LETTER: Let’s Be Clear, It Was Gaston’s Idea First

PM Browne speaks at Global Citizen concert

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter merely to inform your bloggers that the idea of offering  residency to visitors wishing to work here was an idea that the Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda Gaston Browne proposed before.

I recall on a May 25, 2020 programme on Pointe FM, the Prime Minister invited residents to who had the means to invest 500k in the Willoughby Bay Project. He said one of the reason behind this project would be to allow people abroad to come to work in Antigua & Barbuda remotely in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At time I thought the idea was genius, who wouldn’t want to work in beautiful Antigua?

Later I began seeing international media reports that of Barbados with same idea. I am not saying the idea was stolen. However, based on the comments I have been on your newspaper, some people are of the view that our Prime Minister stole the idea but this is far from the truth.

I fault the government though for not acting on it faster. Barbados obviously did a better job marketing the idea with Mia Mottley making personal media appearances on several international news networks.

Just to set the record straight I heard it from Gaston first.


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  1. Listerner I hope you ready to be dragged to hell and back from the commentors on this blog. They about to accuse of of being a paid operative of Gaston Browne😂

    • It was really Gaston’s idea first just like Einstein’s theory of relativity was perhaps Gaston’s idea as well.

        Thought you hiding because of the AWFUL Candidates disclosed by UPP. Talking about ideas . Hon. Gaston Browne is the Master of ideas. Tabor please held the UPP to
        PRESENT better Candidates. UPP heading for a DISASTER next election. Think about that Tabor and leave Hon.Gaston Browne alone.

    • Not true. I recall reading about this in a Barbados newspaper long before it was echoed by Browne. This is what happen when you listen only to Pointe FM. By the way, one of the things Barbados touted was fast and stable Internet for connectivity. Antigua is nowhere there yet.

  2. So because you heard it first on Pointe FM.Does that mean the idea first came from Gaston Browne? Letter writer what are you really saying.How much were you paid to pen that kindergarten letter.Please stop drinking that Kool-Aid.Before you are Jim Jones out.

  3. How silly. Other countries have done this for decades.

    For example, retirees and people who work from home can get PERMANENT residency in Mexico.

    This probably won’t work in Antigua for several reasons including Antigua is very expensive, has poor internet service and poor infrastructure in general and the residency offer is a temporary one.

    People can live quite well in Mexico and South America because the cost of living is lower and those countries are more developed.

    Also I fail to see how this would benefit Antigua in general considering where such people would live and shop.

  4. That’s where you heard it but where did he hear it? Thanks for your letter though. Glad you can highlight the one and only forward thinking mutterings of your PM

  5. Yawnnnnn! These cult members never cease to amaze me. With the crapy internet service in antigua and no water for weeks to get a good shower, I wonder who you think would even consider that?

  6. Even if it was the PM’s idea what turns on that. Labour party lack ideas, when they stumble on a good idea they fail miserably on implementation. Barbados will roll the program out in August. We can still do it.

    We met countries selling passports. They use the funds to improve infrastructure. We use ours to boost gross happines by having free concerts and enriching ministers and their families.

    National housing the way the sold it to the populace wasnt bad. Initially we were told contractors would x number of houses to build. Instead we have persons turning contractors over night fronting for ministers with overruns of up to 300,000 per house.

    • Talking about ideas. Are you telling me that Those Candidates for UPP have ideas ?? You just like to run your BIG mouth without reason. JUJU Beard awful Person you are!!!!!

  7. Thank God for Hon. Gaston Browne the man of Ideas. We are LUCKY to have a Prime Minister ( Hon. Gaston Browne ) in these times. Our Prime Minister is BRIGHT , SMART , INTELLECTUAL and a Man for the People. All the UPP DETRACTORS are just jealous. Look at the People for the UPP Candidates . UPP 0 SEAT ABLP 17 SEATS

    • Their list of candidates are all unelectable. The UPP finish. Yes, Gaston is a Man for the People. The common people hear his gladly. He is a natural Leader in the tradition of V.C. Bird.

