LETTER: Let’s Examine the Promises Made Thus Far by Harold Lovell


Dear Editor,


Let’s Examine the Promises Made Thus Far by Harold Lovell


I note that the United Progressive Party has recently launched its campaign and I have been listening to some of the promises made by the Political Leader, Mr. Harold Lovell. Sadly, it appears that Mr. Lovell will promise any- and everything to try to entice populace to vote for his party, without regard to the potential impact on government finances. So let us examine some elements of what he has proposed thus far.


Firstly, he has promised to pay each public servant who stayed home during the government’s vaccine mandate TWO months salary.


Secondly, he has ‘solemnly’ promised to pay severance to LIAT employees.


Finally, he has promised to remove Customs Duties from ALL food imports, and from MOST other imports.


Now, any rational person who understands how government’s finances work will easily see the peril of these promises. Antigua and Barbuda’s economy is primarily driven by the consumption of imported products. By removing Customs Duties on ALL food items and MOST other items, you immediately decrease government revenues. At the same, time Mr. Lovell is promising to increase government expenditure through payments to public servants and former LIAT employees.


Essentially, what Mr. Lovell is promising to do is to create a greater fiscal deficit by reducing how much money the government collects and paying out more than it is currently doing. This is the very definition of reckless promises and poor financial management skills. Moreover, anyone who supports this kind of cavalier approach to government spending is equally reckless and gullible.


To simplify it, what Mr. Lovell is proposing to do is similar to this: A person is working for $100.00 and currently has expenses that total $100.00. That worker is agreeing to take a pay cut to $70.00 and then increase their spending to $130.00. It is an irresponsible way to manage money, and not even secondary school children manage money in this reckless manner. Why then should the Antiguan and Barbudan public accept these kinds of reckless promises from a person who aspires to be Prime Minister?


Further, by promising to pay the LIAT workers their severance, Mr. Lovell is signalling to the Antiguan and Barbudan people his party’s intention to use government money to pay a debt for which the government is NOT responsible. In other words, Mr. Lovell is planning to give away the government’s money. The very same can be said of his plan to pay TWO months’ salary to persons who chose to unproductive and remain home. Mr. Lovell is essentially planning to reward people who preferred to remain at home, while those who went out to work get absolutely nothing for their efforts in keeping the public service running and doing the very work that those who remained at home should have been doing. Where is the equity and fairness in this proposed plan?


Do remember that this is the same Harold Lovell who accuses the present administration of mismanaging public finances. His promises are irresponsible and reckless and have the potential to plunge the country into further debt. It would therefore be sensible to take these promises not with a pinch of salt, but with the whole box!


I remain,


Vince Henry


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  1. Vince…Lovell knows that these things cant be fulfilled and he is preying on the vulnerable. The say thing though is that if he is successful using these tactics we are stuck with him for a maximum five years as he WILL NOT be able to fulfill these. What we should do is ask for him to sign some agreement stating that IF these things are not fulfilled within 2 years then the country will go back to the polls.

  2. Everybody knows Lovell by now. A leopard cannot change its spots. Dude is so lame, tired and untruthful.

    He will soon promise 72 virgins to all male voters.

  3. Yesssss Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Hey diddle diddle
    The cat and the fiddle
    The 🐄 jumped over the 🌙

    We will believe Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd WHEN THE COW JUMPS OVER THE MOON 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Mr. Henry your opinion is very simple (too simple if i may say so) and does not provide a clear picture of the effect of a reduction in taxes nor is it accurate in representing the statements made by Mr Lovell on the reduction of import duties. It is well researched that reducing taxes can and does have a positive impact in many instances. Some of which include increased revenue collections, increased economic activity or boths. The real effect of tax policies cannot be lumped into a simple explanation as the one you opined. Also a fiscal deficit can be avoided if additional policies are put in place to reduce the country’s recurring expenditure obligations or by increasing is recurring revenue or both. The end result will be greatly impacted by tried and proven economic policies such as reduced taxation.

    • You may be correct but the transformation does not happen overnight. Lovell us giving the impression that there is this vault of money sitting to give away. Transforming the tax structure and reap such benefits take years.

    • I get it; Harold Lovell and the Upp intends to cut the wage bill(reduce the recurring expenditure equal cutting government staff)….. voluntary separation package was just that- and IMF would require the same if they are to borrow the money they(upp) continue to preach about

  5. Vince we all know Lovell is just blowing hot air and at this point he will say anything to win. Harold Lovell just wants to be PM. He is at the end of his political career and he wants to go out as PM but it is not going to happen. In the election though UPP may get a few more seats Lovell ain’t winning his. He does not resounds well with the voting population especially the younger ones. He needs to retire and UPP needs to stop using their 1971 PLM hand book this old time politics don’t work on young people.

