LETTER: Let’s modernise vehicle inspection


Dear Editor,

Today I write with a great concern for the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board. While being a person who is always on time to license my vehicle, i found it as such a turn off that we are still operating in a stone age era.

First annoyance one can encounter would be the atrocious road leading to the inspection center, so bad that even when you take your good vehicle and travel that road something goes so wrong, which makes it enough that the inspectors are now telling you they can give you a bly.

Second annoyance are the staff that you make your first stop, the window where you collect the inspection form, tell me why on God’s green earth should I have to stand and wait until whenever young people done talk bout which fete is the go to and who’s man dating who and whats not. Did I mention the indecent language that flows more than water from their mouths?

Who is really incharge of Transport Board? It seems as if the management has forgotten what is really of importance in this country.

Needs to mention the state of the school buses that carry the nation’s children to school, you will often hear “no littering of the buses,” “no eating on the bus” so why is it ok for a child to board a filty bus?

The drivers are unbelievable and so are the conductors who sit through all this mess, but yet still these are the same one who get up and leave our kids out on the street when they can’t have what are suppose to be handed to them, talk about double-standard.

Transport Board is in dying need of a proper purge, staff and management the same. I pray that whomever the minister is will have some form of decency to him and do his best to give the best to that organization that needs much help.

Annoyed Antiguan


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  1. Transport board need to issue temporary ” road passes ” to persons whose has bought vehicles without number plates. It can be a method of generating revenue and simultaneously eliminate persons from being harrassed by the police. We are living in the 21st century. It’s time for our ministers and heads of the govt dept think a little more progressive

  2. All I read was about things we all don’t like about this country in general not about ideas of modernizing vehicle Inspection as the caption stated….

  3. if you dont pay the side $$ you will be frustrated
    its a powerstruggle since ms.edwards left

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