of the PM’s vision, his dedication & his foresight that he has for this country, the Labour Party has earned my X. I am sure that many of my peers will share the same opinion.

1. In sports our young talented athletes are becoming ambassadors.  Yasco has been upgraded and has now become a certified track. Community fields have been renovated with new infrastructure

2. In education there’s the construction of a state of the art secondary school the Sir Novel Richard’s Secondary School.

The construction of a local University thus making university education cheaper & available to all.

There’s  the 2nd chance program including the vocational program which has empowered many early school leavers. Students & teachers have been equipped with modern laptops. Scholarships have been granted to over 1000 students.

3. Our main highways are now looking & feeling like runways .

4. The Covid epidemic was managed superbly preventing many fatalities and the lost of jobs in the public sector. WHO has used us as a MODEL to do a case study.

5 Our health system is on par with some international hospitals. Persons do not have to go overseas for dialysis & other health care services. Laparoscopic surgeries are offered now thus making surgeries less painful

6. In Tourism vendors, taxis & bus drivers  & other sectors of the country are enjoying the benefits from thousands upon thousands of visitors during the season

7. Barbudans can now own lands and use it as collateral for their personal development. The island is now becoming a breadbasket for our economy & a paradise to attract the rich & the famous

8. Farmers are provided with incentives on lands, machineries, utilities, security cameras etc which they never received before.

They are also provided with a platform to have their products marketed.

9. The poor, the elderly and the disabled are greatly looked after from effective welfare programs.  Pensioners are now getting paid on time and are up to date.

10. Antiguans are made proud & getting global recognition on the international stage from the great representation of our PM

11. Employees  from the banks, LIAT & Jolly Beach are treated with dignity.

12. Water supply has improved from installation of more RO plants

13. Every household now owns transportation

14 The housing stock has increased making way for the common person to own & live in a decent home

15. Nonnationals are treated with dignity & respect.


  1. Women & youths are now playing an integral part in our LAW MAKING.

    Certainly, Leadership matters!

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  1. well said write. well said. We won’t lose the care of our brains to put back the IMF pimp to plunge this country into the economic abyss.


  2. Ha ha ha! This was obviously written by a member of the ABLP cabinet, an ABLP acolyte, or anonymously by the deranged Fitzroy (or NOMAD) … or dare I say Gaston Browne himself!

    Let’s stop these nonsensical editorial letters now and just call the General Election … pretty please!

    • We fed-up with all the bluster, pontificating, prolonging and dragging of feet by the ABLP government. Damn fooly people!

      • We fed up of you on Antigua News Room comment section
        Just want you to know you’re wasting your time because we would never vote Harold Lovell and his upp gang to run this country back pon reef……. never I say NEVER

        • People like you love to see fellow Antiguans suffer, and say absolutely nothing about Gaston Browne and his cabinet self-enrichment schemes – you must be new to ANR threads. Tarl!

          It’s voters like you @ Jahson Bills that the outside world talk about, when they say we eenjoy and embrace political suffering. So true!

          Don’t hide yourself away boss when ABLP lose come next General Election.

          • Brix clown that identify himself by another man’s country alias(our colonial masters at that) coming here telling me about outside world when I was living in Antigua and Barbuda during the time Harold Lovell was Minister of Finance- you talk about suffering? Boy just hush your dam mouth– during that period you know how much Antiguans lost their homes to the bank, you know how much Antiguans lost their family’s business, you know how much normal people couldn’t eat day to day? Late salaries and wages, never gave an increase to worker nor increased the minimum wage, he also implemented an employment freeze in the Government sector….
            Just continue to clown yourself around

          • @ Jahson Bills, I live, work and pay my taxes in Antigua. Don’t hate because I can conduct my business in Antigua and the UK.

            My reasoning for turning my back on the ABLP and Gaston Browne is he made a lot of promises to Antiguans and the diaspora way back in 2014.

            Many of us voted for him, and put our money where our mouths were, and realised (a few years later) he couldn’t make good on his promises.

            Many lost their homes, businesses and other financial investments.


            So don’t tell me about “coming here”, you damn brainwashed tool … I’m probably more Antiguan than you are 🇦🇬

        • @Jahson
          I wish you would stop lie. Antigua is a backward place filled with backward people like you. Nothing will change and conditions will not improve until people like you put country first. Your leader is a thief, badminded, and keeps Antiguans poor and beggars. Why no black Antiguan has developed a successful business under his leadership. All the businesses go to white people including all the government lands at long bay and 1000 acres in Barbuda going to one man. Black Antiguans cant even get the millions the government owes them and are forced into bankruptcy.
          Gaston likes being PM because as finance and his wife minister of lands, they can use their positions to access the country’s assets to accumulate wealth. I can imagine he and his wife done go over the map of Antigua and Barbuda and lay claim to all of the prime lands. Never in the history of Antigua have we seen so much greed.

          • The Gaston government says the lands in Barbuda belong to the crown. How come he and family control 85 acres or probably more? I guess he and family are the crown. His supporters don’t seem to care about what will be there for their children and grandchildren. Question, who are the Antiguans who own 30% of Jolly Beach?