    • I get it; Harold Lovell and the Upp intends to cut the wage bill(reduce the recurring expenditure equal cutting government staff)….. voluntary separation package was just that- and IMF would require the same if they are to borrow the money they(upp) continue to preach about

  6. Come on, As the Head of Government they all made promises and have not kept them Since 1817. How would I know if Harold is lying if I have not given him the same opportunity those in the pass have gotten to LIE?
    EXAMPLE: Firstly, he has promised to pay each public servant who stayed home during the government’s vaccine mandate TWO months’ salary. This is a matter of will. All it takes is the ability to do what you say so it’s a very possible thing to do. If They want to Pay LIAT workers, they just simply do and that goes for any side. Do you remember the water in 14 days statement? would you call that a reckless statement? Lots of people do. And when he talks about water, I take Shit Flushing seriously. So, your article is filled with one-sided nonsense designed to distract. I have no party, but I still get to vote. I don’t want to hear how lie from you. I’ve been around. he public is not stupid We want to know what you going to do not what you say HE is not going to do. I want to know how the other side plan to fix the things people want fixing like pension plan and how water is going to reach my house and the INTERNET, they have been Phucking around with that for too dam long. Dat a wah me warn no bout! just getting tire of the fluff.

  7. It can be done. Let’s look at how.
    When the UPP took over in 2004 the coffers were empty. Lester was about to cut 2,500 civil servants because there was no money to pay them. The UPP came in and within a short time, it was giving civil servants back pay, overtime pay, etc, that was owed to them for years by the LABOUR GOVERNMENT.
    Yes, in the Treasury. It will not be shared around to comrades. What is collected for the country will end up in the Treasury and not in the comrades’ pockets and bank accounts.
    And if they were to get back just 1/8 of what was stolen from the good citizens of this country, then a Harold Lovell government will be able to fulfill all those promises. They did it before even under trying times, and they can do it again.
    This time will not be like the last, comrades. There will be no tent. This time there are dedicated persons who will be tracking down EVERY SINGLE CENT THAT WAS ROBBED FROM the people.
    There will be more than enough to fulfill Lovell’s promises. One thing, he will not be taking any and he will not be telling us how many millions of the people’s money that he is claiming is his.
    PS:All the lands that were sold under market value will be confiscated

    • If they were to use the MONEY WASTED on the Wadadli Power Can’t and the Can’t Park then still not even in a billion years will Antigua people fall for Lovell and his bullsh!t

  8. IT CAN BE DONE the first property that will be repossessed for being sold under market value will be the SHARE CHARITY rip-off at the bottom of North Street. Perhaps people should be going to jail for misfeasance in public office. That is how rotten that scenario was.

      Tabor…Talk about your UPP MEMBERS who on CRIMINAL charges for BUSES. This time They will go to jail. Lovell must resign before election 2023. If my memory serves me correctly you were one of the LAWYERS. This time 1735 is waiting.

      • He was also a surety for Janice Samuel and she didn’t show up to court. He needs a new set of friends/associates instead of ones charged wit FRAUD.

          • CARSON.B you may wish to say arrested for what. Tell them about the traffic accident where a challenged young boy ran into my car chasing after his pet goat. In a simple matter like that the government tried its best to get a conviction with it’s politically motivated persecution, wasting both time and public resources.

          • You Tabor forget to mentioned u were speeding on that road and when u come out ya car ya start talking bout how u ah lawyer and blah blah blah. The school bus driver and the boy aunt gave testimony hiw u were speedibg U forget to mention how u and the traffic magistrate ah friend and he dismiss the case talk about that. But same how that same corrupt magistrate nearly dead in one vehicle accident same go happen to u karma is a b…….

  9. Hmmmm…..so when do we do an assessment on the 19 hotel projects promised by Haston starting from 2014?

    What about the other many projects promised?

    When can we do an assessment of the government which is in parliament?

    Funny the author had nothing to say about these.

  10. We can do an assessment NOW and the people will give the final result on the ballot paper come next general election. Just like last time, Lovell stump will be bowled out clean. Lovell’s stump will be THE FIRST TO GO!!!

  11. If UPP really cared about the Antiguan people they would be talking about what they would do, IF ELECTED:

    1) MANDATED MASK WEARING PROTOCOLS (which aren’t working)
    2) COVID TESTING PROTOCOLS (which aren’t working)


    Tell us what you’ll do about these important things Mr. Lovell !

  12. Listen all parties looking to gain the vote will do it.

    Promises, promises flying everywhere. Then they get in and blame the fact that the treasury is empty for the fact that they can’t do what they KNEW they could never do. Have heard it all before and I know the routine well.

    I get very nervous by all these promises he’s making to be honest. I am not expecting an overnight fix but all I can see in our future is the IMF againnnnn.

    That’s a def no for me. If all I have to go on to make a decision is these promises he’s made, then he can’t get my vote.

  13. KARMA IS A all you ALP minions, apologists and propagandists are just a WASTE OF TIME. Thank God I was not speeding or else the young boy would not be with us. Your comment about being a lawyer is such BS that that does not deserve a response. The young boy was clearly at fault but the government was trying to build a case. Why don’t you go to the Magistrate Court and get the facts and stop chatting your pure, misguided nonsense.

