LETTER: Leadership is about RESPECT


Dear editor,


Please allow me your space to share my view of the Prime Minister. One of the biggest contrasts that I see in the upcoming election is between styles of leadership.


Our current Prime Minister is boastful, arrogant and, frankly, he is a bully. You can see it in his facebook posts. He attacks regular people because their views might not be the same as his. What further angers me is the fact that my representative just sit and allow the PM to talk down at him.


This is not what leaders do. Leaders listen, leaders persuade. By bullying people and attacking them, you regularize that behavior and set a bad example for our children.


Harold Lovell is a very different man from Gaston Browne. Say what you will about him, but he is more quiet and thoughtful. He is respectful of others and their opinions.


He is a listener and someone who believes in compromise and diplomacy. He sets a good example for our children by being respectful of people.


At the end of the day, we are going to have a choice. Do we want to put Gaston Browne, a bully politician back in? Or, will we go in a different direction and elect leadership that listens and his respectful? That is our choice.


Youth Voter

All Saints West

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  1. Like you, ‘YOUTH WORKER’ I enjoy a good debate. The cut and thrust in debating is a real joy, and I throughly enjoy it.

    Sadly, when a political leader reverts to name calling and disrespecting their opposition, it doesn’t bode well when the world and his dog is watching; and in turn he or she cannot then be surprised when the electorate do the same said thing (as witnessed many a time on ANR threads).


    • Clearly the youth is viewing the PM from the surface….. Although the youth’s perception is respected, their perception does not make it right. The youth needs to look deeper & remember that every action brings about a reaction. The PM has become hostile bcuz of the hostility & disrespect he has been confronted with. The PM is no doubt the best leader for this country. Not only has he talk the talk but his track record clearly shows he has walk the walk. Unlike Lovell, Gaston Browne has an impeccable vision, he makes the best decision and he will face a Goliath at anytime for the love he has for this country & the less fortunate people.

      • Gaston Browne is about.
        Giving away land, giving away concessions, no performance clause
        Disrespecting black people

      • According to economic statistics from the ECCB Gaston Browne and the ABLP has had the worst track record for economic development of Antigua and Barbuda. The numbers dont lie.

  2. I am a youth and all and i ask myself a question, One question. Who I want my son be like when he is a big man. Like Gaston Browne or like Harold Lovell. Easy answer . I want my son to be a decent man. I want my son to be like Harold Lovell. Gaston Browne is a bad example for young people.

  3. Corruption is the order of the day. He told his ministers to get rich – gold rush – Chet Greene use his office and getting rich. This is exactly like the corrupt school buses. Michael Browne did the right thing used the donated money properly and built on government lands .

    • LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES. all you wrote is just lies. But keep telling yourself that. Maybe you might strt to believe yourself.

  4. is that why Jackie Quinn said that the UPP was bragging that “leadership matters”, yet showed no respect for Baldwin Spencer? It is well known that he had no influence over his ministers as a “leader”.

    After abandoning his constituency and leaving it in a decrepit state, his legacy is one of DISAPPOINTMENT. Elected as MP for so many years and 10 years as PM, yet the Grays Green community saw no substantial inprovement with Baldwin Spencer as “leader”.

    All they were encouraged to do was “SHARPEN YOU CUTLISS BACK AND BELLY…CHAP DEM UP”

  5. Looking at that picture of Gaston Browne. It surely reminds me at first glance of a Military Head of State,seen in many Dictatorships around the World.Welcome to Gastonland and Marialand,formally known as Antigua and Barbuda.Not a joke people,re-elect him and Picksy and fell the consequences of your mistakes.

  6. Youth voter I believe you should have signed your name just to add credibility to your article. However be that as it may, respect is not given it is earned. Prime minster Browne can’t be the only disrespectful person here. The things I hear persons saying about the man is truly awful. He crazy.. he thief .. he is Hitler .. he is the antichrist.. they even talk about his mentally challenged mother. So what do we expect?.. Nobody tarl in the world in my opinion lie more than (Tell Antigua People You Sarry) Harold Lovell. Yet u think he is the best choice.. I leave you with an old saying.. “You can lack from one thief but you carn lack from wan liard.”

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