    • @Eric. Reading you post saddens me. Cant believe one person can drink so much red koolaid! For years I wondered how Jim Jones got so many to contribute to their own demise. I now have my answer.

    • Yes, there is something there that leaves questions in our minds. Gaston have to watch him closely. Include him, but keep him at a distance.

  8. Have not heard from Mrs. Knight for a while. Cat bite You tongue Mrs. Knight. You are waiting for your SENATE appointment ???? Mrs. Knight you have a looooong time to wait ( 30 years or more)

    • @BLM: you never what Leroy King is saying to prosecutors in the US. We all might be pleasantly surprised why his sentencing keep on getting delayed. He has turned state witness. Not sure who all will get trapped up in the net. I’m of the belief that thunder will clap when he reveals the scheme that was going down in Antigua involving Sir Allen.

  9. Hon. Gaston Browne keep a close watch on ASOT MICHAEL. Asot gives me an UNCERTAIN feeling. It appears that He would like to challenge your LEADERSHIP.

  10. Talking about ideas. Are you telling me that Those Candidates for UPP have ideas ?? You just like to run your BIG mouth without reason. JUJU Beard awful Person you are!!!!!

  11. The opposition in this country is a waste of time.. Unless y’all change y’all mentality towards foreigners, y’all will never step foot back in power.. #tekdatinyanenen



    Barbados program was conceived since March or earlier and the legislation was drawn up a bit later.
    What we heard was the international launch of the program in July. Mia can get on BBC or CNN by a phone call but we get point fm
    The alp don’t have no ideas none. All they do is cog cog cog

  14. The first time I heard the quote.”Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” was by King Short Shirt.However,as I grew older.I find out that quote was originally done many,many moon ago by Patrick Henry not Short Shirt.Then I understood why the writer did not entitled the song with that name.It would have been a copyright infringement.So you see letter.Because you heard someone say something for the very first time.Does not mean they were the author of that idea and or quotation.

  15. Listener,
    Don’t be too proud to say it was Gaston’s idea first. Antigua lack basic necessities for people to survive. What a disgrace with the water issue. I heard that even the electricity is not controlled by the government. Outside of staying at the resorts, anyone coming to Antigua to work remotely would pack up and leave shortly after. Remember, unless money is no issue, staying in the local communities would not be an option, (NO WATER). Gaston Brown don’t know what priority is. Cable, holding unto a failing airline and investing in excessive projects are not what Antiguan’s need right now.
    The citizens of Antigua and Barbuda needs running water, proper health care system, consistent electricity lands and proper governance. We need a Prime Minister who cares about the well being of all citizens and nationals of Antigua and Barbuda. If the Government cut out the pork barrel spending, the future of Antigua could be a little brighter. Unbeknownst to many Antiguan’s there are a lot of unnecessary spending (so-called positions) created both locally and internationally just to line the pockets of cronies and politicians.
    Antiguan’s and Barbudan’s don’t be scared of a new party. The people’s party is at hand. Stay tuned.

    Thought you hiding because of the AWFUL Candidates disclosed by UPP. Talking about ideas . Hon. Gaston Browne is the Master of ideas. Tabor please held the UPP to
    PRESENT better Candidates. UPP heading for a DISASTER next election. Think about that Tabor and leave Hon.Gaston Browne alone.

  17. @FRANCIS G.You say:Gaston Browne is the Master of Ideas??? What damn ideas?? If he had so many ideas.Why is the COUNTRY BROKE.BORDERING ON BANKRUPTCY LIKE LIAT. Gas tank emptied,running on fumes.

  18. Let’s see if people still vote for the underhanded Gaston regime.

    It’s time that proper people are voted in who will be completely transparent and work to better this nation and represent all its people. Not the creative enrichment scheme this and previous officials have done.

    Antigua needs to be in a much better place economically and socially. For decades Antigua has been on a downward slide.

    Put people in place who will advance our country and in all ways.

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