  14. And by the way even though I was driving a fast car I do not speed since Antigua does not have roads for that. The accident occurred on the Marble Hill Road so I don’t know how I would be speeding. Find out if there was the slightest tyre mark on the road. So much for your speeding nonsense.

    • Ya damn lie ya mudda s**** but wait man me go read bout u pan anr just like me read bout the corrupt magistrate one of these days them go cut ya ra### out of ya car wid the jaw of life. The boy aunty and school bus driver ah lie pan u. God ah watch u ya wicked ra## karma a one b……..
      PS ma nah support alp upp or none of au currput f###ing ploitcian or wanna be politician like ya currput s####

    • Oh my Tabor a so DECEPTIVE and WICKED you be. We know you’re not a “rea lawyer” (caller to Observer) but to pretend to be an “upstanding” citizen??? Shame on you!!! What kind of example are you setting for Damani?🤔

  15. Karma IS A some might ask why am I wasting my time with some one that appears to be as ignorant as you are. You said I was driving so fast yet there are no skid marks on the road. Also, the young boy ran into the front of my vehicle (I was driving so fast) yet he only ended up with minor bruises and was not kept at the Hospital. Again, if I was driving fast the boy would have been thrown forward from the vehicle. That is simple physics and the concepts of acceleration and forces. Then again I doubt you were exposed to high school physics much less university. I rest you and others like you at the foot of the cross to wallow in your stupidity. When you try to attack people who oppose you and your party, please come with facts and sensible discourse. I do not give a damn who you support, I am just challenging your idiotic comments.

    • Oh so u quick cu call me one alp supporter but suddenly now u dont give a damn who i support. Watch u watch how quick u ah get vex ya think ppl nah know ya dirty little secret ya r### and yes me go high school and yes me do physics but up to now ya r### nah deny the boy aunty and school bus driver give sowrn evidence in court that u mind dey ah speed and FYI people do get knock down from speeding cars and live but wait man ya karma waiting for u. Ya lawyer dead and gone and the corrupt magistrate nearly dead in one car accident fu karma right round the corner me ah wait fun the day fun ready bout u

      • Karma is a I AM NOW CONVINCE THAT YOU ARE SO MISINFORMED THAT THIS WILL BE MY LAST COMMENT TO YOUR UTTER NONSENSE. By the way the bus driver never said there was speeding because there was none. You must really be an idiot to be taking about speeding when you have been given the facts to disprove that theory. The young boy had no broken bones or anything but I was speeding. He hardly had bruises. Anyway, this is the end of my exchange with you since to continue would make me a bigger idiot than you.

        • My my temper temper Mr Lawyer truth hurts doesn’t it. Anna me u fu worry bout but the Karma that is waiting form u. Me sure up to now on this very day u nah even go to the boy family and apologize me sure up to this day u never go back and ask how the boy ah do but u pan u a front like u a such ah one upstanding citizen gwan man u go get yours remember karma a real b…….and she bite real hard

  16. Lest we forget. The UPP in 2004 made many promises. One dear to my heart was the promise that we did not need any new taxes. We had enough taxes on the books. All we needed to do was to go and collect them. But right after they won the election, they forgot the promise and introduced Personal Income Tax. Then they promised to do away with the fuel variation tax, but they never did. And next came ABST. And while all of us had to pay our ABST they went into a sweetheart deal with Sandals, allowing the Jamaican Hotelier to keep 65% of our taxes. This resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. A wrong that Gaston Browne had the balls to make right by standing up against the Sandals Group. These guys would promise you anything, just to get elected. And the sad part is they look so foolish with all these promises, that even a simple man or woman has to wonder. Where will all the money come from to pay for all these promises? As Smarty Jr sang, they will next tell you they can wipe the ocean dry. Come out of Dat cum back ina dis.

  17. I can’t believe someone had the gumption to write this article after Gaston gave away the rights to customs, treasury, taxes of any kind to WIEZ and YIDA!!! Lovell is promising the hard working nationals what Gaston has denied them while enriching himself and that is wrong or misleading? Pleeeeezzzzeee!! People wake up and think for yourselves!!! Seems like every ABLP supporter has Stockholm Syndrome! WAKE UP FU ARH YUH PICKNEY SAKE!!!

  18. Lovell ain’t going to do jack shit but travel all over the world and put us back into an IMF program. In 2009 Lovell said he would do an unemployment fund for all those affected by the goal rescission and up to when he and UPP were kick to the curb not a thing happen. Lovell will say anything to win the election as they have not plans or solutions still waiting for him to unvail his plans like he said he would in his new years message. Today in the 2nd of February and up to now we can hear the wonderful plans and remedies all wearing is Gaston teif Gaston enrich himself and his family Gaston Gaston Gaston Gaston Gadton Gaston Gaston…

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