LETTER: Why weren’t stricter measures put in place before?


Dear Editor,

I have a few matters I need to vent on !!!!

COVID  —  For weeks I have been puzzled by the rising cases. Sudden spike? The minister of health said, “We foresee an increase in COVID transmissions throughout the Christmas to New Year season.” Why weren’t stricter measures put in place? Since it was said that returning nationals are most likely to spread the virus, why did the authorities test or quarantine all of them?  I am not blaming the government alone. We nationals also played a part in this. We tend to drop our guard around people we feel comfortable with, but those people also feel comfortable around other people. So now we have a spike in cases and we haven’t heard a ding from the Ministry of Health (not even a press conference). The very little information from the dashboard says nothing to help .(It’s alleged but it has to be a cupboard by now that you have children testing positive). We need information. Also, instead of ramming the vaccine down our throats (no jab, no job), help educate, guide us !!!!

Testing prices — SMH (300/260EC) for a COVID test but the vaccine free !!!! Now it’s said that other establishments have cheaper fees for COVID testing than MSJMC !!! Why?

Curfew pass —  You apply and get turned down without a reason (utter rubbish ). It seems like a friend and company thing!! Why is it that law enforcement officers can move freely when they aren’t even on shift ? Also this BS with you calling your police friend to move you around during curfew is BS. Total BS, though (in certain cases I can understand).

Side note —    What about the businesses that were made to close by the Cabinet decision?  What about those people? Has any measure(s) put in place to help? I saw an article and heard stories of males and females considering to, or are selling their bodies to provide for their families. (when you think you have it bad, others have it worse). The APUA disconnections need to be placed on the back burner for now !!!!

With the 5am to 6pm curfew, many businesses closed or reduced working hours, you take home less money, which people have to make tough choices either buy groceries / pay APUA.

Signed — We’re all in this together, each one help one.

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  1. Everything is not a conspiracy:
    MSJMC does a PCR test which in any country in the world is more expensive than the rapid antigen test done by private providers.
    And reality is: some private providers charge more for a rapid antigen than the MSJMC does for its PCR.

  2. Did the letter even address the shocking headlines? Just another venting machine I presume. There seems to be a “spike” in these in recent times.

  3. ‘The only truly political action is that which severs the nexus between violence and law.’

    — Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception

    Table of Contents

    1) Government Guidance and the Law
    2) Benefits and Dangers of Wearing Masks
    3) Asymptomatic Transmission of Coronavirus
    4) Surveillance and Compliance
    5) Civil Disobedience

    Appendix: Medical Advice against Wearing Masks
    Addendum 1: New Regulations on Wearing Masks on Public Transport
    Addendum 2. Further Regulations on Wearing Masks in Shops and Other Places

  4. You said “you apply (for a pass) and are turned down without reason” however, you never said why a non- essential worker would need a pass in the first place which doesn’t do well in driving home the point that there’s a legitimate reason for you or whoever you’re talking about to get a pass. A matter of fact, the denial of passes to some shows the police aren’t handing them out willy nilly which is good. Also, I don’t know of other medical facilities doing PCR tests only rapid antigen… so maybe that’s why the test at MSJMC is more expensive? However, I agree with the writer saying we as locals played a major role in the spread of the disease. Up to now, I’m hearing people say, “Close the airport!” as if they can’t see the disease is comfortably among us now. Let’s not forget the numerous cases of returning nationals spotted here, there and everywhere when they’re supposed to be on quarantine. We say government blamed returning nationals as a cop out but I honestly believe our current state is our own doing.

  5. To do a covid test is costly to get a vaccine is free. What is free comes with a price , they love us that much?

  6. All thanks to the dictator and traitor Gaston and his regime being desperate to keep their full salaries.

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

    Why haven’t Nigel Christian’s killers been found? Are high level people involved with his execution style murder?

    • You keep asking about Nigel’s killers….Antigua is a small place. Why not appeal to persons out there who know something to come forward? If they don’t feel comfortable going to the police, go talk to a reporter and air the story. What about all the other murder victims out there? Do the families not also deserve justice? Yes Gaston’s salary is still full, but so has all the government workers.

    • You know? I read all the comments waiting for this one. You are so correct. We all thought were were in a bubble. Masks not worn properly, still up under each other at the ATMs and grocery stores. Covid was going to get here whether we wanted to or not. If we couldn’t follow the protocols in place before….how on earth were we even going to follow stricter ones?
      Whether it’s tourists, returning nationals or community spread….does it matter? We ALL have a part to play in this.

      • We don’t follow the protocals because everything is the governments fault. Government suppose do everything for us beacuse they are the ones who bought covid here.

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