          • Jahson,

            You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Gaston is a clown, and anyone who can’t see what’s going on in Antigua need to get counseling. Gaston and his cabinet members wicked. Ask them why they spending hundreds of thousands of dollar in court to oppress one individual who did nothing to them. Gaston, Hurst and Cutie wasting tax payers dollars. If y’all only know what’s going on. WICKED, WICKED people dem. Pure evil. Antiguans really need to know what’s going on. JAHSON, you probably know. That letter was written by desperate Gaston or one of his desperate cronies. The ABLP administration desperate so they fabricating lies. If Antiguans people could be flies on walls. Corrupt Gaston and his corrupt administration would go down.

  3. I agree with the author of this letter. The PM is managing this country…. He certainly will be getting another 5 more years….

  4. Or better, if we say that we agree with the writer, and that Gaston Browne and his Administration have been marvellous running Antigua, WILL THIS MAKE HIM SET THE ELECTION DATE?

  5. The more I read these representation of facts I become more convinced that #HFWL is a useful political idiot.

  6. I’ve just watched the Make Africa Great again channel on YouTube.

    Here’s the type of leader Antigua & Barbuda needs:

    Watch ‘PM Mia Amor asking the world …’


    Just released a few hours ago! This is a woman that not only puts her country first, but also defends the Caribbean/CARICOM region as well.

      • @ Brixtonian: Shame on you to have Mia Mottley on high esteem. If she is a Caribbean thinking why did she join with her counterparts & run to the rescue to keep LIAT in the air? Perhaps she was waiting on yr advice to do so…..

        • Talking about an airline fiasco @ Bluddy Bloke, let us know your take – and wisdom – on Gaston Browne’s messy link-up with Nigeria 🇳🇬 , the fake passengers and fake airline?

          Pretty please! As you love Gaston’s governance so so much …

    • What’s the hurry- you know 5 years end in 2023 right?
      Sometime y’all kill me deadboss MIA have borrowed in the region of $550 million dollars from IMF – you notice how she’s just dipping in and can never get Barbados out of that for hers and her children’s lifetime… now more public sector workers going home in Barbados how is that what Antigua needs? Some y’all hate y’all selves to much.

      • … and your take also @ Watching them fools, on the misuse or lack of the CIP funds by your beloved Gaston Browne?

        I look forward to your erudite and intellectual reply boss … 🤔

      • Asking you @ Watching, where is Gaston getting money from? We know he has an empty treasury. Don’t tell me he is giving away more lands.

  7. Dear writer, please go back in the hole u crawl out of! You are clearly out of touch and delusional. That brown paper bag must be sweet. Look around and see how much people are suffering in this country!!

  8. To the UPP blue flies, the election date is already set. Let’s hope that you can cope with the outcome when the results are out

    ANTIGUA …………..ABLP 16 UPP 0 DNA 0
    BARBUDA……………BPM 0 ABLP 1

    NEW GOV’T ……….. ABLP

    • @ JOKE




      • @ Gaston: Disobedience always warrant consequences. When laws are broken then make up yr mind to face the consequences. We are a country of laws. We are country of civilized people. We are a country who need to respect & acknowledge those in authority. Your health is paramount. My health is paramount. How many officers & persons fell sick with Covid after that March? Get Real!!!!!

  9. This is some top class BS. If this self-proclaimed masters in economics fool is managing the country, tell me why so many ordinary folks are owed million of dollars? Why has there been so many protest actions for non-payment of wages/overtime/backpay? How come they can’t even afford a measly $0.80 minimum pay increase without borrowing, when billions upon billion of dollars have been collected or borrowed? No wait! The pay raise thing is on hold? How come he is struggling(by his own admittance) to pay monthly wages and salaries? Elections are nigh and the abject failures of this Gaston Brown led administration is well documented and no one except the life-long, incapable of rational thinking cool aid drinkers are buying this nonsense.

    • Was Harold Lovell able to pay simple salaries and wages on time? He’ll No! We understand what the Pandemic did…. Antigua and barbuda public sector is 14k employees Harold Lovell in 2009 to 2014 had less than that but was unable to pay on-time
      You can fool the very young but we were here

      • Gaston collected twice as much in taxes and $2billion in CIP and still can’t pay pensioners and civil servants. UPP never had this kind of money. Iman, do you care to know where all the money gone or you na Kay.

      • Good day to you @ Iman, I note with much interest how you mention UPP’s very short term of governance; and yet you do not say anything about the wasted 50 – combined – years of Birdism and Browneism that should have seen Antigua’s economy, infrastructure and the lifestyle of citizens improve greatly.

        If I was given 50 years to improve Antigua & Barbuda, even you would have noticed the improvement 😁. Simple really!

  10. I would like to see that crooked smile off his face when the day after the elections you realize you have been kicked to the curb and made to account for Antigua people’s money and assets. It should be jail time.

    • @Iman, what other names have you used on this platform? It’s obvious now who you are. Hell yes, Harold Lovell paid people on time. And the UPP that you blame or point fingers to, did wonders with far less than you have collected. Reports from the outside were predicting Antigua and Barbuda to be on the verge of being rich. You bloated the public sector because of your incompetence and inability to grow the private sector. The world was devastated by covid and many, look at St. Kitts,did well. ALP telling people thousands of jobs were lost or that there was no economic crisis to undermine what the same Harold Lovell did. Instead of finding answers to questions, you point to some distant lie, to deflect. You will get the support of the uneducated and party supporters, but the educated, rational patriots will run you out of office . Antigua and Barbuda deserves better

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