LETTER: Lack of Vehicle Stickers at Antigua And Barbuda Transport Board


Dear Editor,


I am very disgusted with the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board. Currently I have 7 vehicles licensed and none of them could get a sticker to show that I am licensed for next year.


I am so afraid to drive them without stickers, I have been taking taxi to get around daily since then, but not everyone has that convenience to do so every day.


I would like to know what our tax dollars are being used for in this country. Isn’t there someone who keeps inventory up there at ABTB.


One would hope the policy is to keep a high inventory of stickers in stock monthly, but it doesn’t look like that happens. Licensing is very critical for road users who traverse the road network in this country.


If the Police stops a person, will the Police believe a person who says transport board says they don’t have any stickers.


Mr. Hurbert Jarvis needs to come publicly and tell the people why this is happening and how they are currently addressing the issue.


Not even an official public press statement from ABTB was given about this vexing issue, or an apology for any inconveniences caused by the non-availability of stickers was given.


This is absolutely appalling behavior by the ABTB.


The official at the ABTB took my number and said they will call me when stickers are available for my vehicle.


I hope this issue is rectified ASAP and the Transport Board makes an official statement on this issue.



Concerned Citizen

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  1. Dave you sound like a cry baby looking for attention. It is known that TB has ran short of stickers. Once you licensed your vehicle and have your paper work to show with your LEGITIMATE reasoning for not having the sticker on your 7 plus vehicles YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU WILL GET INTO TROUBLE WITH THE LAW?

  2. The man is dam right, why you’ll dont want to hear the fuc**ing truth you bunch a fuc**ing idiots always sticking up under politions asses , that is why you’ll so blind

  3. Guy sounds like a drama queen. However I do agree with him that T. Board should have made a statement explaining the issue. I see some persons forget there is currently a global shipping issue especially involving items that come via US ports. Economists point out problem will continue in 2022

  4. This person is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. If you vehicle done license and dem na have no sticker how is that your problem.

  5. This is dam foolishness, one has to licence his/her vehicle annually inorder to drive it also Drivers license. What is the money from all those vehicles and drivers go towards. The roads on the island are in very bad conditions, and now no licence disc, who where is the money. I am so fed up with this place and when you question things some asses get upset

  6. O went thru the samething and I’m not crying and my vehicle is a public service vehicle. The issue is not that they didn’t have money to nuy the stickers people, the stickers have already been ordered for a while. Do remember we are in a global crisis and not all operations have been fully restored to the norm. Im usually one to cuss tb but give them a lil slack on this just a lil lol. Once you have your paper works you’ll be fine.

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