LETTER: Ma’m, have you met the ALP?


Dear Editor,

I read in an online paper your confident utterings re the Max-Observer rift, and I must admit I am amazed at some of the things they reported you said.

Some of what you said demonstrate your ignorance of the true political life lived in Antigua and Barbuda. You have no knowledge that the party which you want to be “fair to” has a leader who told the head of the Electoral Commission that he was there to run the playbook of his party and not his own official duties? And while you are trying to appear impartial and knowledgeable about what is press freedom, you seem to not be aware that the opposition party is not allowed on the nation’s station which is paid for by the taxpayers of the country, but is run like an arm of the ruling party.

You termed banning Max Hurst from a reserved spot on Observer as “censorship”. Have you found time to read and understand about how politics in Antigua and Barbuda has been for the past 46 years? Do you have any idea of how the Antigua Labour Party really is and how they operate?

My take on all this is that you have come from where you come from to make a name for yourself and dazzle we, the backward, colonized natives, with your knowledge and your indomitable English accent. Please note you’re not the first and will definitely not be the last. I believe you are succeeding because too many of our people still have a fetish for the colonizer. Besides, you are white. Still a very important factor.

Here is my advice to you. Sit with your employer and learn a bit more about politics in Antigua and why some things happen as they happen. He is a candidate of the party to which you seem to have extended the Trumpian  “there-are-good-people-on-both-sides” philosophy. But for now, he still pays your salary and there has to be allegiance to him. After all, you should be more in tune with ensuring your boss wins the elections because that would make life even easier for you for reasons not to be expounded here..

So all this Pollyanna nonsense about press freedom not granted because your boss says Max is not to go back on Observer and spout his poison uncontested, is not good. Indeed, and let us call a spade a spade, if you were working for Gaston and the tables were turned, you would be knocking on the door of Serpent to get a job because you would have been sent packing.

So, Ma’m, spare me all the bellyaching about the young journalists who “are trying to do a decent job in a country where the media industry is still very much in its infancy”. First, I don’t know how you come up with our media industry being “in its infancy”. Seems presumptuous to me. Like I said, talk to people. And second, maybe if you spent more time training these so-called young journalists they would learn to write better and produce better stories which feature investigative and primary research.

Lastly, you don’t know the red party. You can’t begin to imagine how feisty, bold, in-your-face, and aggressive they are. You do not know that they will look in your blue eyes and convince you they are brown. That is the nature of that red nation and they are successful with it because people just cannot believe they could get away with such boldness and effrontery. Max Hurst said his job is to make the other party look bad. Where were you when he said so, and did you feel the need to extend sympathy to Serpent’s party when he said that? Have you ever tasted red koolaid?

Mam, you don’t know what you are playing with chumming up with Max and Co. I repeat, go and be enlightened before you end up like Shelton.




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  1. Why was Shelton forced to leave POINTE FM under the cloak of darkness! How is it that Gaston did not know that he was leaving?
    Some strange things happen at POINTE FM
    Employees pulling guns at each other.
    Rapid turn over of staff.
    Employees not getting paid on time

    Hmmm, smh, well well well, really , be serious -the same one blogger pretending to be different people.
    Please tell us what is really happening at POINTE FM

  2. Writer your letter reflects your lack of intelligence. What the ALP leader correctly argued to Nathiel Paddy James was he had to duty to represent the party that selected him. GB never stated that duty should overshadow his duty to country. Are you aware that the opposition and the government are able to select persons to sit on the ABEC board? Have opposition (UPP) leadership not argued that the Gerry Watt failed in his duty to protect the UPP? Why again did they try to remove him even after a tribunal found there was no cause for such? Why did a court rule they illegally removed him?Why in another ruling did the court rule that the then UPP government disrespected the court, via its actions against Watt?

    As far as your false statement regarding the opposition not being allowed on ABS, the court has long made clear that they cannot be denied. Don’t blame ABS for the oppositions unwillingness to to utilize that medium and instead go the route of crying crocodile tears

    • A lot of these “WRITERS” seems to either suffer from memory loss or have been in a coma during the period of 2004-2014.

  3. I cannot believe you people are making a big deal about Linohel Wurst.He only got where he is in life because of the ALP and his late Father. His late Father Lionel Hurst, was a Cabinet Minister of the ALP under VC Bird. Hence his brain washing from a young age. Could someone,anyone,point to one contribution he has ever made as a Government Worker. He was an Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda under the ALP Administration. All he has done since 2014 is to LIE-NO-HELL,both he and his sister Mary Claire Wurst. The less seen or heard from them,the better we would be.

    • Max and Mary Claire are honest, hard-working people of integrity and principle, in the tradition of V.C. Bird Sr. Their father raised them up in the honourable tradition and ideology of social democracy and Black Democratic Socialism, which is deeply rooted in the Antigua Labour Party. These people are true Patriots. We are blessed.

      • @kristi: For you to say they are honest.You really do not know them.Just for your information,Max was raise by his Parents.Mary Claire could not and was not raise by her Father.You do not know them at all.Go and drink your Jim Jones-Red Kool,just do not fall when done.

      • Well said. Max has done Yeoman service for this country. He has not only done so as a ambassador (speak to the Antiguan’s who he served overseas), he has also done so as a historian. He continues doing so as chief of staff. I pray to god when that he would also me not only to live as long as Max, but also to continue to give service to my country, as Mr. Hurst does

        • Hey “Cool Ruler”, Asot is a has been and his opinion doesn’t carry much credibility these days. It’s meaningless to ask him whe he thinks about anything. He finish.

      • @Kristi
        They are not true patriots, they are selfish opportunists who belong to a Mafia-like criminal cabal who are only interested in enriching themselves. They don’t care about YOU. To THEM you are only a useful idiot.

  4. Look at the above picture from the far left corner.That person in the white shirt to the right hand side of said picture.Look at the sizes of those in red apparel.They are a cult.Just be careful what you are drinking.

  5. Max Hurst is a man of honour, a man of dignity, a true patriot. We are blessed to have him in the service of the nation. His sister is also a woman of character, kindness, and a wonderful example. Their hearts are with the common people, especially the working class. Thank you for your service.

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